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National Calzone Day is celebrated on the 1st of November every year. “Calzone” is referred to a turnover of pizza dough, which is baked or fried and stuffed with various fillings. Calzone is celebrated as it holds a lot to love it for and hardly anything to dislike it. 

National Calzone Day Greetings:

-Let your tummy do the talking today, and it’s time to taste the delicious Calzone until the stomach shows a stop signal.

-The fun and happy part of National Calzone Day is about exploring the possible varieties with the dish and putting self creativity for the love of the word.

-Hold easy on the day. Throw a sweet evening party with friends and family and enjoy the yummy Calzone over tea at the dining table.

-I can’t wait for Calzone day to start. It is my favorite dish, and I’ve planned to spend the day with my best friend.

-On National Calzone Day, add some more awesomeness to the dough by adding some garlic and butter to add divine flavors. 

-Italian herbs and spices resulting in the best quality sauces, are the best toppings on the already delicious recipe.

-Calzones are sweet. They can efficiently hold together the pliable dough and also anything which is put inside.

-Calzones are aroma kings. They fill the entire surrounding from the kitchen with their enchanting essence, and mouths turn watering.

-This occasion can be best utilized by looking out for the best Pizza joints in the town and exploring unexplored ones. The variety you taste, the better you get to know about its real taste.

-The taste of a calzone is better than a pizza. I hope you will spend a great day ahead.

National Calzone Day Messages:

-To mark the 40th anniversary and their love for the delicious handmade calzones, Minsky’s Pizza founded National Calzone Day in 2016.

-Calzones are better known, in its familiar language as Italian – ‘Pizza hand pie,’ ‘turnaround Pizza,’ ‘Folded Pizza,’ or sometimes ‘carry around Pizza Pie.’

-The record for the most massive calzone is held by Rulli’s Italian Restaurant in Middlebury, Indiana, which baked a most massive Calzone weighing 212 pounds.

-Calzones are such energy boosters that one calzone can contain as much as 2,000 calories while having the same amount of pizza dough like a regular pizza.

-Calzones have become widely popular in past years, potentially due to television shows’ influence, which effectively center storylines about calzones.

-Calzones were invented in Naples, Italy, and are primitive types of pizza.

-Calzones also go hand in hand with science, which suggests that calzones are much efficient.

-Calzones show up a lower surface-to-volume ratio than regular pizzas, resulting in better heat retention.

-Panzerotti are the fried versions of calzones, which are rich in tomato and mozzarella cheese. They efficiently rule the taste buds in the region of Puglia.

-Many Pizza joints propose various offers and discounts on the very famous Calzone. Visit your nearest Pizza joints and get the taste of the delicious piece if you haven’t.

-One who has already had a taste of it earlier can never deny having a fresh piece of Calzone.

National Calzone Day quotes

“My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around.
― Dora J. Arod

“There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right.”
― G.A. McKevett

“Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”
― Amy Neftzger

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