Bill of Rights Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

 On the bill of rights day the national archives and records administration who joins in the Celebration of the law of rights, ten first amendments the constitution and spell out our rights as Americans.

They Guarantee to the civil rights and liberties freedom speech, religion and press. Also, they set rules for the process of law. And reserves of all powers to the federal government to all people and the states. The original Joint resolution proposing the bill of rights is on fixed display at the national archives in Dc, Washington.

Below is a list of quotes and wishes for all the Bill of Rights Day Members to celebrate the Bill of Rights Day –

_Let’s make 15th December the true independence for a better nation.

_On this auspicious Day, may you get the freedom you want.

_Let us enjoy the freedom of joy and prosperity on this Bill of Rights Day.

_If men were angels, and no constitution was ever required. So, let’s rejoice law and order restored upon us. 

_Without the rules, people are just as good as the one living in the jungles.

_ The first ten amendments were not just mere words, but a proof of humanity. So, let us all rejoice on that.

_The people’s vote: Bill of Rights Day.

 _The privilege of the individuals to keep and remain battle-ready will not be encroach. 

_The Bills are our saviour from an over-powerful monarch, so let us pay our love and respect to that.

_If anything is to examined and be to learned thoroughly, it is our Bill of Rights.

_The love is for the country, not the government.

_The assurance of freedom from the Bill of rights shall not be given at any circumstance. 

_Bill of Rights: A sound that makes the mind trustworthy. 

_Love the amendments the same way you love Jesus.

_Keep calm and love the amendments the way you love anything else.

_It is the Day to celebrate who we are and what made us so far, as the Bill of Rights is the refection to that.

_If you want to make a difference, celebrate the Bills and abide by them.

_There is nothing nobler than a man with honour and respect for laws.

_Walk down the road of pride to celebrate this Day.

_Believe in yourself and abide by the amendment for all that is only asked.

_Show the love for your country and walk down the road to celebrate the Bill of Rights Day this fall.

_It is that time of the year in which we must pay homage to the rules that were stored upon us to keep the law and order in check.

_Believe in yourself and the Bills will grant you the freedom.

_The Bills are not the relics of the past but the mirror of the present and future.

_Take the pride and enjoy liberty.

_Love is unconditional, thus the amendments were written for everyone.

_Happy 15th December to all my fellow Americans.

_Everyone born in this great land has equal rights, for that is what the Bill says.

_The world will respect us only if we keep our head high and take pride in our amendments.

_Our’s is a great nation, but let us all strive to make it greater than beyond.

_On this Day, a thousand salutes to the one who wrote the amendments.

_Let us be proud of our country, for the history and heritage it had over the centuries.

_Let us join our hands and make a sworn oath to abide by the constitution no matter what.

_The Bill shall be honoured for it is what makes us different than the rest.

_After the Bill of Rights, what we need is a Bill of our Responsibilities. 

_Take not from the mouth of work the bread it has earned. For that is what we shall abide by from this Day forward.

_Without the Bill it’s just the jungle.

_Let us take pride in the Bill of Rights for what is what makes us superior to the others.

_With great power comes great responsibilities and responsibilities could only be met with proper law and order.

_Laws and orders are what gives us true freedom to be ourselves.

_The amendments are just like the verses, not meant to be just read but followed word by word.

_The Bill of Rights day is not for celebration but realization. The realization of true independence.

_We are the biggest nation in the world. So, let us celebrate 15th December with the same euphoria.

_Our country may not be perfect, but we the citizens can make it so.

_Three rounds of applaud for America for being the greatest nation of all till this date.

_The Bills are not there to serve us but to guide us towards true salvation.

_Happy Bill of Rights day to all of my fellow Americans by heart and soul.

_15th of December is what makes us proud to be American, isn’t it so?

_Today is the Day for all of us to unite and rejoice our freedom.

_Our constitution is not only workable but flexible enough to hold our country together. So, here is a toast to that.

_It is the freedom of speech given to us by the constitution, so let’s use it to praise the Bill and sing a song for all eternity.

_let us all pledge our commitment to the Bills and swearing to abide by them from this day forward.

_Let us all together commence to a journey of peace, harmony and prosperity in honour to the amendments.

_Let us all serve the country from this Day onward to honour the Bills which have gives us this much freedom.

_The land we live in is a place for law and order, and we shall never go against that.

_A loyalty to the Bill is just like serving our lord, so let us be true to that.

_Honor the Bill and honour the law, for the freedom it gave to all of us.

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