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Chinese New Year (or by and large alluded to as Lunar New Year comprehensively) is the Chinese celebration that praises the start of a new year on the customary Chinese schedule. The celebration is normally alluded to as the Spring Festival in territory China and is one of a few Lunar New Years in Asia.

Observances customarily occur from the night going before the primary day of the year to the Lantern Festival, hung on the fifteenth day of the year.

The principal day of the Chinese New Year starts on the new moon that shows up between 21 January and 20 February. In 2019, the main day of the Chinese New Year was on Tuesday, 5 February, starting the Year of the Pig. 

Chinese New Year Messages

-Happy New Year! Continuously welcome the new morning with a new soul, a grin all over, adoration in your heart, and great considerations in your brain. 

-May riches consistently come in your direction. May it be promising and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness step by step. 

-Happy New Year, I wish you great wellbeing and enduring flourishing. 

-As time passes, let us grasp the New Year with a more brilliant, increasingly vivid, and progressively upbeat future. Happy New Year! 

-At the point when the mid-night ringer rings today around evening time, Let it connote new and better things for you, Let it implies an acknowledgment of everything you wish for, Let it mean a year of fortitude and astuteness, Wishing you an incredibly prosperous year. 

-I give you unending fresh out of the plastic new great wishes. If you don’t mind acknowledge them as a new recognition of our enduring fellowship. 

-Wishing you favorable luck on the Chinese New Year. 

-Expectation the days ahead are loaded up with gigantic bliss and flourishing. Happy Chinese New Year. 

-Expectation the rising sun will carry with it dear babies, joy and karma. Happy Chinese New Year! 

-May the new year get your life delights that never blur, trusts that never bite the dust, and quality that never debilitates. Wishing you an extremely happy Chinese New Year. 

-As you venture into the Chinese New Year, may God’s favors manage you through your constraints and help you rise higher over your shortcomings. 

-May everything lovely and great be dense into this card. I earnestly wish you bliss, sprightliness and achievement. 

-As the new sun ascends in a fresh out of the box new Year may it bring you good karma, flourishing, delight and satisfaction. 

-Similarly as you introduce lights, lamps and different types of enlightenment to respect the New Year, may the New Year introduce for you new expectations, dreams, and yearnings. 

-One year passes by taking with it a lot of expectations and goals. One more year comes in with packs of new chances to remember your fantasies and understand your objectives. 

-Every day of the New Year resembles a page of a book – strong with exercises and experiences in this way making recollections to last you a lifetime. 

-This New Year, may flourishing and harmony never desert your home and hearth. 

-This Holiday season may you effectively drive off misfortune and be honored with good karma. 

Chinese New year Greetings

-May the New Year favor you with goodness to forsake all indecencies and grasp all that is highminded. 

-This Lunar New Year may your life hold for you as much assortment as the different periods of the moon. 

-This New Year may you discover harmony from inside and may you be proficient to spread such happiness around you. 

-This New Year understand the way that Lady Luck favors just the individuals who are merry and hopeful. 

-This New Year, don’t live in the past for it might make you discouraged; don’t live for the future for it will just make you on edge. Live just in the present for that by itself will bring you harmony. 

-May this New Year be as musical for you as a sweet tune. 

-Here is wishing you a New Year that is plenteous with riches as well as with superb recollections. 

-This New Year don’t get fretful if things appear to go moderate for you; recollect as long as things are moving you are fortunate. 

-May every snapshot of the New Year steer you towards a new and better heading to shape your existence with all that is great. 

-May this New Year be loaded with confidence, expectation, and love, and even among them may love to outperform these topping off your cup of life to the overflow. 

-May you generally be encompassed by daylight in this New Year. 

-May you be overflowed with endowments and flourish in this New Year. 

-This New Year may you be honored with riches from different sources. 

-Here is longing that you appreciate great wellbeing all round the year. 

-Here is wishing you wellbeing , riches, and joy in this New Year. 

-Here is wishing you joy in this New Year. 

-May this New Year for you be comprised of all that is ideal and excellent. 

-Find new streets to progress as you venture into another extraordinary year. 

-Good karma, great wellbeing, optimism and Happy New Year! 

-Find new streets to progress as you venture into another extraordinary year 

-Expectation you are met with wanted accomplishment at each progression you take in the Chinese New Year. 

-My ardent wishes are with you and your relatives all through this Chinese New Year. 

-In this New Year, may good karma and favorable luck consistently be with you. 

-Cheers to a new year and another possibility for us to hit the nail on the head. 

-We will open the book. Its pages are clear. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first part is New Year’s Day. 

-May your days be as glittery as a precious stone, may your companions be in the same class as gold, may your heart remain as green as an emerald, and may your spirit stay as unadulterated as a pearl. 

-May the New Year carry you mental fortitude to break your goals early! My own will probably swear off each sort of righteousness, with the goal that I triumph notwithstanding when I fall!

Chinese New Year Captions:

-Wishing you luck to brave through another year starting right now! Happy #ChineseNewYear

-As you get into a Chinese New Year, #God shall help you storm through it like a winner #ChineseNewYear #NewYearPost 

-You welcome NEW YEAR with new lamps and lights, let the NEW YEAR bring with it more light for you too! #HappyChineseNewYear 

-Happy #ChineseNewYear to all and let’s make this year more than what every other year has been. #newyearmotivation 

-The year for you to build bigger changes and with the power of Feng-Shui hope you ace it all! #ChineseNewYear brings new prosperity. 

-Don’t let the burden of expectation run you down on the #ChineseNewYear instead rise and shine bright cos you have made it my friend! 

-The year of the Tiger is already here! #Happy Chinese #NewYear. Hope you all have a great year ahead 

-Lunar Zoom Year makes the vibe so much more special all over! Enjoy the #ChineseNewYear! 

-Welcoming the spring season with the #ChineseNewYear. It’s always double fun as these two arrive together! #Springishere

-Bidding goodbyes to my previous year and welcoming the Chinese New Year with #spring and a bunch full of #happinness!  

-Pictures speak louder than my caption for Chinese New Year! Celebrations and smiles all over speak for itself. #BeHappy #EnjoyNewYear #WelcomeSpring #LunarZoom

Chinese New Year Wishes:

-The red envelope is definitely with you now and so are my good wishes for this Chinese New Year! 

-Plan a get-together with the family you love and enjoy the New year in its true form with Lunar zoom. 

xin nian kuai le – Hope you make the most of this new year and enjoy with your family to the fullest 

-On this Chinese New Year I pray to God that good luck and prosperity follow you on every step that you take from hereon. 

-Celebrate the Chinese New Year because it’s unique and you belong to this land that celebrates its cultures  

-All the lucky cards are speaking in your favour because this Chinese New Year will surely enlighten you as a person greatly! 

-Be healthy and wealthy because all I want you to be successful and that’s it for my Chinese New Year wishes for you. 

-The Lunar New Year is here and it is a reason to celebrate! I wish you a fun-filled day and a great new year too! 

-In this Chinese New Year I wish you shine like a dragon and roar like a Tiger to cross the biggest milestones in your life. 

-The colorful Lunar New Year is around the corner and may God shower all such beautiful colors on you too in the year ahead!

-Spark like the firecrackers and roar like the dragon on the Chinese New Year. Have a great life. 

Chinese New Year Status:

-Let’s party with our families today on this Chinese New Year 

-Chinese New Year is all about the firecracker display, ain’t it? 

-The dragon and tiger are here to bless us! Happy Chinese New Year 

-This day isn’t to stay upset. Cheer up, it’s the Lunar New Year today! 

-I haven’t got a plan on the Chinese New Year, if you have one- ping me up NOW! 

-May you earn all the joys in life on this Chinese New Year 

-The status section is too small for me to fit all the wishes for all of you! Just enjoy today. 

-May you feel empowered like the dragon and blaze through the difficulties in life

-Decorate your home and love your family, the Chinese New Year is all about colors and great food! 

-You never know how amazing your one effort on this Chinese NEW YEAR will make others feel. Try it! 

-The Chinese New Year is special so make it more special with a great plan. 

Chinese New Year Quotes:

-“Do not anxiously hope for that which is not yet come; do not vainly regret what is already past.” — Chinese Proverb

-You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair. 

-(Mandarin) “hǔ nián dà jí /hoo-nyen daa-jee/—Wishing you luck in the year of the Tiger!”

-(Cantonese) “fu nin dai gat—Wishing you luck in the year of the Tiger!”

-“If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.” — Chinese Proverb

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