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Cliché day is celebrated on 3rd November of every year. The word cliché is used for something artistic but has lost its meaning over time. The word cliché is a French word that can be used as both noun and adjective. However, they lack the true sense and thus sometimes become annoying. 

Cliché Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Cliché Day greetings:

– Its world cliché day, and the best way to celebrate it by using it continuously to irritate your brother or spouse so that they know how cliché you are. 

– Cliché day is here. If you still haven’t found anything cliché, then you need to buckle up your search. Happy world cliché day. 

– Cliché is the word that can be annoying and amusing, proving that humans too can be irritating to some or fun to others. Humans and cliché thoughts are no different. 

– The best way to celebrate cliché day is by watching some movies whose plot has been repeated several times but still, you love it because you should celebrate cliché on cliché day. 

– If you want to celebrate the cliché day, it is best to go all over cliché to tell your friends or lover how much you love them and leave them wondering what the hell just happened. Happy world cliché day. 

– If anything is right, then surely it will be a cliché. There is no doubt, and we have to accept it. And there is no shame in liking cliché thoughts too. 

– If every thought you came across feels you like a cliché, then welcome to adulthood. It is the phase you feel everything is cliché. Happy world cliché day. 

– The others use cliché for inspiration, but you can use cliché for comedy because it’s okay to be different. 

Cliché Day messages:

– You don’t need a cliché thought to change your life; you just need a plan, and now don’t dare to say that it’s to cliché. 

– I wanted to annoy my best friend, so I started reading aloud cliché thoughts and irritated them; that’s how we celebrated cliché day. 

– It doesn’t matter what everyone says but sometimes all we need a cliché thought or message to keep us going, they can be annoying, but sometimes they are worth giving our time. 

– The best way to spend your time is to have a glass of wine, sit on your comfy couch, and to read out the cliché thoughts, and to laugh the heart out. 

– Whether we accept it or not, but we all like to celebrate our certain days in a cliché way, and there is no shame in buying it, loved it flaunt it. 

– The real culprits use cliché quotes as inspiration, whereas we all know they are overly hyped. 

We all don’t take cliché quotes seriously because we all know that life will teach us some lessons but with different styles. 

– Cliché is like neighbors no matter how much we hate them, but we all use them when in need. 

Cliché Day quotes

Life is so ridiculously clichéd sometimes I wonder why we bother living it when nothing is ever a surprise any more.”
― Holly Bourne

“We’re all clichés, all following scripts that have been written and played out long before we landed the role.”
― Jonathan Tropper

“rather babble away and at least partially express something difficult than reproduce impeccable clichés”
― Thomas Mann

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