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The day is celebrated on November 26th every year. The World Health Organization says that the obesity level has increased to three times since 1975. The excess body fat of a person is called to be obese. If the Body Mass Index of a person is 30 or above, the person is considered to be obese.

If the Body Mass Index is 25, the person is called overweight. This condition can put a person into serious health conditions, such as cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, etc.

The Anti-Obesity day is celebrated in many parts of the world. The lifestyle and too much calorie consumption can cause Obesity. But this condition is preventable with suitable diet plans and by changing the lifestyle to an extent.

Monitoring the weight gain on a regular basis can help you to plan your diet accordingly. Obesity is the serious condition of today’s world and that is why it is necessary to prevent it.

Let’s join hand to end this big social problem and make the world healthy. Here we present you some quotes and greetings to be shared with your loved ones on the move of awareness on Obesity.

Obesity is easy to end because it cannot have that speed and can be preventable.

On Anti-Obesity day, let’s spread the awareness on Obesity and its effects on people.

Obesity not only affect your health but it might arise conflicts in the relationship.

Childhood obesity has put the entire generation in risk. Let’s spread awareness.

Obesity is the preventable cause of death. Do not worry, stay healthy, stay fit.

In Obesity condition, a person can eat all the foods except salad!

Body Mass Index gives the rate of your weight, not the alarm of sickness.

If you are Obese, bad things will come and if you exercise, good things will come.

More eating, you gain weight, less eating you gain good fate!

You might say Obesity runs in your blood, but I say you don’t run!

You eat when you are depressed, but this can make you more depressed when you are obese.

Obesity is a big problem and everyone knows, but no one is doing anything about it!

The rate of childhood obesity is increasing drastically, what you can do about it? A thought on Anti-obesity day.

Take weight loss as a mental challenge rather than a physical challenge.

Say bye to childhood obesity and make them fit for the new world they enter.

You do not look good in the mirror if you are obese. Stop looking at the mirror, start looking at more physical challenges.

Learn to tackle childhood obesity, you can prevent many upcoming problems.

You feel painful to look at you as overweight. Better to switch to exercise pain!

Making the exercise as your habit can achieve the great challenges of your life.

It is our duty to keep our body fit and healthy, otherwise, our mind will be out of control.

Obesity is epidemic these days and the challenge to tackle it is in your hands. Anti-obesity day.

I’m in shape but in a wrong way! Observing anti-obesity day.

More obesity means more risk of heart disease. Please keep your heart safe for me! Anti-obesity day.

You are allowed to cry, allowed to laugh but weight gain not allowed!

Control your eating habits otherwise one day your health will be out of control!

People want to look good, but do not find a way to shed weight! Fact!

Obesity risk might overtake the tobacco risk soon!

Obesity is a fast way to hell!

Take control of your mind and body. Don’t let your taste buds control them!

When you want to quit, just look at you in the mirror!

Teach your kids to make a healthy choice of foods rather than feeding them healthy food forcefully.

Don’t dig your grave with those forks and knives you use to have that fatty food!

Challenge yourself for a beautiful you inside as well as outside!

Take life positively and you can fight against Obesity.

Push yourself more on exercise, not on big fat food. Spreading awareness of obesity on Anti-obesity day.

You should tell your fat to prepare itself to die every morning.

Your weight matters when you consider your beautiful life.

The biggest public health problem is spreading all over the world rapidly. It is in your hands to cut the speed.

America is the greatest country in the world and never want to be in No.1 position in Obesity rates.

Know that the greatest wealth on earth is health. Anti-obesity day message to all.

Show your attitude in losing the weight not in having the food!

Kids follow you not your advice. Great thought on Anti-obesity day.

Let our food be our medicine and not medicine our food!

The biggest competitor for you is you! Look at the mirror and decide.

Children are our future. Teaching them about food habits can make the next generation healthy.

Trust yourself, be positive. You can control your mind and body.

The modern food culture can affect the world and obesity is the main gift of it!

Champions keep going until their dream is achieved. Never give up!

If you want to look great do some great things!

Wake up, people! Stop dreaming, start achieving!

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