How to Celebrate Christmas: 51+ Proven Ways

Bells! Christmas tree and lights all around us, Are you ready for this Christmas? The season of joy is just around the corner.

There are many ways to celebrate and feel the warmth of the fest. But, do you want to celebrate it, creatively? Here we present 100 different ways to cheer on Christmas.

How to Celebrate Christmas

Decorate your home with fairy lights. Nothing makes the Christmas vibe come to life than fairy lights.

Distribute gifts, candies, or dry fruits to your loved ones. The Christmas spirit is all about spreading love, and what better way to spread love than gifts and candies.

Buy a Christmas tree & cover it with lights, bells, stars, and much more. Is it even a Christmas without a Christmas tree that you didn’t decorate yourself?

Send Christmas greetings to friends or relatives. Send love to people that you care about through cards, letters, and presents—anything to remind them about what they mean to you.

Participate in carol activities. The Christmas Carols in every street are my favorite kind of music in December.

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Held a Christmas party at home & Invite friends or guests. Nobody says no to a Christmas party, and it’s a party only if you have your friends around.

Hang out with friends at your favorite spot. Your favorite spot that you go to almost every day will feel different during Christmas, will feel special.

Explore departmental stores or markets for shopping. Even if you go grocery shopping for Christmas, it still counts as Christmas shopping.

Cook a mouthwatering meal at home. Nothing beats better than the Christmas Turkey, a hefty, homely, wholesome Christmas meal.

Create a snowman. A snowman during Christmas is a must. Who doesn’t like Olaf? Don’t forget the carrot and the snowball fight.

Bake Christmas cake at home and cut it with family. The cake baked at home always tastes much better with family—wholesome goodness made with a lot of love.

Spend time with homeless people. The Christmas feeling is all about spreading love and doing good things. What better way to do that than making someone’s Christmas a little bit better.

Distribute the Bible to neighbors or people. No good deed goes unnoticed, and distributing the Bible is a very noble deed.

Go on skating. Try exciting things like skating or even going for a walk when it is snowing. Embrace the winter.

Watch your favorite movie. There are numerous Christmas classics like Love actually, How the Grinch stole the Christmas, or maybe even the Christmas Carol to be seen with the entire family during this festive season. They never get old.

Feed the street animals. They might not have a voice, but they do have feelings. Make them feel warm this Christmas with whatever you can spare. Who doesn’t like a Christmas treat?

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Make a Christmas resolution. Set a resolution for yourself that you will follow till next Christmas without fail.

Write your thankful list. Note down the things that make you feel grateful, it could be the smallest of things, and it could be the things that we don’t even notice. Be thankful.

Create the snow house with your hand. The snow is your blank canvas, and you enjoy complete creative freedom, get started, and sweep everyone off their feet.

Play cards or fun games. Christmas is all about spending time with your family. Enjoy a meal together, play some board games or cards while laughing and talking to each other, feeling warm and happy, what more could anybody need.

Enjoy a festive picnic in your living room. The Christmas vibe itself is alone to get you in the picnic mood, and what better place for a picnic than you’re living room since you can’t go out.

Be a secret Santa and distribute food to homeless kids. Be a Santa for people who need him. When you bring a smile to a child’s face, you make Santa happy.

Organize a kid house party at home. Kids make everything come to life, and it’s Christmas after all, so the more, the merrier. Throw for them a party that makes their Christmas happier.

Enjoy dinner with family. Enjoying a good old family dinner on Christmas is a part of the Christmas tradition and forms the true essence of a Christmas well spent.

Conduct a fun event in your locality. For people who don’t have a family on Christmas, they’ll have this event to make them feel at home.

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Held a DIY competition. Getting creative during Christmas is not a hard task to do, and doing it yourself makes things even better.

Meet your childhood friend. Make new memories while reminiscing the old ones. Meeting a childhood friend on Christmas is like a crosser between Blast to the past and A Christmas Carol.

Buy your favorite book and read it. Just a cozy night, curled up in a warm blanket, with a cup of hot chocolate or maybe eggnog with your favorite book in hand. Sounds terrific.  

Enjoy a live music concert. Music brings people together no matter what day of the year it is. Experience a concert on a Christmas evening to know how it feels.

Go for a make-over at a local salon. Before it is the New Year, start your Christmas by pampering yourself with a new look.

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Make a Christmas video montage of your family. Bring tons of memories back in the video and have everyone feeling more emotional than they already are.

Ask your best friends to record or write something special for each other. 

Have a dance together. A Christmas dance is something you remember for the rest of your life, especially if you already have a partner.

Conduct a virtual Christmas party on Zoom. A Christmas party is a Christmas party even if people can’t make it physically. Their presence is all that counts.

Enjoy a movie with friends at home. Even better is to go for a movie marathon with your friends with unlimited supplies of snacks and blankets.

Go on a long drive with a lover. The air at Christmas makes you happy; going on a long drive in that period with a special someone will have you filled with happiness and love.

Give a surprise Christmas gift to someone. Make someone happy by giving them a surprise gift. It does not need to be something extraordinary or too well thought. It is a surprise that makes them happy.

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Go on a bike ride or car ride. Going on a ride makes you realize how beautiful the world is, especially during Christmas. The lights, the snow, the decorations are a sight to see. You feel happy just to be alive.

Have a night beach party. A party at the beach is already a great idea in itself. A party at the beach at night is just another level of crazy, but crazy is just another word for fun.

Get a roadside picnic with a group of friends. A picnic is a picnic as long as you have your friends with you, be it a park or on the roadside.

Celebrate the whole day at church. The church always lights up more than usual at Christmas time. It is the best place to have a feast, meet wonderful people, and feel the Christmas spirit.

Design own e-card and send it to people on the list. Send beautiful cards for Christmas online.

Fix broken relationships and celebrate the day together. Mend the relations severed in the past and start afresh on this festive day. Bring people together and rejoice.

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Play your favorite sports. You might as well go out on this day and play the sport that makes you happy every day.

Give charity or be a helping hand for the needy. Donate what you can generously and bring happiness to people’s lives.

Conduct a group Christmas roadshow. Being creative doesn’t get better than getting your friends along and doing a stage show together by the road when everyone is out and feeling the festive mood.

Go for a Christmas photo-shoot. Make memories and capture them during a Christmas photoshoot. Dress in red and white and steal the show.

Dedicate Bible verses to each other. The bible verses should be spread as much as possible, and what better way to do it than this.

Prepare a Christmas scrapbook. Create a Christmas scrapbook or a slam book and bring all your memories in one book with loads of pictures and notes.

Plant a Christmas tree inside the garden. A Christmas tree stands out no matter where you place it. A garden would seem like a natural place for it.

Bring a pet at home. Adopt a pet on Christmas to give a new home to someone who deserves this and who would be happy for it.

Make delicious cookies—Bake at home, the cookies that you can enjoy along with your family. Explore your old hobbies.

Make a call to someone you have not contacted for a long. Reach out to people you were once very close with but are not anymore. Get in touch once again, and feel nostalgic about old bonds.

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Express love or share emotions with your friends. Do not hold yourself back from expressing what you feel to your loved ones. Let them know how happy you are to be with them and how blessed you feel.

Write a letter to yourself. Write yourself a motivating letter to appreciate what you have accomplished all these years and appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices.

Give a treat or gift yourself. Gift yourself something that you had wanted for a long time but were unable to get until then. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Pray for each other. Pray for people you hold close to yourself and wish them well.

Visit your relatives or grandparents and share a bond of love with each other. 

Order woolly socks. Woolen socks not only make you feel warm and cozy but mark the arrival of the Christmas season, especially if they are red. 

Tell your emotions to someone you love. Be very expressive of your emotions and vocalize them whenever you feel like it. 

Spend time around a fire with friends. Light up a fire, gather a few friends, bring in a few snacks, and you are ready for the night of your life. Just a million things to talk about.

Spend a day in pajama and read Christmas stories. Leave the baby life once again, Put on your pajamas and spend the day in bed reading stories and having your favorite snacks.

Have pillow fights with friends or lovers. The only fight that brings people closer and makes them happy.

Go on vacation. Going on a vacation might be a great idea if you wish to experience how people of different cultures celebrate Christmas.

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Explore a new place. Go on a journey exploring places you have always wanted to. Meet new people and make new memories.

Just do a random act of charity. Doing something good and selfless should not ask much out of you but should be done effortlessly.

Plan for next year. It is never too early to plan for Christmas. Why not start now?

Enjoy dancing alone in your room. Enjoy your lone time. Do the things that you enjoy, dance alone, blast the music, and just feel good about yourself.

Make a family portrait or collage. Get into a habit of making portraits or compiling collages of photos of the entire family.

Drive alone and explore the places in your neighbor’s areas. Get to know the people and the places around you a bit better.

Start a new beginning by setting a new goal. It is a good time to start afresh, set new targets, and start the year on a positive note.

Buy new clothes for yourself. Get all the festive gear you need, cozy pullovers, woolen socks, a Christmas hat, and anything that you like. Pamper yourself, go shopping.

Give yourself a new haircut. Getting yourself a new haircut to not only feel fresh and look good but also to give yourself a major confidence boost.

Visit the amusement park and take a ride there. Take your loved ones to an amusement park and have a blast with them.

Break yourself from the past by cutting irrelevant things. Detach yourself from things that are not relevant to you anymore, be close to what matters to you.

Tie the knot. If you have been looking for the perfect occasion to get engaged, you will probably never find a better day than Christmas. Take your shot. Think about celebrating an anniversary and Christmas on the same day.

Make a tattoo. Get inked to have a constant reminder of how blessed you are or to express yourself through it.

Go for a full body massage. Christmas is also a time for relaxation and to slow down your life. Go for a massage and relax, enjoy the moment.

Go on camping in the wood. Camping in the forest with your loved ones or beloved on Christmas day away from all the crowd may be a more peaceful option. 

Attend a gospel event night. Try to attend the Gospels as frequently as possible to stay connected.

Shift to a new place. Move into a place that makes you happier and puts you in the right spot for a new life.

Launch your book. It is also a great occasion for launching a book given that people would stay in reading.

Go for a random city tour. A city tour will take you through how people from everywhere go around celebrating Christmas in their way.

Take a ride on an air balloon. The lights and the view that you will see from a hot air balloon will surely make you float.

Take a more extended bath shower. Take a nice and long, warm bath to make you feel fresher than ever. Start your day the right way.

Spend a day in deep Meditation. Connect with yourself and the elements.

Start a new business—the best time to open up.

Enjoy a day on a cruise.  Go on a cruise to experience the wonders that nature holds for us.

Give a treat to friends with your salary or pocket money. Never a bad time to throw a treat for your friends just to see a smile on their faces.

Learn a new skill. Try something like origami to make your Christmas tree even more beautiful.

Spend the day with the puppy. Could it get any better? You and your pup.

Spend the evening at the beach alone by looking at waves. 

Fulfill your most desired wish. Do that one thing you have always wanted to do.

Start a new course. Start learning new things while you’re feeling motivated and good about yourself.

Go on a random tour of the city. Christmas makes everyday things special.

Draw something. Get the inner painter in you out to the canvas.

Dance in pajamas. Could it get any more comfortable than you in pajamas grooving to your favorite music?

Call your enemies and ask forgiveness. Makeup with people you don’t share a good bond with on this happy day.

Lit up the room, cut Christmas cake, and offer a thankful prayer. The perfect way to spend your Christmas start now.

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