Gorilla Suit Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Every year, Gorilla Suit Day is marked and organized on the 31st of January, month by all the people of the world. The day is mainly for the comic lovers to dress up in a gorilla suit. The day is not for assaulting but for celebrating uniquely.

Gorilla Suit Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Gorilla Suit Day – greetings

Happy Gorilla Suit Day to each and everyone; we should dress up in a gorilla suit on this day. After dressing as such, we should also act as such, pretending well.

A Very Happy Gorilla Suit Day to those who love to dress up in gorilla suit and is superior to the events of celebration, accepts it in open arms, and is proud to celebrate it.

– A Very Happy Gorilla Suit Day to the public who are still not much aware of this day and its events of celebration; on this day, we should learn measures of celebrating this great day.

– Happy Gorilla Suit Day to the ones who love comic costumes and also likes to celebrate a part of Halloween. Feel proud to be a participant in this great day.

– Warm wishes to our own selves – A Very Happy Gorilla Suit Day. On occasion, at first, we should try to wish every one of our contacts and give them a reminder regarding this day.

– We should then dress up in gorilla suit to encourage the ones dressed in gorilla suits to entertain us at every comic event and wish – Happy Gorilla Suit Day.

– A Very Happy Gorilla Suit Day to our family members. Ask them how they want to celebrate the day and all together try to plan out something extraordinary on this occasion.

– A Very Happy Gorilla Suit Day to our dear friends, their family members, and our neighbors or also to whomsoever it may concern. The motto of the day is to spread joy and positiveness all around.

Gorilla Suit Day – messages

– The Gorilla Suit Day was first made by Don Martin, who is a famous artist of Mad Magazine. He was popped up with the idea in his mind in the year 1963.

– He tried to come up with respect for the gorilla suit and people wearing it. Hence, he provided with the excellent innovative idea of celebrating National Gorilla Suit Day.

– He tried to demonstrate an illusionary story in which gorillas attacked the comic’s character because the character had mocked the National Gorilla Suit Day.

– The fans of the day, the people wearing a gorilla suit, and Don Martin started celebrating the National Gorilla Suit Day from then, and then slowly, many other people joined the day.

– The gorilla suit had considerable popularity among all the fans; if we see it, then it is found, the gorilla suit is a famous Halloween suit and also a renowned party costume to many people.

– Now, on the occasion of the National Gorilla Suit Day, many other types of costumes are also available so that it can attract more people to celebrate this day and make it great.

Gorilla Suit Day quotes

“But since then you’ve acted like I was a gorilla at your buffet.” “A…what?” “Gorilla at your buffet. You know… eating all your food? Making you annoyed? That kind of thing?”
― Brandon Sanderson

“A gorilla does not budge from a banana thrown at it by a monkey.”
― Suzy Kassem

“That was the one thing he knew for certain above all else, this female was his. He knew it the moment he saw her tumble into his territory.”
― Katie Cody

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