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The Winter Solstice occurs in December. It typically occurs on 21 Dec and can vary ± one day. The December solstice is the winter Solstice. And it is also known as the southern solstice. This year’s December solstice is on 22 December.

The more events which are related are September equinox, march equinox, Christmas day, and many more. On the December solstice day, the run is directly overhead of the tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. When the North Pole has tilted furthest away from the Sun.

Happy Winter Solstice Messages, Quotes and Greetings

– Wishing you all a very happy December Solistice.

-On this December Solstice, may the flame warm our heart, and may the light remind us of the ever-returning sun.

-Let our Lord give us the strength and healing on the first day of the December Solstice.

-A gift to our love with a helping dream for the darkest night yet to arrive.

-On, this December Solstice, let us all come together to sing joyous songs and forget the sadness.

winter solstice greetings

-Let us light the candle with the nine pearls of wisdom to overcome the longest night in our life.

-With a grand celebration let the Lord shower us with an abundance on this Winter Solstice.

-With great happiness we must have a sweet soft pause in the turning of the year.

-A very warm wish to you and your family on Winter Solstice.

-After each Winter Solstice, one must always enjoy, for the sun ascends again to replenish our lives.

-Let the sun rays warm the winter landscape with the blessings of the beautiful winter solstice.

-Let us, Lord anticipate on the coming spring and bring joy and prosperity on this December Solstice.

-For as long as the existence of civilization, we are bound to celebrate this winter solstice for the sake of humanity.

-Let us all rejoice on this Winter Solstice for most of the Gods were born on this auspicious day.

-One shall rejoice for these astronomical events have a greater impact on our lives.

-The birth of our Lord Christ on this winter solstice is a greater reason to celebrate this day.

-Solistice is the reason for the season, so it is our duty to pay respect to them.

happy winter solstice wishes

-The winter solstice is a holy day worth celebrating for with the very day being the birth of our Lord.

-When the winter comes, pray to the Lord for he is our only savior through the darkest nights.

-On this winter solstice, reborn with a new light.

-On this winter solstice, may the light remind us of the sun which is soon yet to return.

-Wishing you and your loved ones a very beautiful and blessed winter solstice.

-May the warm rays of the sun soon bring the spring back, wishing you a very happy Winter solstice.

-When December arrives, let nature embrace itself every single day with the solstice.

-A warm and happy winter solstice on the beautiful season which conspires the world in love.

-Let the winter be our mind with a heart of spring, happy December solstice.

-With the rebirth of the sun, let our homes be filled with joy, happiness, and prosperity. Happy winter solstice.

-In the season of cold and bring, may our spirit shine happy and bright.

-With the turning of the wheel of time, let us keep our patience and rejoice in the winter solstice.

-Have a blessed Yule and spend the day with happiness and joy. wishing you all a very happy winter solstice.

-From the days of cold and dark, wishing you all a world of light and warmth. Happy December Solstice.

-The only string that can bring back warmth is hope, so let us all hope for a better and brighter future on this winter solstice.

-When the darkness gives way to light, it is the new beginning of the winter solstice.

-On this coming year, may the joy and miracle of December solstice inspire you.

-With lots of smiles, wishing you all a very warm and happy December solstice.

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-If there is a moment as quiet as keen and memory as bring as light, one can find it only on a winter night. Happy Winter Solistice.

-May your path be illuminated with the light on this Winter solstice.

-Winter solstice is the time for reflection, a reflection to one’s dark self which we need to abandon and move towards a better future.

-When the beauty of the night is unspeakable through words, remember it is the time for the arrival of the winter Solstice.

-Happy Winter Solstice, for even the darkest night, ends with brighter sunlight.

-When the winter grips and the moon gets cold, it is the time for love and celebration as the winter solstice has arrived.

-Keep calm and love winter, for the solstice, has come to enjoy our life to the fullest.

-Solistice is the beginning of a new end, so let us all rejoice and drink to that.

-When the Winter Solstice arrives, remember it is the line that differentiates the darkness from light.

-When the winter arrives, all we need to is keep calm wait for the world to be bright again.

-With the arrival of the Winter Solstice, let us all come together for the planning of the next year.

-Let us all come together and enjoy to the world for the sun is just yet to arrive after the Winter Solstice.

-On this Winter Solstice, let us all welcome our Lord who brings us the light and joy for the new world.

-When the cold winter comes, let us light the fires and greet the sun, our lady and our Lord on this Winter Solstice.

-When the snowflakes fall, and the pine trees sing, remember it is the time of Winter Solstice waiting for our greetings.

-Let us cherish the renewal and rebirth, and bow before our mother Earth, on the Winter Solstice of this year.

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