Lucky Penny Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

National Lucky Penny Day is celebrated annually on May 23rd all over the world. Today is National Lucky Penny Day, which is made only for those who trust in karma and still discover penny as a promise of something better.

Lucky Penny Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

National Lucky Penny Day Greetings

– A very Happy National Lucky Penny Day! I hope you get a penny today. I wish you a lot of good luck and a bright future.

– Today, you can make some DIY products using the penny you found the entire year.

– Happy National Lucky Penny Day! I love these old superstitions! Just finding out a penny on the floor can make your day.

– I wish you a Happy National Lucky Penny Day! I have been picking up lucky coins and bills for 20 years. When this bag gets full, I dump it in a milk bottle. I have two full bottles so far. 

– Wish you a pleased Happy National Lucky Penny Day! Share with the world your thoughts regarding this day using hashtag #HappyNationalLuckyPennyDay

– Happiness comes to us by finding out pennies. I wish you a happy national lucky penny day!

– At the point when you are all over town, look on the ground for pennies. It might conceivably be your day of reckoning! A very Happy National Lucky Penny Day! 

– Some superstitions or beliefs involve pennies like: Don’t spend a penny that you find. Save it for luck! 

– Good fortune comes to you when you put a penny in your shoe; Throwing a penny over your left shoulder into water grants your wish. Happy Happy National Lucky Penny Day! 

– Wish you a pleased Happy National Lucky Penny Day! I hope you have your very own lucky penny and that good fortune is always in your favor!

– I want a great collection of music. Because music is something one lives for. I wish you a very Happy National Lucky Penny Day!

– You can make the day by going to a concert and enjoying the day. A very Happy National Lucky Penny Day! 

National Lucky Penny Day Messages

– You know what happiness is? Finding out penny under your shoes.

– Today is National lucky penny day! I feel fortunate I have Penny around. 

– What makes your world happiest person? Finding out pennies under your shoes.

– I love two things the most. First, my family, second, is a penny.

– I found out today was Lucky Penny day. I trust everybody had the option to locate some incredible penny things at this end of the week.

– Let us dedicate this day to those individuals whose hobbies are collecting pennies and keeping it on display. 

– Luck favors the individuals who accept they are fortunate. Do you have faith in karma? 

– See a penny, get it. The entire day you’ll have the best of luck. Perceive the number of pennies you can discover. It could be your day of reckoning!

National Lucky Penny Day quotes

“Holy swoon-gate!’ Elliot exclaims when I finally get to the end of my tale. ‘If that’s what Brooklyn boys are like I’m emigrating as soon as possible!”
― Zoe Sugg

“Penny rolled over, got to her feet, trying to get control of her scattered mind, but Quinn was behind her now and had his powerful arm around her neck.”

― Michael Grant

“Groat and penny are the smallest coins, worth the least, and what’s worse, they chose the names themselves.”
― George R.R. Martin

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