Day of Silence: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The day of silence is usually observed in mid-April every year since 1996. This annual event is for school, college and university students to spread awareness about the effects of the bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students.

 Students participate in the day of silence with a day-long vow of silence. Before organizing this event, students have to seek permission from their respective school and colleges.

This day was created by then-student Maria Pulzetti and the first event was organized by students at the University of Virginia. Thousands of American students participate in this day of silence.

The day of silence is organized by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Hopefully, this awareness might assist in bringing it a stop to bullying and harassment, to create safer places of education for such students to study.

If you are one of them who wish to join the awareness by celebrating the ‘Day of silence’, here we have some great greetings and quotes for you.

Day of Silence Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

-All students have equal rights to education. A transgender youth too. Marking the day if silence.

-Sometimes you need to break the silence to tell your school how it needs to support transgender students!

– It is our national responsibility to provide a great education to every child in America. Join us in celebrating the day of silence.

– Want to break the silence for transgender student issues? Celebrate the day of silence.

– Discussing the gender stereotypes and their limitations in your classroom with the lesson might be a great contribution to the day of silence.

– I’m giving an attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment in schools.

– The day of silence. Quiet mouth but active mind and heart.

– The largest student-led national event is in the corner. Support LGBTQ students at the school. The day of silence!

– They say ‘silence kills’. So I want to kill the bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students at schools with my silence.

– It would gonna be a very quiet day for me. Because it’s the day of silence!

– Don’t wait for the world to get better, break the silence. Support ‘GLSEN’ mission. Marking the day of silence!

– Move in silence. Speak up only when there is sign of danger. Celebrating the day of silence.

– Silence is one of the loudest argument to disprove. The day of silence.

– To make a difference for LGBTQ, not necessarily have to be on Microphone, a silent mouth can speak a thousand words aloud.

– Students succeed when they see themselves considered in their curriculum. Include Black LGBTQ identities in your school with pride!

– Educators, teach your students about kindness and respect towards LGBTQ co-fellows.

– LGBTQ people, rest assured that you are excluded, you are included. Respecting the day of silence.

– There are a thousand reasons to be cheerful. But for LGBTQ? Support this day of silence.

– Respecting God’s creation. Celebrating the day of silence.  

– Accepting and respecting the individuality and the rights of LGBTQ is a necessity. I’m supporting The day of silence.

– No country is accepting LGBTQ. Everywhere discrimination flags high. Feeling sad on the day of silence.

– I saw the board said, ‘All-gender restrooms’. Then I am screaming out my happiness on the day of silence.

– A trans child asks its mom, why don’t kids play with me? Should I break the silence or should I make my child silent?

– Kindness In Action! Sending all LGBTQ a message of kindness today on the day of silence!

– This Message might not Change the world but can encourage everyone to change their perspective about LGBTQ. I’m supporting the day of silence in complete silence.

– Staying silence can answer a fool in the best way! The day of silence.

– Share your silence louder than words. Wishing all a supportive day of silence.

– Today we honor those brave transgenders who shed tears when discriminated but stay silent. Break the silence for good. Have an inspired day of silence.

– Open your mouth only for those who are silent. The day of silence is here!

– Many of us are afraid of silence. Then break the silence. Wishing you all a very beautiful, inspiring and fruitful day. Take a moment to sit in silence.

– All I want is to live a peaceful life, in a peaceful world. No discriminations, no wars. How beautiful! The day of silence.

– Just sitting silently with the grass and sky. A day of silence. Respect to LGBTQ.

– Waiting for a new beginning, a new sky full of hope. Taking time to be silent in honor of LGBTQ.

– This day does not need any filters.This day does not need any words. Marking the day of silence.

– Today is the Day of Silence. Take the vow of silence and bring awareness. Let your silence speak.

– Show your support for students who are bullied. The day of silence.

– Be the voice of students who suffer in silence. Marking the day of silence.

– Day if silence against Anti- LGBTQ, bullying, and harassment.

– Spend some time to break the silence in action. Celebrating the day of silence.

– I am excited to make a huge difference for our school climate by supporting LGBTQ.

– Have a nice day of silence. Stop misusing the word ‘gay’.

– For all the hours today, I will not utter a single word from my mouth to take part in the day of silence.

– Let’s do what we can to ensure children are safe in school regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

– We stand with students and take a vow of silence on this day against the silencing effect of homophobic, transphobic, and biphobic bullying, name-calling and harassment.

– Silence is better than unnecessary wars. Participating in the day of silence.

-I am breaking the silence by speaking up for LGBTQ. The day of silence.

-Break the silence for people who make a noise of pain. Marking the day of silence today.

-Spend a couple of hours in silence with me, commit to your intention. The day of silence.

-Blowing out someone else’s candle will not make your candle shine brighter. So stop harassing LGBTQ students.

-Love is love, gay or straight. Don’t discriminate. Stay active. The day of silence.

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