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National Technology Day is celebrated across India on 11 May every year.  To commemorate this event, the day is celebrated. The first indigenous aircraft, “Hansa-3,” was test flown at Bangalore on 11 May 1998, and on the same day, India successfully performed the test firing of the Trishul missile.  

At that time, very few countries had nuclear power, and India had become one of those elite players and became the sixth country to join the nuclear club. Based on these tremendous achievements of the scientists and engineers, Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared 11 May as National Technology Day.

This day shows the importance of science in the day to day life. Also, motivates everyone to adopt a career in the science field. Technology Development Board (TDB) has instituted a National Award to commemorate this day.

This award is conferred on various individuals who successfully achieved in Indigenous Technology.

With all the techies on this technology day, inspire them to achieve more in the field of science with the following greetings and quotes for National technology day.

Technology day Messages

-Your view should be on the most transformative technology for social good.

– India is near to the future of science. Wishing everyone a happy technology day.

– India is a few steps away from the top-notch Global technology advancement in every field of science. Great day.

– Elemental knowledge is strongly needed to eliminate the dowry system. Create awareness of elemental knowledge. Happy National technology day.

– On National Technology Day we are saluting 20 years of Pokhran test.

– The initiative by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. An inspiration for youths to transform India through technology. National technology day.

– On National Technology Day, let’s salute our scientists for their services & achievements in the field of Science & Technology.

– Science & Technology for a Sustainable Future! Happy National technology day.

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– With every innovation, let’s celebrate the future of India. National Technology Day.

– Technology enables progress and knowledge. National Technology Day.

– Let us recognize the footstep India has taken to open a whole new world for us and widen our perspective on technology. National technology day.

– The large-scale innovations would lead us to take the raising challenges in the field of transportation, energy, water conservation, urbanization, etc. National technology day.

– On National technology day, India had carried out a series of nuclear bomb tests at the Pokhran firing range in the Thar desert of Rajasthan. Let’s salute the Nation.

– Today, remember those brilliant scientists and the people behind all the technology growth in India. National Technology Day.

– Saluting the courage, determination, sacrifice of all scientists, engineers, soldiers, and brave leadership of late AB Vajpayee Ji, late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the anniversary of Pokhran turning point in India’s scientific & technological progress. National Technology Day.

– On National Technology Day, we salute our scientists, technicians, and leaders for working tirelessly for India.

– The national technology day recognizes technological innovations & their successful commercialization.

– On National Technology Day, we successfully conducted nuclear tests in Pokhran and created a history.

– Remembering the many great steps taken in technology that inspire us the most. National Technology Day.

– Pokhran-2 was a turning point in the history of India’s scientific and technological progress. Saluting the geniuses. National Technology Day.

– At National Technology Day, inspiring everyone to empower citizens through the rapid growth of inclusive Technology

– Reminding scientists, and researchers, for the innovation in technology which is a driver of national growth.

– Technology is destiny, but it must also be equity. National Technology Day.

– National Technology Day is being celebrated reminding the successful nuclear explosion test in Pokhran, Rajasthan, India.

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– Visualization of adoption and integration of science and technology with national planning is a must to improve the social and economic conditions of people. National Technology Day.

– Stop the greed of money, kill dowry. Let’s oppose dowry in the technology world for a better India. National technology day.

– India as a nuclear power strength is emerging as a global leader. Salute to the leaders and their vision.

– Operation Shakti, Pokhran-2, was the most significant moment in Indian history.

– On the anniversary of the Pokhran test, the national technology day, we remember our late former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and late former President, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

– A big salute to the scientists, researchers, and engineers whose innovations have made our lives better and easier. Happy National Technology Day.

– On National technology day, India proudly tested its first indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” at Bangalore. Saluting the scientists and engineers on this day.

– On May 11th, 1998, India became a nuclear country with three successful nuclear tests at Pokharan. National technology day.

– Saluting the visionary leadership of late AB Vajpayee, great scientists and brave soldiers on the anniversary of operation Shakti Pokhran 2. National Technology Day.

– India has declared a full-fledged nuclear weapons state on May 11, 1998, after Operation Shakti at Pokhran range. Happy national technology day.

– The scientific and technological innovations by the country’s smartest minds will be remembered forever. Happy national technology day.

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– The National Technology Day marks the success of Pokhran Nuclear tests and this helped India stand along with Nuclear powers.

– The mission to help all to do what can’t be done, making every day simpler through innovations. National Technology Day.

– On National Technology Day, we remember the tireless efforts of scientists and soldiers in making this day a glorious one.

– Pokhran test was a turning point in the history of India’s scientific & technological progress. Let’s celebrate the anniversary. National technology day.

– National Technology Day is an opportunity to celebrate India’s scientific & technological developments and commemorate the visionary leadership of late Shri Vajpayee and Dr. Kalam for their contribution in making India a nuclear power.

– Let’s dedicate this National Technology Day to our scientists, technicians, and leaders who made India a Nuclear State.

-Our salute on this National Technology Day to the professionalism, patriotism & excellence of Indian scientists.

-Technology is essential for nation’s development. We must leverage technology, not only for economic development but also for social transformation. Heartfelt greetings on National Technology Day.

-Pokhran test, a matter of pride for all the citizens of India. The day shows the significance of Science in our day to day lives. Best wishes on National Technology Day.

-Remembering Pokhran Blasts as India continues to stand tall and proud under the shadow of innovation in technology.

-Technology innovations have hit the mark. It is the right time to upgrade our lives through technologies for the well-being of the Nation.

-Greetings on National Technology Day. Our scientists and technology community have brought glory to the Nation with their achievements.

-Best wishes to everyone on the occasion of National Technology Day.

-Happy National Technology Day. Help the world by creating amazing things!

-It’s National Technology Day! We are proud to support the Nation and the technology with it.

Technology Day Captions 

-This is the day when technology took us to the global stage and set high standards! #NationalTechnologyDay #Technology 

-When the global standards met with the sub-continental region, it made every swell with proud!  #TechnologyDay

-The power of technology can take a country right to the peak of world power! #NationalTechnologyDay 

-The strongest nation showcases the most advanced technology! Let every developed country be part of the global power! #TechnologyDay 

-Take the lead with technology to show the enemies that there’s more than what they can imagine! #TechnologyDay 

-Atala Vihari Vajpayee made India technologically so advanced that we are at par with global power now! #NationalTechnologyDay #Development 

-Every country shall think twice before wanting to dominate India due to the nuclear power resources! #DevelopmentinTechnology 

-The prowess of a country depends on the technology of the country! #NationalTechnologyDay #Development 

-No enemy can stare at a nation that is so rich with technological advancements! #NationalTechnologyDay makes us proud! 

-May 11th makes every Indian proud due to the Pokhran Test named Shakti! #Technolgy #NationalTechnologyDay #Advancement 

-The country’s future started becoming bright since we successfully launched Shakti in Pokhran! #PokhranDay #NationalTechnologyDay 

-There is no country that India cannot face because India is a superpower with great nuclear ammunition! #NationalTechnologyDay 

-More firepower to the country definitely means more ambition at the nation’s heart! #TechnologyLeader #GlobalPower #NationalTechnologyDay

-Every Indian must hold their spirit and head high because #NationalTechnologyDay is an achievement of the entire nation. 

-The Indian flag feels and hit different on the #NationalTechnologyDay as we come to realize the power our country 

-India is no more a country lacking in technology! The #NationalTechnologyDay emphasizes that we have grown bigger and better. 

-The nation stands together to celebrate the achievements of powerful leaders and the best brains in the country. #NATIONALTECHNOLOGYDAY

Technology Day Wishes 

-This goes out to all the Indians out there- Feel proud of what the nation has achieved! Happy National Technology Day

-Being a nuclear power for a third-world country was never easy, but India achieved the feat! National Technology day makes us proud

-Let glory be for the nation as we celebrate the anniversary of the Pokhran Test. All hail to the leaders behind the revolution 

-Technology has made India a nation that is fierce and powerful. Celebrate the national technology day to the fullest 

-It is National Technology Day, and everyone needs to know the history of the Pokhran test to understand the importance of the day

-Nothing comes easy, and what comes easy never becomes great! Happy National Technology Day to all

-India’s mission to take on the world came to life with the success of the Pokhran test! National Technology day marks the era of revolution for all

-A visionary leader, Atal Vihari Vajpayee, took India’s nuclear mission to a distance no one ever thought! 

-National Technology Day is the biggest achievement for the country as it brought India alive on the global power stage. 

-Pokhran Mission was just the beginning, and on this National Technology Day, we wish India achieves many such milestones in the days to come 

-The spirit of all those people who made technology possible in the country further ignites the passion on National Technology Day 

-When the world thought India could not do it, we did it and brought nuclear power to our ammunition! Happy National Technology Day 

-Not every battle is with someone else, India’s battle was with itself in securing nuclear power, and it won! Happy National Technology Day.

-Celebrate the National Technology Day because this is what gives India respect in the global space alongside first-world countries 

-When no one could think, India made it possible with the Pokhran test. Today is Shakti’s anniversary and National Technology Day. 

-When the world fears a nation, you know that the cause is booming technology. Proud to be an Indian on this National Technology Day. 

Technology Status 

-Celebrate National Technology Day; we deserve this! 

-India’s legend created another legend at the Pokhran Test 

-If you remember the Pokhran test, you are a lucky Indian! 

-Can we all agree that National Technology Day is the best part of the year? Feel so proud! 

-Everything comes at the cost of hard work; the Pokhran test was a prime example.

-Future of India is made bright with innovations in technology

-Living in India, you cannot ever aim small! 

-Small steps lead to the big Pokhran test success! Many more to come.

-Happy National Technology Day to every Indian

-National technology day has a history that makes every Indian proud 

-India is progressing fast toward the future in science. Happy National Technology Day

-One step at a time and technology will lead India to the zenith of global power

-The Pokhran test was the OG of every nuclear test ever done

-Every step in technology takes India higher up the global ladder 

Technology Day Quotes 

-“Let always remember Shakti which marked an important milestone in the journey of technological advancement of India…. Best wishes on National Technology Day.” — Unknown 

-“National Technology Day will always be a proud day for every Indian and we must celebrate this special occasion with high spirits.”— Unknown

-“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” — Daniel Bell

-One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.- Elbert Hubbard

-“India is few steps away from the top-notch Global technology advancement in every field of science.”- Anonymous 

– A renaissance is imperative for us to once again become a knowledge superpower rather than simply providing cheap labour in areas of high technology.- APJ Abdul Kalam

– Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action.- APJ Abdul Kalam

-“The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error.”- Anonymous 

– I would like this House to join me in paying fulsome tribute to our scientists, engineers and defence personnel whose singular achievements have given us a renewed sense of national pride and self-confidence- Atal Vihari Vajpayee

-Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn’t help us know what to say.-  Jonathan Sacks

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