Human Trafficking Awareness day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

National human trafficking awareness day is celebrated on January 11th every year. The U.S. Senate had passed this day as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day in 2007.

Later on January 4th, 2010, President Obama issued a proclamation naming January as the Human trafficking prevention month. This day the hopes of raising awareness to combat human trafficking.

The heinous crime is continuing wildly and grown to an alarming rate even when the world has put efforts against trafficking.

The day is put on to create awareness among Americans against human trafficking, which is a fact and is not recognized by many US citizens. According to a survey conducted, it is estimated that more than 20 million men, women, and children around the world are victims of human trafficking.  

The day is specially dedicated to creating awareness of sexual slavery and human trafficking worldwide. The effective way to combat the situation is to educate people about the signs of trafficking and to show how to deal with such incidents.

If you want to become a part of this awareness day and want to create awareness through social media or any other such media, here are some good ideas to raise your voice through greetings and quotes.

Human Trafficking Awareness day Messages, Quotes

– People are victims of human trafficking every day. Always pay attention to your surroundings.

– Most of the children are coming to USA without parents, accompanied by strangers hoping to pose as families. Be aware of such things.

– Reach out to ask how we can contribute to the fight against human trafficking and violence against women & children.

– Exchange your views with people about human trafficking and modern slavery. Concern on National human trafficking awareness day.

– Learn to combat human trafficking and assist human trafficking victims.

– On Human Trafficking awareness day we urge not to remove our freedom to express ourselves freely with regards to inward immigration into the US.

– We are expressing the importance of the awareness which we wish to explore with people regarding human trafficking.

– To all the people trying to make sex work illegal on the basis of human trafficking, we are here to fight against it.

– Proud to be the part of a powerful voice against human trafficking. Awareness is a must. National human trafficking awareness day.

– The women are considered to be Possible Human Trafficking Victims. Be aware of all the incidents happening around you.

– Most of the countries in the world are cracking down on Human Trafficking. Create awareness.

– Great to see myself involved in working to support human trafficking victims across the United States. Learn how to combat modern slavery & human trafficking.

– No surprise that yesterday’s cheerleaders are endorsed the occupation of human trafficking and many other crimes since no awareness has been created!

– Human trafficking is not someone else’s problem but it is happening in our backyard.

– Almost all the countries in the world are affected by Human Trafficking. Protective laws must in place and consistently enforced to end Human Trafficking.

– I’m promoting the excellent work to combat human trafficking and exploitation of indigenous girls and boys. Every little act matters!

– I’m supporting the shops by rescued survivors of human trafficking. Do you?

– Try to expose sex-abuse activities and create awareness. National human trafficking awareness day.

– Sex was just a way to make money she thought, but she didn’t know she would become a victim of human trafficking.

– Bring humanity and empathy. Be a purposeful man. Create awareness on human trafficking.

– I’m pleased to work with a group to make sure human trafficking, the real risk is on the radar. Migration schemes must not facilitate human trafficking but ensure all workers have rights and safety protected.

– New human trafficking cases are reporting from all over the world every now and then. Help women from forced prostitution and bring down a human trafficking ring.

–  Meet a human trafficking survivor and let them explain how they found themselves in trafficking. Revealing their experience is creating awareness.

– Human trafficking victims can be of any age, gender, or nationality and may come from any social-economic group.

– Shares the victim’s personal story and know why it’s time for all to wake up to Human Trafficking.

– Let us give freedom, love, and safety back to human trafficking victims. National human trafficking day.

– I believe everyone deserves Freedom and a human trafficking victim too.    

– Law against Human Trafficking must see beyond the rehabilitation of survivors.

– Know that you are Strong, Brave and Smart. See what can you do to help end Human Trafficking.

– Human trafficking is happening everywhere, anytime,  and can happen with anyone, even you. So raise your voice against Human trafficking now!

– It is shocking to know that many human trafficking survivors have been trafficked by their spouses, family members, and even parents! Feeling sad.

– Human trafficking victims are found in almost all labor industries. Support them, love them.

– We are working in a group against human trafficking. We are thrilled to be working with it who shares our views in preventing the spread of modern slavery.

– Victim advocacy is an important part of caring for survivors of human trafficking. Share your thoughts and support the victims.

– Although human trafficking continues to steal women’s futures, the restoration of their potential is what our voices stand for human trafficking.

– Children are mostly used in trafficking exploitation by making them as a drug dealer or drug courier and paid for this to make them addicted and trapped in their group further.

– Use your creativity for justice and to end Human Trafficking. National human trafficking awareness day.

– The criminal justice system needs to correct action and oversight. National human trafficking awareness day.

– We can make an impact on human trafficking awareness day and together we are able to do. Protect human trafficking victims.

– We can avoid sexualizing children, together we can do a lot more thing to create awareness.

– Help stop human trafficking by creating awareness among people. National human trafficking awareness day.

-Labor trafficking occurs in developed as well as developing countries too.

-Human Trafficking is modern slavery and is happening right at your place. Create awareness before it spreads in your compound.

-Despite the awareness of the Modern Slavery Act and trafficking, no one wants to talk about trafficking for sexual exploitation.

-Many individuals are greatly misused of human trafficking and they lead to counterintuitive efforts.

-Make a big difference by contributing to a smaller anti-trafficking charity. Raise freedom!

-Remember we can help end Human Trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Spread the word and create awareness.

-Human Trafficking and slavery exist in every city around every corner, and it may exist right next to your door.

-Did you know that your donation can help the launch of a new service to support human trafficking survivors? Donate generously to the cause.

-Labor trafficking is a form of human trafficking and is happening across the country.

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