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International Kite Day is celebrated every year on 14th January. This day is celebrated by flying different colorful and beautifully designed kites in the sky. International Kite Day marks the gathering of people together and flying their pretty kites in the sky. 

International Kite Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

International Kite Day Messages

– Kites are simple flying objects, but in contrast to its simple looks, it needs some serious skills to fly, and the International Kite Day witnesses incredible skills.

– The International Kite Day glorifies the pretty and beautiful kites flown by flocks of people together and enjoying their holiday.

– It is incredible to watch people enjoying their time away from their busy schedules and chores to come out and enjoy flying kites on International Kite Day.

– The International Kite Day welcomes the making of beautifully designed kites by people who enjoy flying and fluttering them in the sky.

– It is fantastic to see how colorful the sky becomes filled with various kinds of kites of different colors and textures, genuinely signifying International Kite Day.

– The place of origin of the International Kite Day in the state of Gujarat, India.

-The festival makes itself ready way before the festival and manufactures tons of kites for people coming in numbers to attend this festival.

-This festival originated in Gujarat, India, and this is the perfect place to attend this vast and important holiday.

– The International Kite Day is no ordinary holiday in the State of Gujarat, this festival attracts visitors in huge numbers to attend the grand celebration of Kites.

– Flying the kites and competition among people to fly the kites is another fascinating feature of International Kite Day, and breaking the wires of kites among these steals the show.

– According to the history of International Kite Day, it signifies the welcoming of the new harvest season and symbolizes the spirits of mythological gods waking up from their winter sleep.

– The International Kite Day is a day celebrated worldwide with an exhibition of unique and colorful designs of kites and events organized to fly them.

International Kite Day Greetings

– A delighted International Kite Day to all people of the country. May you all step out of your homes and fly your kites high up in the sky.

– Celebrate the International Kite Day together with your friends and family and enjoy the festival in full happiness and splendor.

– Greeting to all the people on the eve of International Kite Day, fly your pretty kites, and compete with your friends to fly your kites high.

– Wishing all the enthusiastic minds and children on the eve of International Kite Day, may you play with your kites and celebrate with fun and happiness.

– Celebration of the International Kite Day can be more memorable with a visit to the state of Gujarat.

– Let’s buy some kites and organize a kite flying competition in the neibourhood. Let’s celebrate the day in style.

– Best wishes today for a colorful and beautiful International Kite Day.

International Kite Day quotes

“The Kite Charm, For A Life Filled with High-Flying Fun, Play with the Wonder of A Child”
― Viola Shipman

“A Kite in the Wind – with Love , Truth and Honesty – weathered A Wilderness of Voices, Through the Darkness, With Love”
― Sandeep N. Tripathi

“When the wind is against you, like a kite, have your chord of faith rooted and you would fly highest ever.”
― Vikrmn

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