Deskfast Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

National Deskfast Day is officially a day that we think should come around more often! Put 12th April in your diary. Desk fast combines ‘desk’ and ‘breakfast’ that means breakfast at work. The special day is a way to celebrate all hardworking individuals who frequently skip breakfast and swop it with working!

Deskfast Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

National Deskfast Day- Messages

− Find your inspiration for today by making some of your favorite recipes for breakfast this “National Deskfast Day.”

− “Happy Deskfast Day,” guys. Be kind, be fair, be honest, be sincere, and all this will come back to you in return! Have an excellent April.

− Happy “National Deskfast Day”! Celebrate National Deskfast Day by having breakfast at your desk and save a few of your valuable time this April.

− As it’s “National Deskfast Day”! Pack your breakfast, take it to work. Dig it before you start your all-important task of the day.

− Today is “National Deskfast Day”! celebrate the fun-loving auspicious occasion with breakfast muffins at your desk.

− Enjoy a Snack fest at your desk with a homemade ‘breakkie’ box on “National Deskfast Day”! Complete it with a freshly brewed black filter coffee.

− Get excited and get your Deskfast meal ready!! Wishing you guys a lovely and tasty “National Deskfast Day.”

− Get ready for some severe Deskfast eating! Best wishes on this “National Deskfast Day” to you and your darlings of life.

National Deskfast Day- Greetings

− Hope everyone enjoys “National Deskfast Day” with amazing deskfasts on their desk with their colleagues.

− Enjoy feeding the crew at your office. I spent a great day meeting, feeding, and visiting the commuters and offices this “National Deskfast Day.”

− Don’t skip breakfast; today is “National Deskfast Day,” and see your colleagues and office helpers and guards. Share a valuable present of time, happiness, laughter, and take your breakfast to work upon them. 

− It’s here! “National Deskfast Day.” Split your breakfast bites today with your best.

− The countdown is on !! Keep an eye out. Please get involved and give yourself a pat on the back this April by taking breakfast into work and enjoying it at your desk.

− For all the workaholics that can’t catch a meal away from your desk, this day is with you. Share a six-pack meal with your buddies. Have a gala time with a most awaited meal this “National Deskfast Day.”

− May your desk is full of success, prosperity, love, and happiness.

− May you weave more success with your besties with your favorite meals in breakfast. I hope you have the best of the best “National Deskfast Day.”

− May you be offered at the busy and buzzy mornings with delicious and aesthetically pleasing food in classics and a great cup of espresso.

− May you start every day at its best with a memorable full of tiffin box. Yeah, this is nothing but April 12th  to celebrate “National Deskfast Day.”

National Deskfast Day quotes

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”
― John le Carré

“I have always been a anti-establishment artist. I once believed, and still do to some extent, that one could get a better education in a forest rather than a desk.”
― Casey Carter

“Proofs of the week’s paper were spread out on what I grandly called my desk. This was a rickety wooden table against the side wall outside the Editor’s office.”
― Catherine Marshall

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