Barbecue Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Barbecue Day is a world wide festival celebrated on 16th of May of every year. The day is observed with friends and families with grilling the hot and crispy barbecue on the grill and utilizing the mouthwatering dish. Families also go for picnic out of town in order to celebrate the festival.

Barbecue Day greetings:

Wishing you and your family a happy Barbecue Day from me and my loved ones. 

I hope this day will bring the mouthwatering dish in your house and celebrate the festival with full energy. 

Amidst the ongoing race of success and failure, I hope this Barbecue Day will bring all your family together and spend the same with laughter and joy. 

I pray to god that this Barbecue Day will bring happiness and prosperity to your children who are the biggest lovers of Barbecue.

This 16th May will be celebrated as Barbecue Day all over the world, so we are inviting you to our family function with all your children to get most of the day.

The holiday of Barbecue Day is upon us so set up the barbeque, fill up your beer mugs and have a cheerful time with family and friends Have a wonderful weekend of Barbecue Day.

Cheers to you on this Barbecue Day and I hope this day will bring joy on your face. 

Barbecue Day celebrates the mouthwatering dish of Barbecue and the essence it brings along with it. So I hope you will spend this day with a lot of barbecue on your plate. 

Wishing all my fellow batchmates a Happy Barbecue Day and it also brings me a pleasure to invite you to my house on 16th of May.

May god bless you and your family with a ton of blessings on this Barbecue Day and may your plate be filled with a ton on Barbecue as well. 

My heartwarming wishes to you on this Barbecue Day as you are the only one in my life who inspires me to keep working towards my goal. Have a lovely day with friends and family.

Let us celebrate this day for the sake of the chefs who have mastered the art of making a perfect barbeque.

Barbecue Day is an opportunity to spend some time with family and friends while reflecting upon things you’re thankful for. I hope you enjoy and make the most out of this holiday.

I hope this day will bring a smile to your face and on your children’s as well in respect to celebrate the same on the name of Barbecue.

Let us gather together in the name of the makers who proudly invented this beautiful dish and spread happiness among the citizens.

Barbecue Day messages-

A plate full of Barbecue can bring smile on the face of a crying child. So make sure that if your child is angry on you, bring a ton of barbecue and celebrate the day.

Food and drinks are a way of celebrating prsperity and happiness of a family. So I hope this day will bring ton of happiness into you and your loved ones as well. 

Barbecue Day is celebrated by grilling chicken with your loved ones, and going on a picnic to a perfect destination. 

Bring out your griller and buy some raw chicken because on this Barbecue Day, I will make most of the festival eat a ton of it. 

On this 16th May, me along with my friends will go out to the beach along with our griller to celebrate the day of Barbecue. 

Nothing is insignificant in this world. The little piece of chicken can bring joy to a 5 year old. So why not celebrate a day for it?

Celebrating Barbecue Day all over the world is a source of happiness which should be spread with our family and loved ones who are thrilled to organize a Barbecue Party.

Celebrating a day on the name of Barbecue won’t affect the economy or the growth of the country. So let us make the most of it and grill some chicken for the party.

Staying healthy and fit is the prime motive of every citizen and celebrating a day on it is not a bad idea.

Let us celebrate this day for the sake of the chefs who have mastered the art of making a perfect barbeque. 

Let us take a day off from our daily lives and spend a peaceful vacation with the family in the weekend of Barbecue Day.

It has been several months since I’ve been on a diet, so let’s take a day off and spend the occassion of Barbecue Day without observing any rule.

A healthy mind is a peaceful mind. So celebrating Barbecue Day will in fact bring peace to our family. 

This 16th May, let’s gather together and grill some of the best chickens ever.

It’s time you pat yourself on the back for all the labor you’ve put into your work. This Barbecue Day let’s gather together and celebrate the day in the name of the invented who made this dish.

Mark your calenders on 16th of May, since we are going to have a blast by grilling some of the best chickens on the grillers.

We are worth every penny who has spent our precious life upon something this big. I pledge to donate some amount to the poor on this Barbecue Day and celebrate the same with my lovely family.

Barbecue Day Quotes– 

  • “There is no sincerer lover than the love of a Barbecue.” – George Bernard Shaw
  • “Good barbecue comes with experience, and experience well, comes from poor barbecue”. – Cousin Woodman
  • “Almost everybody is ready to become a fool for a barbecue.” – Jack Nicholson
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