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International level crossing awareness day has been observed on the 11th of June. The celebration of the day is with a motive to raise awareness about level crossing safety. It is organized to throw light on the danger and how to counter it by creating awareness and spreading it among people.

Level Crossing Awareness Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

International level crossing awareness day Greetings:

-Wishing a very Happy International level crossing awareness day to promote Safety and awareness for the cause.

– Every year, the ministry of Safety organizes massive campaigns throughout all 16 zonal railways using handbills, hosting drives, etc. 

-Apart from these, putting in the best use of technology, on International level crossing awareness day, the necessary awareness information is sent through SMS to almost all customers.

-Greetings won’t go less as “Level Crossing Safety Week” is a week-long event, and the last day is celebrated as the International level crossing awareness day.

-Follow the rules of STOP, LOOK, and PROCEED. Spread the messages to the greatest for your reach and call them up to spread till their spaces. That is how the chain is built.

-Warm greetings to everyone who is associate with level crossing awareness day.

-Join hands-on the excellent work with and add your special efforts to demonstrate and let people know how to adopt the safety measures at the dangerous level crossings.

-Appreciate the endeavors of South Western Railways, who have emerged as the first Railways to eliminate all the dangerous unmanned level crossing gates by the construction of ROBs and RUBs.

-Words are less to congratulate the ones who have helped to make this day a successful event.

-First understand and then make others understand the importance and requirement of the observance of such a noble day in and around the country’s corners.

International level crossing awareness day Messages:

-As the major role player on the issues, on this day, the railways are instructed to interact with media, briefing about the safety steps undertaken and employed by them at a level crossing. 

-Joint ambush checks are scheduled by the awareness program in association with local police at a level crossing.

-A various famous video titled “Ehsaas- Level Crossing” (which has been aired on Youtube) is usually played to let people know about the dangers popping out of the level crossing. 

-ILCAD is a joint commitment that was established in 2009 with ELCAD (European countries + Israel). They work relentlessly towards the prevention of accidents at road-rail interfaces.

-Since 2009, UIC has been taking charge to raise public awareness about the matter of concern by coordinating several events worldwide.

-This year in the 2020 conference, the core area of interest is the “Beware the Bubble” concept.

-This year, the committee will be highlighting how a person’s behavior affects how they use and interact with level crossing matters.

-According to a survey conducted by the Operational Lifesaver Inc. It was reported that a random person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States of America roughly every three hours.

-The organization Gatemen or Gatemitras are governing all level crossing gates on SWR presently.

International level crossing awareness day quotes

“You know what we call pedestrians in Morganville? Mobile bloodbanks.”
― Rachel Caine

… zebra crossings were rather like Bosnia’s “safe zones”: places where, if you die, you may simply die with the knowledge that your killer was in the wrong.”
― Lucy Wadham

“I’m a pedestrian, i walk under the sky and the magnetism of the stars that cohabit up there.”
― Alain Bremond-Torrent

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