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National noodle ring day is celebrated on 11th November of every year. This day’s main aim is to enjoy the taste and goodness of noodle rings and showcase the love they deserve. On this day, the recipes related to noodle rings are being made and distributed.

National Noodle Ring Day messages:

– On this national noodle ring day, celebrate it with unique dishes of noodles rings.

– All the fantastic things like come in circle shape like noodle rings.

– We don’t need diamonds and gold rings. We need noodles rings.

– Noodle rings are the love we all crave for.

– The world needs more rings like noodle rings, not bomb rings.

– No one knows what to do with leftover noodle rings because no one ever saw it, and those saw it are still in a coma.

– Runaway from people who say they don’t like noodle rings, we don’t need that kind of negativity in life.

– The world needs more heroes like people who make noodle rings, and they deserve all our respect.

– Noodle ring is like an art. Not everyone can make it.

– Noodle rings are the only things vegetarian and non-vegetarian can agree together.

– No one ever says no to noodle rings.

– I love noodles rings more than gold and diamond rings.

– The only call that can make anyone smile is noodle ring.

– The only ring everyone wants to have in life.

– You are never too old or too young to have noodle rings, and if someone reminds you that, ignore them like government ignores your problems.

– Its noodle ring celebrates it with noodle rings.

– When we have a noodle ring, how can be someone alone, having a noodle ring is like having a soul mate.

– They said happiness I heard noodle rings as they both sound the same.

– You are not perfect because you are a human, not a noodle ring.

– Noodle rings are the most desired rings by girls after diamond and gold rings.

– No one knows how to share noodle rings because no one ever did, and those who did are criminals.

– If they are sharing noodle rings with you, that means you are unique.

– The world is already a happy place because it has noodle rings.

– I can have noodle rings three times a day and still won’t mind.

– I believe in love at first bite when I had the first bite of noodle rings I fell in love.

– It’s hard to believe that people exist who don’t like noodle rings.

– Noodle rings are the reason I can go out to eat something all alone.

– When I say I want to eat something, know that I am asking for a noodle ring.

– Noodle rings are the only rings girls can gift to boys.

– Apart from noodle rings, I don’t know what else to eat.

– Happiness has noodle rings after a long day at work that too all alone without anyone to share with.

– I will choose Noodle rings over friendship any day and won’t mind it.

National Noodle Ring Day quotes

“I’ve got nothing to offer you kids but these noodles. They’re good noodles but they won’t change the world.”
                                ― Madeleine Thien

“Noodles arrived in Japan with Buddhist monks from China in the Middle Ages, but until the twentieth century they tended to be made from buckwheat, or a mix of wheat and rice.”
                                ― Bee Wilson

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