Polar Bear Swim Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Polar bear swim day is celebrated in different countries from hundred years. The first Polar swim day was celebrated in 1904 at Boston. Canadian communities plunge into the icy water for a swim and it is observed as a New year day tradition.

Therefore, the day is observed on every new year. For this day, they raise the money and share it with the needy, make new friends and create incredible memories with them.

Since we don’t have that fat and furry skin, we need to take care of ourselves before going to swim in the icy cold water.

You need to be careful in the icy water and should keep ready dry clothes as soon your out of the icy water.

You might also need to warm up your body afterward. The medical emergency may arise anytime as the heartbeat and the blood pressure is likely to rise after the swim. It is suggested not to go into the icy water if you have any heart condition.

If you do not jump into water also you can enjoy running here and there and take pictures with that cozy coat, hat, and scarves.

Polar Bear Swim Day Wishes. Messages and Quotes

-The polar bear swim day has arrived. Unbelievable! How people can do it! People have fun in so icy cold water!

-Splash yourself into the cold wave of a new year like polar bears!

-Don’t fall in the icy waters!!! My wishes on Polar bear swim day!

-We guys look super cool, super polar cool after plunging into the cold waters.

-POLAR PLUNGE!!! We are Polar bears of future because they are going to extinct.

-Plunge into the new year like Polar bears. Cool guys wish you cool Polar bear swim day.

-Strip down to your bathing suit, take a few steps over the snow and hurl your body into ice-cold water. Happy Polar bear swim day!

-Help raise money for those who need it, which helping those in need is what Socks and Souls is all about!

-Jump /dive into the frigid ocean or pool water on Polar bear swim day.

-Today is known as Polar Bear Swim Day. Have you been for a freezing dip this winter?! Happy Polar bear swim day.

-Jump in for Polar Bear Swim Day! Will you be swimming in cold This January? to #celebrate Polar bear swim day?

-The closest we’ll be getting to a Polar Bear Swim today and the polar bears inside us do the swimming!

-I’ve got bigger things to celebrate, just like those polar bears! Happy polar bear swim day.

Take the plunge – it’s Polar Bear Swim Day!

-I don’t get the idea behind jumping naked in the iced cold water like a polar Bear except hurting your body! But the fun is unlimited. celebrate Polar Bear Swim Day.

-You go first, I’m right behind you, I told. I knew I couldn’t do that. OMG! So cold waves! Enjoy Polar bear swim day.  

-It’s Polar Bear Swim Day, and I want to jump into that icy cold water. But with you! I miss you on this special day! Stay blessed for a great year.

-My favorite animal is that white furry Polar bear. I too want to become like that and here is the opportunity. Happy Polar bear swim day!

-Global warming, melting ice mountains, and here, we have fun in the icy cold water.

-I’m going to be a polar bear today. Are you?

-I thought bears cannot swim, thousands of bear swimming today in the icy cold water. And I am one of them!

-Plunging into ice-cold water is easy, surviving is difficult. Take good precaution in every aspect of life. Happy Polar bear swim day.

-Animals are happy if we take care of them. If we swim like them, they have fun!

-The tradition of swimming in ice cold water is dimming, because there are no polar bears!

-It is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I love swimming in the ice!

-The new year is going to be a great year when the start it great and colder.

-Splash some water on yourself and cheer up for the coming year.

-I’ll go swimming in the ice-cold water and pretty soon I’ll become an ice habitat.

-Look back at past plunges and learn from them.

Polar bear swim day for those individuals who simply can’t live without the plunge.

-I plunge into ice cold water for swimming because it has health benefits.

-The cold-shock I get every year on New year day. Because,  its Polar bear Swim Day!

-Spy on the Ice. A game with me on Polar bear swim day.

-Turns out, it works. But the bears did get the better of the cams.

-A polar bear here wishing another polar bear there a happy and prosperous year.

-Here are polar bear hugs and kisses for you on this day.

-Swim with a polar bear but beware of the water, not bear!

-It’s Polar bear swim day! Let’s celebrate. Cheers!

-Warmest wishes for a cold cold day. Happy Polar bear swim day.

-A furry and cold hug to you my dear friend on this special day.

-Make a wish, plunge into water, splash it!

-Bear, listen carefully, a fish is coming your way with the warmest wishes on this day.

-Enjoy your trip to the Polar. Have a great Polar bear swim.

-Sending your way, a cold, furry, glowy wish for a great year. Happy Polar bear swim day. Enjoy the splash!

-I enjoy a Polar bear dip. Join me this year.

-Sending you love and smiles on Polar bear swim day.

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