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Exposure to sun-rays for an extended period can be very harmful to our skin, especially when unprotected. Sunlight comprises Ultraviolet rays, which is known to cause skin cancer in human beings, and the last decade has seen quite a steep rise in skin cancer cases. 

Don’t Fry Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Don’t Fry Day Messages 

– Don’t Fry Day is observed every year on the Friday before Memorial Day.

– Don’t Fry Day is practically observed to raise awareness of this deadly type of cancer, resulting from overexposure to direct sunlight.

– Ultraviolet rays can damage our skin when we spend a long duration under the sun.

– It is always recommended to put on sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

– It’s also essential to select a good quality sun protector from the market as the market is flooded with counterfeit products.

– For starters, one should select a sunscreen of 30 SPF or above, use an umbrella, wear full sleeves and sunglasses.

– Don’t Fry Day came to be celebrated when the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention decided to spread educational awareness on Skin Cancer.

Many people don’t take wearing sunscreen seriously; it’s high time that this needs to change. In the end, an authentic sunscreen can be the difference.

– Skin Cancer, when diagnosed early, can be cured. So, it becomes quite essential for a human being to do regular body check-ups.

-It is high time to spread awareness among people, and what better day to do that than Don’t Fry Day!

– The typical skin cancer symptoms are abnormal growth on the skin, but there are a few categories of skin cancer such as Basal cell cancer, Melanoma, and Squamous cell carcinoma.

– It is essential to educate people on skin cancer and get them to use protection as sunscreens, umbrellas, hats, etc.

– Also, it becomes equally essential to keep oneself healthy; eating green leafy vegetables, fruits rich in vitamin C, and being hydrated boosts skin health.

– People shouldn’t take skin health for granted. If any complications arise, they should immediately visit their doctor.

– Skin Cancer can be defeated, but one should take proper care and follow preventive measures.

Don’t Fry Day Greetings

– Remember to put on sunscreen before you venture out in the sun! Wishing you a safe Don’t Fry Day!

– Never take sunscreens for granted! Wishing you a Healthy Don’t Fry Day!

– Enjoy the sun but with care and a little bit of sunscreen! A safe, disease-free Don’t Fry Day to you!

– May you always remain this fit and healthy! Wishing you a happy Don’t Fry Day!

-On this day, be sure to stay away from the harmful sunrays and keep yourself safe from tan lines.

– Take care of your health and your family’s health! A blooming Don’t Fry Day to you!

Don’t Fry Day quotes

“How do I like to spend my day off? I like to hit up the juice bar, the bookstore, tan, and then flirt with the pharmacy tech at Walmart.”
― Crystal Woods

“Sun, you hammer of yellow, you hat on fire, you honeysuckle mama, pour your blonde on me! 

― Anne Sexton

“When the tidal waves wildly behaving, My bare feet on the shore busy saving, The calm warmth leaking out of the sand, To let my heart feel peacefully tanned!”
― Munia Khan

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