National High-five Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The third Thursday of April each year is celebrated as Happy High-five day. A high-five day is a fun day for every person. As many celebrate High-five days, a few know why it is celebrated. It is a celebration of the life of cancer patients all over the world.

National High-five Day :- Greetings 

– Let’s high-five to everyone you meet, and don’t forget to tell them they are lovely.

-Roses are red; the sky is blue—happy High-five Day to all of you.

-Together, we can accomplish anything, together we can stay happy. Together we can fight with this disease too. Have a tremendous High-five day, my cancer friends.

-High-five to my dear father, high-five, to my loving mother, high-five, to my cute sister. You are the true blessing of my life.

– May you shine bright enough, may you achieve all the things. A High-five to the most important friend of my life, you are worth than every other thing.

-Let’s celebrated the life of every cancer patient who has survived and lived every day with this dangerous disease. You all deserve nothing but happiness in your life.

-Live your life to the fullest. Love everyone you meet, laugh in every moment that experience has given to you. Let’s high-five.

-Happy High-five day to my friend, don’t worry, I’ll not slap you this year. 

-It just needs a smile and a high five to make someone your friend.

-Happy National High-five day to all cancer patients, you are doing great, and let’s stay positive together. 

-One two high, three-four Five. Let’s high-five and dance all night.

National High-five Day:- Messages

-Tell your children or smaller brother or sister about the actual reason for High-five days. 

-This day is not celebrated just for fun or giving High-fives; this day got some unique values. It is a tribute to all the cancer patients all over the world.

-Let the youngsters and kids know how cancer is caused and how it is a dangerous disease.

-Generally, people discriminate and don’t go near someone who is suffering from this disease. Let them know that cancer is not an infectious disease.

-Let’s spread happiness and joy by giving high-fives all around our complex, to make everyone’s day a better one.

– We are all born the same, so there’s no point in discriminating. Let’s spread happiness by giving high-fives.

-National high-five day was initially planned to spread awareness among people about cancer’s dangerous and incurable disease.

-Kids generally plays and are the one who is most excited this day. Sometimes while playing, they high-five on the other child’s face, which might end up in some fight, and they can hurt each other.

-Try to go to a government hospital that is primarily dedicated to cancer patients and spend some time with them. They will feel good. 

-Donation in the NGO’s, which are primarily devoted to cancer patients, will be good work for society. 

– If you are someone or may know someone who wants to do or interested in doing such noble work, try to send this message to them.

National High-five Day quotes

“I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head I saw myself Thinking“- Stephanie Plum High Five”
― Janet Evanovich

“Breathe when you strive, Breathe when to your success, you give a high-five, Breathe because you are still alive!”
― Somya Kedia

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