Penguin Awareness Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Penguin Awareness Day is celebrated on January 20th every year. The day is dedicated to raising the awareness about penguins which are diminishing day by day.

For these lovely penguins, two days are recognized, one is World Penguin Day (April 25th) and the other is Penguin Awareness day (January 20th). Penguins being the natives of Antartica, are cute and loved by all.  

Even though they are considered as birds, they cannot fly, but walk their way to and from. Many of the people wear black and white on this day and also celebrate the day watching a documentary on penguins or reading a book about penguins to know more about penguins.

These days, they even tell penguin jokes to celebrate the day.  You can some places where you can see penguins and learn more about them.

If you are going to honor this day, here are some really cute penguin awareness quotes and greetings to wish your dear and near ones

Here are Penguin Awareness Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Three colors all you need and here you are ready to celebrate the Penguin Awareness Day.

Once the penguins mate themselves, they live together for life. They are lovely parents!

Penguins live in beautiful, majestic places and hence they are cute.

Spend your holidays in some islands where you can visit some penguins. These little guys are amazing and they make your day!

Some species of penguins are on the threat of diminishing. They do not have enough food to thrive.

Why real penguins? A penguin picture can also make us smile all winter along.

The climate pollution is a big threat to Penguin survival. Let’s make awareness on this day for Penguins.

Penguins are adorable and we need them to survive. Penguin awareness day.

Penguins are your soul inspires. Let’s love them and keep them for generations.

Learn more about Penguin’s habitat and wish them to survive till the earth does.

Celebrate the Penguin Awareness Day by giving some great ideas to the conservation of these amazing species.

There are more than 15 species in Penguins and they can be found in the southern hemisphere. let’s preserve these pretty cute species for our next generation.

Stop using penguins for entertainment purposes and save them!

Enjoy the plunging scenes of penguins. It is so cute to see.

Do not promote your business using these innocent, pretty little penguins. Leave them alone!

Penguins walk like marching at a parade. How beautiful it looks! Do we want to kill those for our lavish life?

Today is Penguin Awareness Day! We need to make our best to show up the awareness for these pretty penguins.

Penguins need our love. On this Penguin awareness day, let’s make this earth a better place to live for penguins.

The new year brings new hope to mankind. Let’s spread this hope to penguin species too.

Let us join hands together for the survival of Penguins. Penguin awareness day.

Feeling pity on these penguins as their homes are getting destroyed by humans. Before it is too late, let’s act.

These days, every day should be a penguin awareness day as they badly need us to help for their survival.

Penguins are good sleepers. They can sleep standing, laying down, or sailing on the water!

The Galapagos species of Penguins are on a great threat of diminishing. Feel lucky to see this species one day!

Penguins use their wings to swim not for flying. The fun fact!

Penguins are one of the most unique birds on earth. Let’s save them.

Penguins make happy families and inspire humans to do the same!

Penguins are caring, aggressive, horny, and curious. They are really special.

Despite being in the cold, penguins warm up our hearts by their cuteness!

Penguins at the zoo would want to come out of there and enjoy the open air. Penguin Awareness Day.

Spread some Christmas cheer on Antartica by creating awareness on Penguins.

Penguins are super cute and I want one of them to bring back home!

Draw the attention of the world on Penguin awareness day to help penguins survive.

Make a penguin your best friend and you will not let them die soon!

Plastics we throw in the sea can impact the penguin species and their death.

Penguins can swim underwater for long distance with a high speed.

It is a great feast for the eyes to see the family of a penguin and the care for each other.

There are some species of Penguins which are lived in Africa and the numbers are down.

Respect the lives of penguins. We need them to spread cheer for all our generations.

In honor of Penguin awareness day, we raise awareness here on the media to stop using penguins for entertainment.

Penguins seem to be clumsy when they are out of the water!

Educate your young children about penguins. Who knows if they survive for the next generation or not?

It is said that the African penguins are going to extinct within the next 15 years! Spread the awareness.

When ocean conditions are rough, penguins get injured. We hope for the best from wildlife rehabilitators.

The adorable penguins have their quality fun time with their families!

The best scenes of Antartica with those penguins take you to the dream world. Let’s preserve our dream!

To keep themselves warm in the antartica, the penguins cuddle up with each other!

I’m a huge animal lover and want to shout out loud for those diminishing penguins.

Penguins are the beautiful part of the world. Penguin awareness day.

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