Juneteenth Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Juenteenth is regarded as the freedom and liberation day in the United States of America. The day is as valued as Fourth of July as it marks the freedom of slaves of the Texas area.

The African-Americans in the confederation were freed on the day and hence the day has great value in the history of the nation. It is celebrated on 19th of June every year. 

Here are some of the top wishes and quotes for the day that you can share on social media!

Juneteenth Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings 

_The celebration of abolition of slavery is one of the biggest steps in the history of the nation and hence it needs to be celebrated with great joy! Happy Juneteenth! 

_Juneteenth is not just a day it is an emotion for all those who have witnessed the cruelty of slavery and know how hard life had been during that period! 

_No one likes slavery but there was no way out for the Afro-Americans in the Texas as they didn’t know about the abolition of slavery. Finally then Juneteenth happened! 

_Can you imagine a life that was owed to others and you would be constantly used by others as their slaves? No, right ? Thanks to Juneteenth for happening! 

_It is not only about slavery but the basic rights of human beings that were rejected due to such practices. Juneteenth was a historical day when it comes to human rights! 

_Happy Juneteenth to one and all. This day calls for a huge celebration because it marks the triumph of humanity over everything else!

_The tears of those who had suffered the whims of slavery on the Juneteenth were that of happiness. Happy Juneteenth to everyone!   

_You can rule people’s hearts but not their lives and this is what Juneteenth day reminds us always. Freedom is basic!

_There is nothing much more precious and costly than freedom. Happy Juneteenth and Happy freedom! 

_Slavery was a curse to the society and now that it’s gone, let’s celebrate Juneteenth in a grand manner!

_On this Juneteenth let us all come together and take an oath that no matter what happens in life we won’t come in between a person and his/her freedom! 

_The essence of life is when it is enjoyed with a dash of freedom. Juneteenth will always be remembered as it freed hundreds and thousands of souls trapped in the net of slavery! 

_Celebrate freedom like never before on this Juneteenth because at the end of the day nothing matters more than a happy mind. 

_The sheer feeling of being confined under the rule of someone else is the worst feeling ever. Let’s celebrate Juneteenth and thank god that we are all free and happy! 

_It was all due to Abraham Lincoln that the Juneteenth is one of the most special holidays on the US holiday calendar! All hail the greatest president of all time. 

_It is one of those holidays which makes it obvious to celebrate due to the fact that freedom is a common emotion for all. Everyone has got a piece of it! Happy Juneteenth. 

_Living a life without any freedom is like not living at all! aLL THANKS TO THE GREAT Abraham Lincoln for knowing this and making freedom possible for one and all.

_Juneteenth is a forever special holiday for everyone because it brought about a new way of life- The way which allowed you to live life in your own way! 

_Had it not been Juneteenth, the world would have suffered so much more depression and sadness that no one can ever imagine! Freedom is INEVITABLE! 

_Let your inner self speak and you never know that can change the world! Happy Juneteenth to everyone. 

_On the day of Juneteenth, let us relive the glorious moment in history when we achieved freedom against all the odds! 

_Without much to speak, the Juneteenth is one of the most important days on the calendar. Happy homecoming to the feeling of freedom. 

_Keep your freedom and enjoy it but make sure that you do not interfere with anyone else’s freedom and life. Enjoy Juneteenth! 

_Freedom is the most amazing feeling on earth. The moment it hits, you are on your way to a great life ahead. 

_On this day, the slaves held in Texas were finally aware of the emancipation of proclamation and things were never the same for them ever again! Happiest Juneteenth to one and all. 

_The freedom you enjoy today was once denied to the slaves of Texas just because they were not communicated about the emancipation of proclamation. Juneteenth is when they got to know and finally started living on their own! 

_Without freedom life would be like a thirsty man on a sea. You can see water everywhere but drink nothing and eventually die deep within due to thirst (thirst of freedom). Wishing you Juneteenth remembrance.

_The shackles of slavery were blown away by the air of freedom when the news about freedom reached Texas. Happy Juneteenth to even those who stood against the idea! 

_The chains that held back men from each other was finally broken with the abolition of slavery. Juneteenth will forever be a milestone event in the history of the USA. 

_Keep calm and enjoy Juneteenth to the fullest today! 

_ Juneteenth marks the end of slavery and begining of a new era where men and women had the basic human rights and they could live life on their own terms. 

_On this Juneteenth, let us all come together and celebrate “humanity” because slavery was inhuman! 

_Thousands of people smiled for the first time when slavery was abolished! It is indeed a very HAPPY Juneteenth. 

_Tears of joy and a smile that reflects a sense of freedom, every face in Texas reflected these emotions on the day that we celebrate as the Juneteenth! 

_History of America is incomplete without the Juneteenth because We Americans believe in respecting freedom and the notion of it. 

_The happiest day is when you get to celebrate freedom. Let’s immerse ourselves in the joy of Juneteenth today. 

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