Potteries Bottle Oven Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Potteries Bottle Oven Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of August, marking the firing of Potteries bottle oven for one last time. In the year 1978, this event was organized in the presence and collaboration of 19 staff and 72 volunteers at Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Potteries Bottle Oven Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Potteries Bottle Oven Day Greetings :

-Cheers to celebrating the anniversary of the traditional Potteries bottle oven made on fire for the last time.

-Greetings and wishes on the Potteries Bottle Oven Day. With all the love and happy wishes of this utterly joyful day.

-Today is the day for hashtag #PotBOD. Share your heartfelt thoughts and wishes, pictures and videos, and all of your dedication towards the beautiful day.

-Attend the delightful program and events arranged at your nearby museum as a tribute to Potteries Bottle Oven Day.

-This event grabbed the top lines of the national media and was broadcast all through the country. 

-Under the challenging circumstances as a present, the celebration hasn’t stooped; all of them have been transported online.

Let people around you know about this beautiful day and the history behind the cause’s celebration.

-Go through the videos created by The Potteries Heritage Society and Heritage Action Zone, especially on the occasion of Potteries Bottle Oven Day, and also share them with your friends and family.

-Gather some classic and splendid pictures of the bottle oven and share them with all of your buddies on social media platforms using hashtag #PotBOD.

-Although it is a great day to be celebrated, very few people worldwide know about it. Take out a little time towards spreading awareness about the same.

Potteries Bottle Oven Day Messages:

-Potteries Bottle Oven are massive bottle-shaped chimney, which serves the purpose of pottery burning and shaping.

-On the early morning of Potteries Bottle Oven Day, at each of the 27 different sites where bottle ovens survive, laminated signs with the PotBOD logo and QR code are posted.

-When the QR on the signboards are scanned with a smartphone, the codes take the visitors to a hyperlinked page containing all the information about bottle ovens.

-During those times, the maximum share of the potters’ bottle ovens were fired for only one time in a week, and at each firing least, 10 tons of coal was burnt per range.

-Potteries Bottle Oven Day is celebrated as an end to such deadly pollutions of mother nature.

-It is because those firings sustained in the air for over 72 hours and filled it with thick, black, which was also choking in nature.

-Potteries Bottle Oven Day is a joint agreement between the Stoke-on-Trent Ceramic Heritage Zone, Potteries Heritage Society, and Gladstone Pottery Museum.

-Although the bottle oven still exists today, it counts to 47 only after the Clean Air Act of 1956 came into the picture.

-At the downfall of Potteries Bottle Oven, it was described as the most remarkable cultural event oven 202 in the American news headlines. 

-Gladstone Pottery Museum is a multi-award winning tourist attraction which earlier was the site for marketing of the potteries.

Potteries Bottle Oven Day quotes

“She loved the smell of wet dirt the way others might love the smell of roses.”
― Dana Hewitt

“Later in life the force of abstinence was to really be understood and my parent’s problems became very clear. When will man appreciate his pleasures and respect them enough to indulge in moderation?”
― Theresa Sjoquist

“If Bagel’s face was a lump of clay on a pottery wheel, it’d been rapidly thrown from an angry grey blob to a rather enthusiastic vase.”
― Mandy Ashcraft

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