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International human solidarity day is celebrated on the 20th of December. It is an initiative taken by the United Nations Assembly to raise a concern about world poverty. This day is celebrated to eradicate world problems like corruption, terrorism, hunger, and illiteracy and establish world peace and harmony.

International Human Solidarity Day: Messages

-On International Human Solidarity Day, we are needed to acknowledge our responsibility and commitments towards society as we, the people, are no one but the GOVERNMENT.

-People are encouraged to question and ask the government about its decision and plan to eradicate poverty and maintain harmony

-International human solidarity is all about unity in diversity. This day we should closely observe and learn how people from different races and castes live in harmony.

-Its a day to learn about new policies made by our government and spread awareness about it in our surrounding

-One should always be aware of all the new plans and schemes implemented by our government to make life better.

-Solidarity is defined as one of the essential tools in the Millennium Declaration context.

-It is one of the fundamental values of international relations in the 21st Century. It helps those underprivileged or unaware of government action and need to benefit from this.

-Adjacently, in the context of globalization and the threat of a growing population, bolstering international solidarity is essential.

-International human solidarity day is also a day to stand against increasing challenges on terrorism and corruption.

-International human solidarity day strengthens the international relations of the country.

-It is a day to remember that education and health are two primary concerns of the world. There should be enough facilities to make health and knowledge accessible to everyone.

-On 20th December, the general assembly decided to make this day worldwide famous, as this culture can help eradicate poverty and restore deep heritage and harmony worldwide.

-The organization relies on the spirit of solidarity as it helps decrease the concerns of world problems. It can be a bullet to poverty, hunger, health, and education.

-Human solidarity aims to combine world peace and unity and creates a stable Intra and interrelations with the country.

-In some parts of our world like Liberia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Burundi,Chad, South Sudan, Central Africa Republic, and Nigeria are the most poverty-affected counties compared to the population.

-In countries like this, the concept of solidarity is utmost importance. It drives out the problem from its root and provides a solution. 

-It’s high time these countries and the UN assembly together adopt this concept in these nations. Have a great day ahead.

-Not only poverty, hunger, and illiteracy are also two main components that contribute to the deployment of world development and decreased sustainable development.

-It’s high time to be united, stand together for each other, help and support our society, and raise your voice against violence. Life is short, so make your life a worthy one.

-It is not only 20th December, but each day should be celebrated as an international human solidarity day as an active citizen.

International Human Solidarity Day: Greetings

-Happy international human solidarity day, everyone!!! Have a great day ahead.

-On 20th of December, organize a small campaign, call upon all your friends, discuss politics and international relations, and think of some ideas you can use to eradicate this problem.

-This day raises questions through your locality or use social platforms to ask your doubts to the fundings or the authorities. Show your concern—tweet about it.

-This day debate on the concerns of the fundamentals of solidarity to raise sustainable development and create awareness regarding the solution and campaigns of government to eradicate poverty.

-On this day, you can encourage the local worker’s small steps or activists to combat slums and below poverty line problems. Wishing a happy International Human Solidarity Day.

-You can be fortunate enough to live a basic life where you have 3meals a day and a house to dwell in, but you should take this day and think about those who might not have a roof above their head and food to thrive their hunger.

-Please be helpful to your surroundings, be the right person not only from your heart but by your deeds. Take this day as an opportunity to donate to some of our capitals who are in need.

-There are so many international concerns that you are probably unaware of!! But you, as a responsible citizen, can contribute to what you know. Have a great International Human Solidarity Day.

-You can give free tuition to those special kids who find it difficult to afford school. This way, you probably can make someone’s life better and contribute to the welfare of your nation. Wishing a very happy International Human Solidarity Day.

-You can also cook your favorite dish in a large quantity and can distribute it to them. Or you can donate your clothes which you probably don’t use now. But always keep in mind that They are Humans and should not give anything to them to make them feel sad.

-Solidarity is a universal language that everyone needs to learn. People who are compassionate and kind do a lot of their nation. And now it’s your time to show some respect for the world.

-Reach to people or join like-minded people who are open to help. Visit your local slums, and then you realize where the problem is!! Wishing happy International Human Solidarity Day.

-Don’t forget to make use of your social handle, may it be installed, FB, or twitter. Write your concern and share it worldwide with a #international solidarity day.

International Human Solidarity Day:-Quotes

-We’ve got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity.

― Fred Hampton

-There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.     

-Jose Manuel Barroso

-The most important word in the language of the working class is “solidarity.”      

-Harry Bridges

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