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Lard Day is celebrated annually worldwide on the Eight of December to showcase that lard is a far better option than butter, grease. Lard is an age-old fat used popularly and was under the misconception of being unhealthy. However, under the Healthy Fats Coalition auspices, it is considered nutritious and widely used in its American comestibles.

Lard Day – Messages

− Cooking in lard is excellent—no smoke, no oxidation products to cause inflammation.

− Lard is light, crackling{ if fried} and ultra-delicious.

− Consuming foods fried in vegetable oils is equivalent to smoking 25 coffin nails in terms of their poisonous carbonyl compound. Use a better option-LARD from this December.

− You’re not saving the economy by consuming fast food every bite, but bankrupting your fate own from healthcare price.

− Outdate the saturated fat from your diet chart this Lard day.

− Reduce the risk of cardiometabolic waste by restricting the use of vegetable fats. Make this Lard Day worthful by accompanying it in your diet this winter.

− It takes a year to regain gut flora from a single round of harsh antibiotics. Prevent yourself from illness by consuming soft white semisolid fat.

− Say goodbye to bad fats. Have a good run to move towards the healthier, tastier pig grunter.

− Put an extra shift and buy an extra gallon of your time this Christmas month to value the tub of lard.

− On the 8th of December, let’s take a big brick of lard from the icebox and toss it into the pan.

− Stuff your faces full of calories with your favorite taste buds this Lard Day.

− Enjoy using lard in your recipes with a little pinch of your favorite spices accompanied by your family.

-Please share it on social media by using hashtags and letting generality know the profits of lard in people’s diets.

Lard Day -Greetings

− May you fulfill the pig’s dream of becoming a Lard Greeting Card in the last month of the year. Happy Lard Day.

− Make your family feel loved, valued, and cared for. Celebrate with a traditional, authentic, pure lard dish and enjoy your folks.

− May you weave more goodness for your mates with your favorite dish of lard this National Lard Day

− May your platter is forever full of euphoria, health, and loads of love.

May every hominid could balance healthy and unhealthy cuisines as it is one of the essential lifelines.

− May we respect the food served on our platter with immense respect since it is a collection of much love, hard work accompanied in various stages. Best wishes on Lard Day

− It’s the hour to treat yourself and your tastebuds with your favorite kind of tallow dish as it is a National Lard Day

− Serve yourself and your dear ones a freshly garnished platter of lard, paired with a decadent drink, would be a perfect treat for this weekend.

− Add a dash of spices to your lives this Lard day with your buzzy buddies to grow healthy and fitter. I wish you a pleased and warm Lard Day.

Lard Day quotes

“I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
― Winston S. Churchill

He lifts her breasts, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this is no promise that he gets to keep them. A million things you can’t have will fit in a human hand.”
― Barbara Kingsolver

“Tom Friedman says China is so awesome they make kosher pigs.”
― Jonah Goldberg

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