Lung Leavin’ Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Lung Leavin’ Day is celebrated annually on the 2nd of February. This day is celebrated to overcome your fears just like Heather Avon St James, who conquered her fear of leaving her family behind due to mesothelioma and underwent lung removal surgery and cured her life.

Lung Leavin’ Day Messages and Greetings

Lung Leavin’ Day -Messages

– Help yourself and your loved ones to conquer your fears by writing them on plates and then smashing the dishes in the bonfire this Lung Leaving’ Day.

– Let’s face the heart-rending fear and worries and move forward with kindness this Lung Leaving’ Day.

– On this Lung Leaving’ Day, try to minimize the list of your fears and make yourself kind and happy.

– Smash the fear written plates in fire and let yourself be a free and happy soul.

– Gather all your family and make them write their fears on a plate or paper and burn them in a bonfire to defeat fear.

– February 2nd is a great day to celebrate the victory over mesothelioma or cancer and move forward in life with happiness and kindness.

– Celebrate the colorful life and an incredible journey of yourselves this Lung Leaving’ Day.

– This “Lung Leaving Day” buy some valuable time for your favorite person, make them happy, and celebrate the present as it is the presence of life.

– Learn how to care for yourself this “Lung Leaving Day.” It is never about doing things more or doing it more challenging. It isn’t hard work. 

– It’s just about doing the right things in the right amount. Happy “Lung Leaving Day.”

– “Lung Leaving Day,” feels honored to be a part of this day with someone who has survived lung cancer.

– Be kind to someone, act from the heart instead of the mind. I wish you guys a very successful “Lung Leaving Day.”

– This “Lung Leaving Day” buy some valuable time for your favorite person, make them happy, celebrate the present as it is the presence of life.

Lung Leavin’ Day: Greetings

– Wishing you a lot of love and a grateful life ahead of this Lung Leavin’ Day.

– May you find the strength to write all your worries and concerns on the plate and smash them to reduce your fears on this Lung Leavin’ Day.

– Your small actions will have a significant effect on your life. So take action and reduce your fears. Happy Lung Leavin’ Day.

– Smash your deepest worries, insecurities, and fear on this Lung Leavin’ Day.

– Let’s spread awareness about cancer and the fear that engulfs you bit by bit worldwide. Happy Lung Leavin’ Day.

– May God listen to all the continued prayers and thoughts in the official fight of their life. 

– May God give them the strength to reverse things and make them ready as never before for the ultimate fight of their lives.

– Call the warriors in your prayer this “Lung Leaving Day,” Shower all your good vibes, positivity, and best wishes for their journey.

-May this day, all the friends and family lift the spirit and give the patient the strength to continue the fight when needed the most. Give all the warriors the boost that they need to be hopeful again.

– Give the body what it needs, and it does the rest. Try to look at things holistically and never do things that are a detriment to your goals. Happy “Lung Leaving Day.”

– Take all that it needs to be fit together because health is the ultimate fortune of life. Happy “Lung Leaving Day.”

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