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The National Lager Day is marked on the 10th of cold December month. The day is to say hello to your favorite liquid refreshment, which is the lager – a beer. The day is recognized because everyone needs some refreshing drinks for killing their tiredness or boredom.

National Lager Day – greetings

– Happy National Lager Day to everyone all around us. Cheers to one of our favorite days to chill for the whole day long and as long as we want. Refreshing beer for the refreshment of our minds.

– The day helps our mind again come in the track of sensation, which it was losing due to much workload. Happy National Lager Day to our selves and to everyone we know around ourselves.

– Happy Lager Day again to our selves. We are always in much need of such cold refreshing beer. We all year wait a whole year long for this refreshing joy day to arrive and give us the ultimate solace.

– Happy Lager Day to my family members. We all are tired of our boring same all day long lifestyle. We wish you all Happy National Lager Day. Let us celebrate it all together, going to clubs for a cold lager.

– As we go to the clubs to sip cold refreshing lager, invite your friends to the clubs. Cheers to the drink. Please make a note and start to wish them Happy National Lager Day.

– The clubs try to serve us with the lager processed in a simple procedure. We should respect the dedication of the workers there and wish them Happy National Lager Day.

– Happy National Lager Day to whomsoever it concerns and to my mates whom I met socially. Let us all together know about the day and enjoy the fun, refreshing day to get adequate sleep and a peaceful mind.

National Lager Day – messages

– Aren’t you happy to hear about the National Lager Day? The answer is known to everyone, as it is the same for everyone. The answer is always yes. People wait long to enjoy this sunny day.

– The Lager is different from other beverages or other kinds of beers because it is processed in a cold procedure and known as the chilled flavor beer. Everyone’s most favorite of all time.

– The Lager is fermented in a different procedure; the yeast used in this process is called bottom-fermenting yeast. Hence, it makes everyone to prefer it over all other drinks.

– The Lager is enjoyed all season and is an all-season drink. Though it is a cold-processed drink, it is drunk in time and also during the winter times. The refreshing flavor is the main gain of the glass.

– If we look back in history, the lager was famous because, in ancient times, the discovery of refrigerator was pending but still the cold beer, that is, the lager was served to the beverage lovers.

– Then the lager started gaining mass attraction, and many companies decided to process it with several more flavors like dark or pale and give you the feel of summer at any time of the day and any time of the year.

– The National Lager Day is so famous, and hence it is celebrated by all. All love it for all its chilled flavor. Then what are we waiting for? Come, let us all together say cheers to the cold beer – lager.

National Lager Day quotes

A comforting acquaintance, hope, a contagious thing like spring, inebriating like lager. 

–Sylvia Ashton-Warner 

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