Amsterdam Gay Pride: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Amsterdam Gay Pride is an annual gay-festival held during the first weekend in the month of August. It is one of the most widely celebrated public events held in Netherlands with thousands of guests visiting it every year. This festival celebrates the spirit of gay rather than fighting for their struggle for equality and freedom.

There are numerous events held for gay, lesbians and bi-sexual throughout the course of the event. The festival also marks various street gay parties in places where there are gay bars. The festival was first organised in the year 1996 and the primary purpose was to celebrate the diversity that exists between people with varying sexuality. It is a way out for people to celebrate their gender and their preferences. 

Some of the quotes and greetings that can be popularly used for the Amsterdam Gay Pride day are mentioned below-

_Love is unconditional and this is why there is no gender when it comes to loving another person! Let’s rejoice on this Amsterdam Gay pride weekend 

_Gender is what that defines people but it is never something that can define the love between people. Let’s breathe in fresh thoughts in this year’s Amsterdam Gay Pride parade. 

_Same sex means the same love between two people, it is all about the celebration that ensues! 

_A parade that sets apart the liberals from the masses. Join the Amsterdam gay pride this year and witness the world evolving 

_What makes every person happy is being able to be with people who are just like them. Amsterdam gay pride brings the feeling of warmth to people like nothing else! 

_Amsterdam gay pride is truly a feeling of pride of the people who know how to love but their definition of love is just a tad different

_Take pride in what you are! Spread the word on the weekend of Amsterdam Gay pride

_Be thankful for what you are or else the wide world awaits to feel that you made the wrong choice. Take part in the Amsterdam gay pride rally

_Being a part of the Amsterdam gay pride is truly the feeling of freedom because no one judges you for what you are and everybody is enjoys being part of the fun. 

_For gays, two grooms are always better than one at the wedding. Fun at Amsterdam Gay Pride never ends 

_We hate people who are homophobic and there is no place for them at the Amsterdam gay pride event. It is a weekend of love without any bondage 

_At the end of the day we are all people and there is no difference between each of us. In the Amsterdam Gay Pride weekend, we aim to celebrate humanity and love 

_Love is something that touches the soul and thousands of other people having their opinion in it doesn’t really matter for those in love 

_Preferring the other gender for love is not always the case and this is something natural that needs to be accepted!   

_The human mind is silly. The society is sillier because it binds the imagination of the human mind with silly laws and prejudice

_There is nothing of more pride than being able to love the person you want to and at the same time being with them where people will accept the both

_We all want to be happy and hence it is a must that we make sure that we do not become a barrier to the happiness of others

_Join Amsterdam Gay Pride event and let us win over the hearts with love that is unconditional and knows no bounds

_Keep calm and love the way you like on the Amsterdam Gay pride weekend

_The only sexual preference that a human being can have is happiness. If you are happy with the person of your sex, that is it, that is love! 

_At times, it is important for us to celebrate who we are and the Amsterdam gay pride is just a reflection of the idea 

_What defines a person is the spirit that he/she holds and not the sexual preference that they have. Be what you are and let the world around you be happy with it 

_Are you tired of people who have been bothering you with their ideas of life? Meet like-minded people at the Amsterdam gay pride and have a gala time assured 

_You are what you are made of and there is nothing in this world that can even try to change you!

_Celebrate your choices like you never did before, and walk with us in pride

_If we keep thinking about what the society will think then there are least chances that we will be able to live

_If you want to make a difference, come and add to the party at Amsterdam Gay pride! It’s a gala of people who are proud of what they are for every right reason.

_Let us all come together on this Amsterdam Gay pride weekend and show the world that we have what it takes to be happy no matter how hard some people might have tried to pull us down!

_To be happy, all you need is s free spirited soul and a mind without preconceived notions. Come join the parade

_It is that time of the year when we get to see real love making efforts at being proud of themselves and making it out to the whole world 

_Believe in what you do and the world can never pull you down

_If you adopt the trend, probably you are yet to know who you really are. Amsterdam Gay pride weekend is here and is a must to visit 

_If he makes him happy and she is what her dreams are made up of, there is nothing wrong in it. Enjoy being that way and join the Amsterdam Gay Pride events 

_Life is stressful if you aren’t with the people who actually will make you happy. This is irrespective of sexual preference that you may have.  

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