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The Nail Day is marked and celebrated on the 5th of May month every year by all the people present worldwide. The day tries to recognize our nails, which are also vital parts of our body. The commemoration of the Nail Day is now done as a festive fashion day.

Nail Day – greetings

– Happy Nail Day to the self lovers who loves every part of their body. They love their nails, decorate it, and enjoy the day like all other days.

– As they are the ones who know about Nail Day, it is their responsibility to wish others – A Very Happy Nail Day. Greetings from the core of the heart.

– Happy Nail Day to the people who are not aware of this day and hence, never took care of their nails. 

– Celebrate this day by taking care of it, decorating it is by wearing fake nails.

– Appreciate the day by our self. Wish your self – A Very Happy Nail Day. Polish your nails, paint your nail, and appreciate your nails.

– Show your creativity in your nails by painting it. Create memories and store them in the pictures. Again wish yourself and others – A Very Happy Nail Day.

-Dedicating this day to all my friends who have kept long nails throughout their lifetime.

-Beautiful nails show the beauty of the person. I hope you’ll have a great day ahead.

– Warm wish your own family – Happy Nail Day. Try to share the knowledge of the day with them and create memories with them. Enjoy it artistically.

– Click pictures of the day and share it on social platforms. Wish everyone present in the world Happy Nail Day and tell others to celebrate the day along with you.

– Happy Nail Day to my friends, mates, and their family members. Let us celebrate the day and think about new ideas to mark this as a memorable day.

Nail Day – messages

– The facts about Nail Day are not known to every one of us, but as the day is recognized as such other days of the National Calendar, now it is our duty to know about it and enjoy it.

– The Nail Day was first organized by the UK company whose name is Elegant Touch. It is a recognized brand which provides people with wide varieties of nail paints.

– This company developed the nail art and is hence a trend to follow by the world’s women. It shares bring, and nude colors matched to your personality and look.

– The Elegant Company made it more comfortable for the women to save their time and have time for themselves to look beautiful and attractive only by their nails only, if possible.

– The Elegant Company was one of the famous companies to develop this thought. Time flew away, and other companies started to make their products in massive amounts.

– The participation of the great companies and the people made Nail Day similar to other important days. 

-Some involvement should be significant and extensive in number always. Spread joy and happiness all around.

Nail Day quotes

“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails. When a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.”
― Ian McEwan

“Every little thing about you can be a weapon, if you’re clever enough.”
― Courtney Summers

“Be a lady? Forget it. Ladies don’t last a day in the real word. No one’s a lady anymore. Why do you think we get our claws polished?”
― Crystal Woods

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