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Proclamation Day is observed on the 26th of December every year in Australia. In South Australia, this day marks the establishment of government as British Province in the place. It is a holiday in the entire country. This began from the year 1836 when the first official settlers arrived from London.  

Proclamation Day Greetings, messages, and quotes

Proclamation Day greetings- 

  • The warmest wishes from the deepest core of our heart, and may the memories  of this day and achievement of our ancestors keep us ahead, a merry proclamation day to all
  • Remembering this day our first king sat on the throne, we all wish a happy proclamation day
  •  Have a nice day and this day shall be remembered as today the accession of monarch came upon us, a happy proclamation day to all
  • Let’s celebrate this day as our land was officially declared a british land, and wishing all a happy proclamation day
  • Remember this  ray of recognition of our country as a new one, and the day we finally got what we call ours, a happy proclamation day to all
  • Let’s celebrate this holiday in the commemoration of the proclamation of our land by our ancestors and enjoy
  • Come celebrate this wonderful day of commemoration and remember the day this land was officially ours
  • Let us all move ahead to progress and take up the mantle of our country, and in memory of the official declaration of our country, a happy proclamation day
  • Have faith in us and move ahead in our life and make our country proud, let the whole nation remember this day for it is where all started, a happy proclamation day
  • Be proud to be a citizen of this land, and be proud to celebrate this day as it is the day proclamation of our country had commenced
  •  Lets memorize this day on the memory of our first colonial visit by our ancestors and the official declaration of this land, and wishing you all a blessed proclamation day
  • Have a great day today and find new colors and find feel the pride of our ancestors, and celebrate this proclamation day
  • On this day of proclamation of our country by our early ancestors, let’s make sure to make them proud by our progress along the country, and on their memory a happy proclamation day
  • Enjoy this holiday since our forefathers have proclaimed this land and had faith in future, and celebrate this proclamation day on their behalf
  • From the first ever ship that landed in our land and proclaimed this land, till today, all we have progressed, a tribute to all shall be done by a wonderful celebration of proclamation day
  • Enjoy the nationwide holiday on the proclamation day of our land and have faith in ourselves and our land 
  • We all feel proud to celebrate this day being a citizen of this lovely place, and we hereby wish everyone a happy proclamation day, hope all enjoy their holidays

Proclamation Day messages –

  • This day stands for a great value and importance in our history and shall be remembered through all the future generations, and to keep this memory alive, we all celebrate this proclamation day
  • A very proud moment and a unforgettable memory for us all as the first ships sailed on this land and proclaimed this land is ours, and hence for that, today we are the proud citizens of this country, a happy proclamation day
  • Let us all move through the golden pages of our land’s history, where this date has a special value, as this land was officially proclaimed and hence wishing all a happy proclamation day
  • A warm cheers to everyone and hope all spend their holidays in the best way they can and also remember the importance if this day and celebrate this proclamation day
  • Since we all are Australians, and we might be the future, but our past has pulled us up top what we are, and at this date it all started, when officially we were born, a merry proclamation day to all my fellow Australians
  • keep growing and climbing the stairs of success and make this country proud, and celebrate this historic moment as this is the day of accession of the first ever king of our land, and hence wishing all a merry proclamation day
  • Let’s all celebrate this proclamation day as a warm thanksgiving to our ancestors and as a wonderful moment in our history of proclamation of this land we call ours
  • We all wish our fellow Australians a merry proclamation day, and feel proud to breathe the air, drink the water, and eat the food of this land which was officially ours on this day
  •  A warm wish to all who constitute this land and make it more glorious, remembering the day our nation had its first king, we wish all a blessed proclamation day and hope everyone enjoys this day
  • Join hands and for a moment recall those historic moments which happened today for which we can call this land ours, and celebrate this auspicious proclamation day
  • Enjoy this day and let’s make sure to keep progressing as we did from the very beginning since the proclamation day, or today  we celebrate those moments vans hence a warm wishes for all 
  • The color of our soul is the color of our flag, and shall we not forget this day as this day our beloved land was proclaimed by its first king. Wishing all a auspicious proclamation day
  • Have a great day as we all know today a great nation as ours was officially proclaimed and it is where it all started. Hence enjoy this day and pay tribute to our first king by wishing all a merry proclamation day

Proclamation Day quotes-

“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” –Adlai Stevenson

“”Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.”-James Bryce

“One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation evermore!”-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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