Lei Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Lei Day is a part of the Hawaii state celebration. Here, May Day is recognized as the Lei Day, so it is marked on the 1st of May month every year. The day is selected as a national holiday to recognize the lei, which is an iconic symbol. Everyone dresses in aloha attire to mark this cultural day.

Lei Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Lei Day – greetings

– Happy Lei Day to everyone present not only on the island of Hawaii but also worldwide. The day is to blush and celebrate the whole day long with joy with love.

Happy Lei Day to all the island people who know how to mark this iconic day. They give their best to keep the day. Hence the celebration there is a charm to one’s own eyes.

– Happy Lei Day to the people who are not much aware of Lei Day. They should try learning about the day because it represents a ray of hope to everyone’s life and fills it with joy.

– Try being a part of this Lei Day. Warm greetings to our selves first. If possible, we can visit Hawaii’s island to mark the day as much possible similar to the cultural people.

– But if it is not possible, we do not need to panic. First of all, the primary step is to wish ourselves – Happy Lei Day. Then set out new measures of learning about the symbolic lei.

– Then, warm greetings to our family members – A Very Happy Lei Day. They should also know how to recognize this day as part of the Hawaiian culture and mark it.

– A Very Happy Lei Day to our dear friends, mates, and their family members. Plan a trip to Hawaii if possible to mark the day, or also you can join other cultural activities to keep the iconic symbol of the lei.

Lei Day – messages

– The Lei Day is marked as a legal holiday on the island of Hawaii; hence it is also celebrated as one of the most important days of the National Calendar.

– The Lei is a symbol for the people of Hawaii; they had used it now as an iconic symbol to mark their culture because the lei depicts a significant inner meaning.

– Lei symbolizes a ray of hope, love for all, joy in small moments, and farewell to the people. All these meanings mark the extreme level of chill, relaxing, and serene to the Hawaiians.

– Lei Day was first recognized in the year 1929, from then the event started, but the celebration was made from the year 1927. The history is longer to be described.

– As we all are interested in Lei Day’s history, we now must search and uplift our knowledge regarding all matters that involve Lei Day.

– The Lei Day is a cultural event which shows all the values of the Hawaiian. This is done so that the costs remain immortal generation after generation, without suffering any further loss of ethics.

Lei Day – quotes

“And out of nowhere, I think: So this is how it feels to stand at the edge of a canyon.”
― Ally Condie

“In the old days, when Hawaiians wanted to give a gift, they doesn’t have Safeway. Or any money. They had to take from nature what the gods gave them.”

― Clemence McLaren

“We do the work just to say, ‘I love you.’ No meaning when we buy a lei in the supermarket.”
― Clemence McLaren

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