Ordnance Factories Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The Ordnance Factories Day is observed annually on 18th March in India. This day commemorates India’s defense products, including rifles, artillery, guns, ammunition for all three defense forces of the country. This day also marks India’s Defense production under the Ordnance Production board starting from 18th March 1802. 

Ordnance Factories Day Messages

– A matter of honor and pride for the citizens of India celebrating the Ordnance Factories Day.

-The Ordnance Factories Day is a very proud day for showcasing the stealth and strength of India’s defense weapons to all countries of the world.

The Ordnance Factories Day represents the ordnance factories working towards developing and strengthening our country’s weapons and defense.

– The Ordnance Factories Day serves as a boost to the Ordnance Factories Board, which handles all the weapons produced for air, water.

-This day preserves the land defense systems bringing market, advancements, research, and production for them.

– A significant step towards bringing honor to the country is the Ordnance Factories Day, providing the country’s defense forces with all types of weapons and defense products.

– The Ordnance Factories Day celebration is a great way to give confidence to the employees and workers who work hard to ensure high-quality defense products.

-For the defense and safety of the country, ordnance plays a very important role.

-Let us educate our friends about the importance of ordance for our country. I hope you will spend the day well.

The exhibition of superior quality of weapons and advanced defense products on the Ordnance Factories Day shows the country’s value and importance.

– The Ordnance Factories Day is a way to honor the Ordnance factory board under whose vigilance the defense systems are strengthened. 

– The safety of the citizens of the country is ensured.

– The Ordnance Factories Day spreads the motto for bringing the best quality weapons to all the three defense sectors of the country and bring honor to the nation.

Ordnance Factories Day Greetings

– A delighted Ordnance Factories Day to all the citizens of our country; it is really a proud moment for all of us to honor this day.

-Wishing all the countrymen and citizens on the eve of Ordnance Factories Day.

– It is really an honor and proud moment to celebrate the Ordnance factory board, which has taken responsibility for so long for bringing the best quality weapons for all the warriors at the front.

-This day is celebrated with an exhibition of India’s high quality and world class defense weapons.

– Best Greetings to all the lovable citizens of the country; celebrate this proud moment of Ordnance Factories Day.

– Best Wishes to all the people on the eve of Ordnance Factories Day.

– Witness the exhibition of high graded weapons and defense artillery exhibited by the Ordnance Factory Board and share this proud moment with your loved ones.

– Share the moments of great honor and respect with your near and dear ones on the eve of Ordnance Factories Day, witness the history of the Ordnance Factory Board events.

Ordnance Factories Day quotes

-The combination of modern ordnance and outdated tactics had, as usual, created enormous casualties on both sides. 

-Iain Banks 

-I’m an F-18, bro, and I will destroy you in the air and deploy my ordnance to the ground. 

-Charlie Sheen 

-My father worked at the Naval Ordnance Lab, and they had a nine-hole course on the property. You paid a quarter. 

-Lewis Black