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Orthodox New Year as the name suggests, represents the ancient New Year that was observed on the basis of the Julian Calendar. Going by the Gregorian Calendar, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this Old New Year falls on the 14th of January.

This day is called the Orthodox New Year because it refers to the ancient time when the Russian government and the Eastern European government preferred the Julian calendar.

Orthodox New Year Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_A new year means a new beginning and here’s to hoping that this beginning will be a lovely and wholesome one!

_Let us forget the mistakes of the past year and do our best to live this new year with new dreams and new hopes!

_Spread love and joy this new year, Happy New Year!

_The best way to start a new year is with smiles and giggles so pick up a comedy cassette and welcome this new year!

_A new beginning gives new hopes and here’s to hoping all the best for you!

_A new year arrives after giving us a tour of all the months and seasons, giving us hopes that whatever we have missed in the last months and season, may we achieve it now!

_May you fulfill all your dreams this new year!

_Here’s to wish you a lot of smiles and laughter this new year!

_Here’s to wish you a lot of joy, love, and success for this brand new year!

_The best thing about a new year is the chance to start everything fresh so here’s to hoping that you have all good starts this new year!

_May this new year brings success to you on all your new ventures, happy new year!

_Shine and smile through this new year as I pray to God that all your ventures will be successful!

_Praying to God that whatever you do this year will bring joy and happiness in your life!

_Here’s to wishing that all your resentments of the past year are not carried forward to this year and that you find better success and joy in this new year!

_Love,peace,success and happiness are the things that I wish you get in abundance this new year!

_Let us wake up stronger and more determined tomorrow as we gear up to accept the challenges this new year might bring to  us!

_Life goes by in years and every year we hope to do better than before, so here’s to wishing you all the good luck in the world for this new year!

_Let us pray to God that He blesses us with all the good fortune this new year, happy new year!

_The old year was like the contents of an empty coffee mug,and as it fades away, I hope the new year replenishes the mug with tastier and richer coffee! 

_May you see off the old year with gratitude for what it has given you and welcome the new year with a lot of love and enthusiasm!

__Do not hold grudges against the last year for any reason because now it is over and all we can do is to be hopeful that this new year will show us better days and bring us more joy!

_Let us welcome the brand new year with a lot of laughter and giggle and pray for the rest of the year goes on this way!

_Wishing all the joys and success of the world lands at your doorstep as you open the door to welcome the new year!

_Hope you all have your resolutions ready as you gear up for this new year !

_Sending you all the love and good luck of the whole universe and of all time for this New year!

_A new year is waiting for all of us and there can be nothing better than starting a new year with the greetings and love from your friends and family and wishing the same for them!

_The beginning of a new year is like the beginning of a new book, we don’t know how it will end but here’s to wishing that you have a very wholesome read!

_I pray that this year will be the happiest of all new years, the most prosperous one and the loveliest one too!

_Let us hope that the new year will be the best year of your lives till now!

_May good luck and good fortune be sprinkled on you as you wake up each day of this new year!

_Everyone, let us all take out our list of unfinished ventures of the last year and buckle up to include them in our resolutions of this year and let us hope that we are successful in that!

_New years are all about hope and faith and this new year,may we all be blessed with limitless hope and good fortune!

_Prosperity and success are the two things that we hope for and I wish that you and your family get these in abundance this new year!

_May the new year bring enough light to your life that the days brighten up for you and your family!

_Here’s to praying that the world sees a kinder and more supportive future this new year!

_Let all our sorrows be gone with the going away of the old year and may we only know happiness and prosperity with the coming of the new year!

_There are tales that say the first day of your new year determines how the rest of your year will be and so let us wish that we spend the first day very merrily!

_A new year means new adventures and here’s to hoping that you succeed in them!

_May your upcoming new year be encased with love and happiness!

_May you and your family find peace, love, and good health every day of this new year!

_May you have all the best of everything you want this year!

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