Absurdity Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The various traditions, rituals societies follow from which no logic can be inferred is quite ridiculous. Well, one can extrapolate meaning out of absurdness, always. National Absurdity Day is all about celebrating these absurd and crazy things in life! It’s observed on November 20th annually.

Absurdity Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

National Absurdity Day Messages

– After World War II, a movement known as the Absurdist Momentum gained momentum.

– The Absurdist Movement rooted out of all the bizarre and grievous happenings of that particular time.

– Such as nuclear bomb explosions, people being killed in concentration camps. This was a very chaotic period. 

The Absurdists believed that there is always a reason behind all the mishaps that the human mind cannot perceive or explain.

– The perfect way to celebrate National Absurdity Day is by finding humorous reasoning to all things and swaying a bit away from the monotonousness.

-sometimes, it’s good to be absurd and silly. This way, one’s approach to things becomes a bit light, and this whole process makes you a cool-head person. 

-One must have always pondered how absurd our world is, how confusing our world can be.

– It’s always better not to over-react to something and be overly emotional, and id absurdity helps you achieve this, then why not?

– Let’s jump on to some absurd facts to blow your minds away! Figs have dead wasps inside them. Did you know dolphins call each other by name? Surprisingly, right?

– While the Caesar Salad may tote sound like a dish originating from Italy, it was invented in Mexico!

– Existence is illusory and it is eternal.

– You there in the United States and having a power-cut? Well, it might be because of a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel they are actually the reason for most of the power-cuts in the United States!

– Ever heard of ghost ships? Well, it is actually very possible as cruise ships have their own morgues.

– Have you ever experienced an identity crisis? Not sure about you, but Charlie Chaplin indeed experienced one when he lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition!

– There are particular species of ant only found in a 14-block specified region of New York City known as the Manhattan. 

– The world is full of such absurdly interesting facts, and as human beings, we can only appreciate the diverse nature presents us.

National Absurdity Day Greetings

– What are you ashamed of? Be the funky you and have fun! Wishing you a happy National Absurdity Day!

– Don’t ever care about what people would think. Be truthful to yourself, always. Greetings on National Absurdity Day!

– Take it lightly, be cheerful! Life is not always being about serious at all times. Relax a bit! Wishing you a chill National Absurdity Day!

– Hope you explore the absurdness of this world and get away from the mundane world for a bit! Wishing you an eventful National Absurdity day!

National Absurdity Day quotes

“I am interested only in “nonsense”; only in that which makes no practical sense. I am interested in life only in its absurd manifestations.”
― Daniil Kharms

“And it’s inside myself that I must create someone who will understand.”
― Clarice Lispector

Tit-tat is the ability of a poor soul over criticism and ping-pong is the agility of a great soul over absurdism”
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

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