Pie Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

National Pie day is observed on January 23rd every year. It is originated in the mid-1970s on Boulder’s birthday. In 1986, the Pie day was officially sponsored by American Pie Council.

We all love Pie, a sweet-savory filled with various flavored creams. You can fill your favorite sauce or gravy inside a Pie and celebrate the day.  The Pie was called ‘coffin’ in the beginning as it was a box-like dish.

A thick crust was made and the fillings were filled into it. Most of the Americans consume a pie as breakfast. The purpose depends on the fillings of the Pie.

On National Pie day, Americans prepare Pie with their favorite fillings and share among friends and family.  You can try a different Pie this day and share the recipe with friends.

If you are one among those people who celebrate this day, here we have some crazy, delicious greetings and quotes for you to wish everyone on National Pie Day.

Pie Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Splash some Pie onto your favorite person today, because it is National Pie Day.

Bite some Pie on this National Pie day. Wishing all a fun-filled Pie day!

My friends say I’m such a cutie pie. This is why they eat my head! Happy national pie day.

A fresh Pie is good after a great meal on National Pie Day.

It is National Pie day and I’m ready to share my favorite Pie with you all!

Knock yourself down with the food coma, because it is a National Pie day. Hope everybody is having a great day.

Happy National Pie Day. Serve someone today the delicious Pie and celebrate the holiday season.

Attention dear! Today is National Pie Day. What a great excuse to est a pie!

Swing to your favorite music and a favorite Pie. Happy National Pie Day.

A meal is not complete until you have a dessert. Today is National Pie Day. Have your favorite Pie as a dessert today.

Today you can satisfy your craving for something sweet because it is National Pie Day. Wishing everyone a happy National Pie Day.

I love Brazilian Chicken pie because it has the filling of tomato, sofrito base, and coconut milk with little spices added. Happy National Pie Day.

The January month is full of food fiesta! Today is National Pie Day. Enjoy your favorite Pie!

Check your health today, if it is okay, have a pie and if it is not okay, then also you can have a pie because it is National Pie Day! Everyone has an excuse!

It is National Pie Day. Celebrate this day with your friends at Bakery and Cafe.

Prepare a delicious pie during National Pie Day. Hope you will have a blast of cream filling!

Did anyone say it is a Pie day? I was waiting for it and I think every day should be Pie Day!

If you are not in a mood to today, have a Pie and be fresh because it is National Pie Day.

Have a free slice of your favorite Pie because I’m going to cook it for you!

I’m having double chocolate Pie today and making my day double sweeter.

A Pie a day, keeps a ‘bye’ away! Everyone wants to have the Pie which is yummy for the tummy!

Cold winter days are here and the perfect breakfast is a warm Pie. Happy National Pie Day!

Do not forget the Pie day because you do not want someone to remind you to have a Pie.

There are many chances to eat a Pie. Today it is not chance, but a right! National Pie Day!

Be sure to join your troop to celebrate the National Pie Day. Do not miss the chance to have a Pie.

The fantastic feeling after having that Pie crust, feeling human again!

Grab your piece of Pie on National Pie Day!

Stop by and take a break, have a Pie! Happy National Pie Day.

Surprise someone with a new Pie recipe today. National Pie Day!

We all have our favorite Pie. This new year, try something different. Happy National Pie Day!

Do not miss Pie Day, because you might have a chance to enjoy a selection of homemade delicious Pies!

A Pie is good to enjoy with a hot beverage. Enjoy the Pie Day!

You might have to take a quick drive to home today because a Pie is waiting for you on National Pie Day!

Treat the good people with those delicious Pies of your choice. It is National Pie Day.

Pop-up to the cold winter party with a Pie. National Pie Day.

They say life is short. So why don’t you have a dessert first? It is Pie Day today.

The coconut cream topping is yummy! I’m having a blast on Pie Day.

Today is National Pie Day. We kept pies before guys!

Yummiest day starts from a delicious Pie. Enjoy the National Pie Day.

Dedicated this day for all Pie lovers. Preparing some yummy Pies!

Do not forget the Pie this season. After your meal, have a slice of your favorite Pie especially today! National Pie Day.

Plan your Pie day for a new recipe and for new resolution for the new year. Happy Pie Day.

Today is Pie day. Do some hard work and bake a Pie. See the smile on the faces of family dears!

Bake some Pie and burn some calories. A perfect balanced way to celebrate the National Pie Day!

Preparing a Pie might be tough sometimes, but having a pie every day is easy. Enjoy the Pie day.

Having an apple pie totally equals having an apple. National Pie Day.

An American Pie is ready at the dinner table with some warm wine. Celebrate the National Pie Day!

Prepare a Pie today because it is National Pie Day. Save the American heritage, pass on the tradition.

When our loved one is near, every day is a Pie Day.

Honoring the National Pie Day! Sharing an amazing homemade Pie with friends!

Try an amazing gluten-free Pie for a great health benefit this year. National Pie Day.

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