National Bobblehead Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

National Bobblehead Day is celebrated annually on January 7th that was developed by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. The first National Bobblehead Day was celebrated on January 7, 2015. Because Bobbleheads are awesome, the day is celebrated everywhere in the United State.

Bobblehead came into existence nearly 100 years ago. It is composed of a simple doll with a spring head, creating the signature bobble-head action. The first bobblehead toy was created in the mid -1800’s. This bobblehead came into sports in 1920. The next existence came into action in the 1960’s.

The craze of bobblehead had raised from then and the popularity is rising constantly. By collecting your favorite bobblehead, you can celebrate this day. There are many types of bobbleheads available and according to your taste, you can choose. On bobblehead day, you can take a new hobby and celebrate a new tradition.

If you are celebrating the day and wish to send greetings to your friends and family, here are few ideas to inspire you

-Great game with bobbleheads. Something fun with people you love and making you happy.

– One of my favorite bobbleheads is in my list this time. I’m enjoying the game of bobblehead game now. Wishing all a happy bobblehead day.

– Forever collectible bobbleheads! Enjoy the National Bobblehead day.

– Attending a baseball game today on the occasion of National Bobblehead day.

– It’s Bobblehead Day so to celebrate we are giving one bobblehead away to poor children! How meaningful celebration!

– In honor of Bobblehead Day, we’re giving away Trevor Story Bobblehead! Win it and be happy.

– I’m seeing a lot of Bobblehead Day wishes, but where is the one the people really want? Here I wish everyone happy Bobblehead day.

– My favorite is Trenton Thunder Bobblehead of all time. It’s time to chase more. Happy Bobblehead Day.

– Happy National Bobblehead Day to you all. Grab your bobblehead today and enjoy the game.

– Happy Bobblehead Day everyone. My bobblehead army says hello to you all.

– I’ve got a Ford Frick wing bobblehead! My Bobblehead Day is great and I wish the same to you all.

– It’s National Bobblehead Day. Let’s see your collection of bobbleheads!

– I try to keep my collection as random as humanly possible. National Bobblehead Day.

– Hello & Happy Bobblehead Day! Today is one of the top five US holidays.

– Today is National BobbleHead Day! Do you have a collection of bobbleheads to share? Share with friends and have fun!

– Today is Bobblehead Day! Celebrate it with your Bobblehead collection and don’t forget to play a game with me!

– It’s National Bobblehead Day. If you think we need an official bobblehead, nod your head!

– My bobblehead collection said ‘we are trending again today’! National BobbleHead Day.

– I woke up early and found the sweet bobblehead by my bedside! Enjoying my Bobblehead day with this new bobblehead.

– Miracles do happen. You can win an official Bobblehead! I can now die happy. Bobblehead Day.

– According to bobblehead day, get your day pumped with bobbleheads. Happy National bobblehead day.

– Heard it is Bobblehead Day, so why not! Probably the best wish you’ve ever seen by me! Enjoy bobblehead day.

– I would enjoy this day by watching the Blue Jays chop the Braves! National Bobblehead day.

– It’s Bobblehead Day! Never Forget the greatest bobble thing of all time, the Larry Craig “bobblefoot” by St. Paul in May, 2008.

– There is a day for everyone! And here it’s a day for Bobbleheads! National bobblehead day.

– In honor of National BobbleHead Day, Hanging out with bobbleheads in the Stadium!

– Surprise someone today with their favorite bobblehead. National bobblehead day.

– Everybody is excited about the game and I’m just sitting here and watching my favorite bobbleheads. Happy National bobblehead day.

– Happy National Bobblehead Day! We love the Statue of Liberty bobblehead, show us your favorite bobbleheads!

– Here’s what all the people are lining up for! National bobblehead day.

-Amusing ourselves with bobblehead game. Happy National bobblehead day.

-A gorgeous day here to cheer for giant bobbleheads. National bobblehead day.

-Baseball bobbleheads are popular and my wishes are getting popular through this too. National bobblehead day.

-I have a great bobblehead which is not for sale. Have fun with my bobblehead and with me. National bobblehead day.

-Beautiful day for a baseball match to watch. National Bobblehead day.

-Hope my bobbleheads play well today! Happy national bobblehead day.

-National bobblehead day. Not a bad day for losing a bobblehead for someone needy.

-Super come up! Trading extra can win me a cool bobblehead. National Bobblehead day.

-Got a surprise from Dad! The limited edition bobblehead. feeling happy on National bobblehead day.

-Welcome to baseball heaven and I wish everyone a great bobblehead day. Hope to enjoy the game.

-Having fun at work! Playing baseball with my bobblehead collection! Happy national bobblehead day.

-Rangers! My favorite bobbleheads. Wishing everyone a red ranger bobblehead day.

-Fun day today. Watching a game with my friends. Wishing you all a happy National bobblehead day.

-My redbird bobbleheads are sad today. They do not have any game to win. National Bobblehead day.

-Babies used to play with toys and now everyone! Happy national bobblehead day.

-My bobblehead doll is nodding head and saying happy national bobblehead day!

-Royal bobbleheads are expensive and I got one and it made my day! Happy National bobblehead day.

-Having a blast at bobblehead day celebrations. Happy national bobblehead day.

-My collection of bobbleheads might be small, but my wishes are big. Happy national bobblehead day.

-Winning a bobblehead on bobblehead day is great and the wish come true.

-Having fun on Bobblehead day. Had so much beer and I’m acting like a bobblehead now! What a fun!