Distaff day : 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Distaff Day, which is also called Roc Day, is celebrated on 7 January every year, after the feast of the Epiphany. This day is also known as Saint Distaff’s Day. This is one of the many unofficial holidays in Catholic nations. Many gatherings are held on this day. The distaff or the rock used in spinning was the symbol of women’s work. Women used to resume their household work after the Christmas holidays. Women used to spin the wheel in the evenings.

Men celebrate this day in their own way. They go back to their plowing work after the Christmas holidays. Men and women play pranks on each other during this celebration. It has no connection with any saint. Spinning was the only means of turning the raw wool, cotton or flax into a thread which is then used to weave into cloth.

Wish your near and dear ones with the following greetings and quotes on Distaff day to make their day bright.

-This is the traditional day for the spinner to return to their work after the Christmas holidays. Happy Distaff day.

-Plan and sit by warm fire and spin your heart! Happy distaff day!

-No prizes, no surprises, but fun spinning after Christmas holidays! It’s Distaff day.

-Work on your demo examples both on the wheel and a drop spindle. Happy Distaff Day.

-Today I’m going to gift a cloth to someone woven by me. Happy Distaff Day.

-On Distaff day spin turned shawlette for my family.

-Spin your wheel to celebrate the Distaff day.

-Join me to spin the wheel on Distaff day. Resume your work with cheer.

– I wish my hand spinning friends a happy distaff day.

– There is no great way to capture a spindle on Distaff day. Appreciating the spindle spun. Enjoy spinning your wheel today.

– Good friends, old friends, all together spinning wheel today. Happy Distaff day!

– Give a spinning demo on Distaff day. Let the spring come into our families now and always.

– Spinny, spinny day today! Wishing all to have a great distaff day.

– Like a spinning wheel, my memories run back to my childhood. I cherish those Distaff day moments.

– Spinning a wheel means replacing the bad spirit with the spirit of service.

– The Spinning wheel is the foundation of community service. Happy Distaff day.

– Life is like a spinning wheel, it always comes around to where you started.

– Modern inventions might have banished the spinning wheel, but not the service, not the heart! Happy Distaff Day.

– I spin my wheel for it is the dignity of labor. Happy distaff day.

– Work smarter and harder with spinning wheel to get an amazing quality thread. Distaff Day.

– Today is Distaff day, I am done with my spinning work and the time is to spend with family.

– We salute the spinners on St. Distaff Day.

– Take part in Distaff day with your spin wheel and fiber.

– Today is the best day to start spinning your wheel. Make a new wish. Happy Distaff day.

– Return to your work with a  cheerful mind after celebrating Christmas. Happy Distaff Day.

– Love your spinning wheel as it gives you the daily bread. Happy Distaff day.

– Happy Distaff day to all my fellow fiber lovers. The day marks the end of the lazy winter evenings and we are back on our spinning wheels.

– May you new year be filled with success in your career as you start your working days from today. Happy Distaff day.

– On this Distaff day, I wish, may your fiber be plentiful, may your yarn weave the finest clothes.

– The day is the testament to the importance of spinning in people’s lives! Happy working hours. Distaff day.

– Remembering the sacrifices of homemakers who have less time for themselves. Happy Distaff day!

– Today is the time to sit at the cozy and warm corner of your home and spin your wheels. Happy Distaff day.

– See the colors of your yarn and how they are blended together. Happy Distaff day.

– Share your holiday with someone who wants to learn to spin. Enjoy each others company. Happy distaff day.

– Let your itchy fingers satisfy themselves by spinning the wheel because it’s the distaff day.

– Women started to spin again after Christmas vacation. Hats off to the feminine craft. Happy distaff day.

– Happy Distaff day! Let’s return to the work and spin our wheels for new things this year.

– Weave your relationships in a blessed thread and make your life Godly.Happy Distaff day.

– Gift a fiber as to receive a great gift from God. Distaff day.

– My weaving is in full swing today, after 12 days of Christmas. Enjoying my work. Marking Distaff day.

– Today I started again after Christmas holidays and prepared a lovely Fiber and I’m feeling happy. Distaff day.

– Celebrated this day with my knitting group and prepared many things. Spinning the wheel is so Joy.

– I sewed one beautiful dress and now heading to celebrate Roc day.

– Relax with the all-new fiber. Enthusiastic about the old tradition of Distaff day.

– Super excited to celebrate this Distaff day with my spinning wheel and colorful threads.

– Let’s celebrate the Distaff day. Bring your knitting or spinning and join the fun.

– I love the distaff day because this tradition is so meaningful.

– Make fiber arts popular all over the world. The awareness goes viral on Distaff day.

– In honor of Distaff day, let’s incorporate new designs in the fiber world. Be active and spin the wheel.

– To all fiber loving friends there, I wish you all a happy Distaff day. May your career flourish and get you going all year through.