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Easter, when celebrated according to the Julian Calendar, is called Orthodox Easter and this celebration is prevalent in mostly those places of the world that still follow the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.

It is the most important celebration of the Christians because it marks the rise of Jesus Christ after he was killed.

Easter is also the oldest celebration and has been observed since forever. The only difference between Easter and Orthodox Easter is the calendar which is followed.

Orthodox Easter Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Easter is here everyone, and it is the best time of the year!

-Easter is the happiest of all festivals and I can’t believe it is almost here!

-Easter is my favorite festival and I cannot wait to celebrate it with my friends!

-Easter is synonymous with joys and celebrations and so it is my favorite part of the year!

-May it be Easter or may it be Orthodox Easter, the excitement is the same in both cases!

-Orthodox Easter shows us how we should never lose hope in life!

-Easter is all about celebrating second chances, Happy Orthodox Easter everybody!

-Easter can easily be called the festival of hopes as it teaches us not to lose hope!

-Easter celebrates the miracle of resurrection!

-Easter of all festivals shows us the good is way more powerful than evil and that is a very important lesson for everyone!

-Easter is an occasion of hope, happiness and we look forward to it every year!

-There is nothing more important than Easter in Christianity apart from humanity and kindness!

-Easter is the favorite time of the year for the kids as well as the elders!

-Easter is the festival that teaches us how important it is to have faith in God!

-Easter is the favorite time of the year for most Christians around the world and nobody can wait to celebrate it!

-Easter tells us all about hope, faith, and miracles!

-Easter is the day when people feel that their hopes are getting restored as they listen to stories of Jesus and his Resurrection!

-Easter is a reminder to human beings that no matter what happens, we must never forget that good shall never succumb to evil!

-Easter is our happy day as we can just remind ourselves that no matter how bad life feels it will all work out at the end, we will just have to keep believing that it will!

-Easter teaches us a few very important things like how important it is to lose faith at no time, to understand how everything will always work out properly!

-Easter has continued to be a happy occasion for decades and we hope it will forever remain a happy day for everyone!

-Easter is an important day as it is one day when we can try to strengthen our beliefs that good never loses to evil!

-Hey everybody, clean your houses and do away with the negativity as it is time to celebrate Easter!

-It is very important that we inculcate the values of Easter into our life as it will help us a lot to become good people!

-Buckle up everybody because Easter is here!

-Make sure that you do not forget to celebrate Easter with a lot of happiness and positivity!

-Easter is the day where we celebrate positivity over negativity!

-Easter is a festival that quenches our thirst for positivity and good spirits!

-May you get all the happiness and love that you need and more this Easter!

-We have been celebrating Easter for decades to celebrate good vibes and high spirits!

-What is Easter without a grand lamb dinner with family and friends!

-The ideal way to celebrate Easter would be to be seated around a table laid with delicious dishes and drinks and surrounded by family members!

-The background theme track for Easter should be laughter as that is what Easter is all about- laughing and giggling with friends and family!

-As Easter approaches, I hope that may your life be filled with love and joy!

-Easter comes every year to remind us to not lose hope even when everything seems to go wrong!

-When the world seems to be crashing down, one must always cling to the thought that God will always help us and that is the true spirit of Easter!

-Easter is the most positive festival out there and I cannot wait to celebrate it!

-The whole idea of celebrating Easter is to grow the faith in God within us!

-May this Easter wipe out the doubts and negativity from your mind and life and brings you peace!

-Do not worry so much that you forget that evil will always lose and if you have unfortunately forgotten so then do not worry, we have Easter next week to remind you!

-Easter is a very powerful celebration because it tells us that no matter what, it is always worthy of being a good human being!

-May this Easter brings enough joy and happiness to you that you do not ever feel low in a very long time!

-We hope that you get to celebrate Easter with your family laughing, talking, and eating a very sumptuous dinner!

-We hope that Easter is equally celebrated by rich and poor alike!

-As the day of the holy Easter approaches, we hope you all will try to help anyone less unfortunate than you so that everyone can have a happy Easter!

-While Easter teaches us that good always wins, it also teaches that every human being ought to be kind and good to each other!

-Do not celebrate Easter if you do not know what it stands for, celebrate it with full knowledge, and only then you can feel more wholesome about it!

-Love should prevail in this world in abundance and so should hope as love and hope are the two most important characteristics of Easter!

-Love everyone as Jesus has taught us and always be kind to every living being and pray that everyone has a very wholesome Orthodox Easter!

-It is not Easter without family gathered together waiting to tug into a lamb dinner!

-You may have had a questionable last few months but do not worry anymore because Easter is the time when we replenish our hopes!

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