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February 16 is celebrated as National Almond Day. Even though the size of this nut is small, the benefits are huge! Almonds have been in use from ancient days.

This tiny nut has miraculous health benefits and this is why it is used widely. A day to honor such a great nut is obvious. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, and are known to reduce cholesterol levels and thus help to reduce weight.

You can eat almonds plain or mixed with any other recipes.  You can combine this nut in any of your favorite dishes and enjoy the richness of the food. California is the largest producer of Almonds.

The use of Almonds is not only limited to festive days but every day!

If you are one of the fans of this tiny yet wonderful nut, here is an opportunity for you to celebrate National Almond Day in a great way with the following crunchy and nutty quotes.

Almond Day Best Messages

Boost your immune system with this tiny yet strongest nut. Happy Almond day to all there!

When you have superfood, why go to the doctor? Celebrate this day with a splash of almonds.

Almonds control cholesterol. Reduce your weight in a healthy way! National Almond Day.

If you like almonds, raise your voice to wish everyone on National Almond Day!

Today is the nutty day of the year. Yes, it is Almond Day!

You can use almond milk instead of Cow’s milk. Way to a healthy start.

Today is National Almond Day. Celebrate it by preparing homemade Almond milk.

An almond cake is fine for today’s occasion. Enjoy your Almond Day in your own way.

Visit an Almond farm at California on National Almond Day.

Almond is a nutshell and what we eat is a seed. Happy National Almond Day.

A Vitamin E filled nut can make you beautiful from inside as well as from outside!

Thanking all the farmers who yield the nutritious nuts for us. National Almond Day.

It is believed that Almonds are good for memory power and my mom gave them to me every day.

A dairy-free alternative, almond milk is a great way to get healthier! Feeling a good vibe on National Almond Day.

Keep your heart healthy with Almonds, because I’m inside it! Happy Almond Day.

Almonds are used in Marzipan and that is why I love Marzipan!

Say ‘hi’ to the healthy life with Almonds around. Celebrating National Almond Day.

Today is National Almond Day. Keep Almonds in your weight loss diet.

Almonds make my mood set for love! Love Almond Day!

Today we have an excuse to have an almond smoothie because today is Almond Day.

Get smooth, healthy, and sun-protected skin from Almonds. Try my tip on this National Almond Day.

Check out for Almond benefits on this National Almond Day.

Almonds deserve a day for their great health benefits. Happy National Almond Day.

Almonds are my secret to score more in exams, my mom’s magic!

Have some almonds and do not forget me! Yes, Almonds are memory boosters.

When the world sleeps, my almonds get wet in the water and fill itself with nutrition.

When almond trees blossom, the spring gets ready for its turn!

Almond oil can do magic with my dry face! Using it on National Almond Day and always!

Don’t say ‘nut milk’! Say, ‘Almond milk’! National Almond Day.

The most eaten nut in the world is an Almond! Learn more on Almonds today because it is a national almond day.

Almond day Greetings

The nutritional value of almonds has made people all over the world to use them regularly. It deserves a day!

Did you know? Almond production depends on climate. Production is less and the usage is more. That is why Almonds are expensive!

Almonds have good fat and not the bad fat! Have some almonds today.

Let the crunch of Almond keeps your day crunchy and healthy. Have a great almond day.

Tickle your taste buds with some tasty almond bites today as you celebrate the national almond day.

Maintain your glucose levels by eating a few soaked almonds daily. A tip on the national almond day.

Just fall in love with Almonds and you will fall in love with yourself!

The enzyme Lipase is found in soaked almond which aids digestion. Isn’t it great? Happy National Almond Day for you all.

Almonds grow in trees and hence a vegan food which is full of health benefits.

Pick a healthier option in life, choose soaked almonds rather than raw one.

Make your own Almond Milk today and surprise your family! Happy National Almond Day.

Treat yourself with the splash of almonds in your sweet recipes today because it is the national almond day.

Did you know that almonds are usually called stone fruits? Have a great day.

California has the ideal climate for almond growth, we are proud that the US produces such healthy and expensive nut.

Did you know there are over 30 varieties of Almonds all over? Spread knowledge on Almond this Almond Day.

Buy some organic Almond today and enjoy them with family and friends.

Almond growers and almond eaters both are profitable.  Because Almonds are healthier and expensive.

Almonds are also called the Devil’s Nut! Happy National Almond Day.

You can have almonds to fill your stomach without increasing body weight.

Demand for almonds is increasing day by day. What it means is everyone started loving almonds for their own reasons.

Almond Day Captions

-Almond oil works wonders on my dry skin! I use it every day, not just on National Almond Day! #almonds #almondshape

-Don’t mention the words “nut milk”! ‘Almond milk,’ say you! Today is National Almond Day. #roastedalmonds #toastedalmonds

-Almonds are the world’s most popular nut! Today is National Almond Day, so learn more about them. #rawalmonds #moramilkyalmondscrub

-Almonds’ nutritious content has prompted individuals around the world to consume them daily. It is deserving of a day! #slicedalmonds #soakedalmonds

-What if I told you that the climate has an impact on almond output. Production is down, but utilization is up. #almondslices #groundalmonds

-Almonds are high in good fat and low in harmful fat. Today, I ate some almonds. #almondsgoodforhealth

-Allow the crunch of almonds to keep your day fresh and nutritious. Have a wonderful almond-filled day. #eatfresh #stayfresh

-As you celebrate National Almond Day, treat your taste buds to some delectable almond snacks. #almondsnack #almonddaily

-Eat a few wet almonds every day to keep your glucose levels in check. #soakedalmonds #4almonddaily

-You will form a relationship with yourself if you fall in love with almonds! #australianalmonds #withlovealmonds

-Almonds are a vegan food with many health advantages that grow on trees. #almondspread #almondshoponline

Almond Day Wishes

-Because I’m within your heart, keep it healthy with almonds! Today is National Almond Day.

-My almonds get soaked in the water and fill themselves with nutrients while the rest of the world sleeps.

-With Almonds in your life, you may say “hello” to a healthy lifestyle. Today is National Almond Day.

-It’s National Almond Day today. Almonds should be a part of your weight-loss diet.

-My mood is prepared for love when I eat almonds! Almond Day is one of my favorites!

-Today is Almond Day, so we have an excuse to have an almond smoothie.

-Almonds provide smooth, healthy, and sun-protected skin. On this National Almond Day, try my advice.

-On this National Almond Day, look for Almond benefits.

-Almonds are deserving of a day because of their numerous health benefits. Happy National Almond Day, everyone!

-My mom’s magic is almonds, and they’re my secret to getting better grades on tests.

-Enjoy some almonds, and don’t forget about me! Yes, almonds can help you remember things.

Almond Day Quotes 

-Whose dark eyes narrowed to lightless almonds, – Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

-I eat almonds professionally, and I can’t get enough of Yerba Mate Cranberry Synergy Kombucha! – Author: Tessa Thompson

-I love almonds as a snack, and in the morning, yogurt is a fantastic go-to. Sometimes I mix them. – Author: Alison Sweeney

-Bringing you ‘raisins and almonds’ and words (from a Yiddish lullaby – Author: Rona Simmons

-I like almonds as a snack – keep your energy up but don’t fill you up. – Author: Ina Garten

-Almonds. Apricots. Avocadoes. Some peaches I don’t know. Grapefruit. Lemons. Probably oranges. – Author: Jane Smiley

Almond Day Statuses

-I prefer almonds as a snack because they keep you energized without filling you up.

-Have almonds for a nutritious living.

-Toasted Almond is a timeless and adaptable organic color that speaks to authenticity and all things natural.

-Almond flour, was sent to remind us that spring will be here soon.

-The aroma of bitter almonds always reminded him of the tragedy of unrequited love, therefore it was unavoidable.

-However, I’m lactose intolerant, and I’ve always wanted to eat Puffins with whole milk! 

-That’s more of an almond milk cereal, but go ahead and live your fantasy.

-The aroma of bitter almonds always reminded him of the tragedy of unrequited love, therefore it was unavoidable.

-If words could taste like bitter almonds and coffee grounds, hers would be bitter almonds and coffee grounds.

-We whine and whine, but we’ve seen the flower in the sun – apple, pear, cherry, plum, almond blossom – and the greatest among us can’t pretend they deserve – or could anything greater.

-Hearing the wind weep with the beauty and tragedy of it all. I was sitting under an almond tree, with the leaf of the tree spreading out like an umbrella over me.

-Always have almonds daily for a healthy living.

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