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Technology, software, Computer constitutes the modern world in a nutshell. Numerous software is being developed for the purpose of adding something extraordinary towards creating a technology-based world. But for every successful invention of software, there’s a programmer working extensively behind the scenes. It is high time to spare some thought towards these hard-working developers on a special 256th day of the year or otherwise known as Programmer’s Day.

Programmers’ Day is an internationally recognized professional holiday which is celebrated on September 13 and on September 12 in Leap Years. This particular holiday was first proposed by Michael Cherviakov and Valentin Balt of Parallel Technologies. Earlier it was celebrated on January 7th which was supposed to be the original but unofficial date. However, in the year 2009, Russia’s Ministry of Communication and Mass Media declared the 256th day as the day of the programmer.

Here are some cheerful and inspiring wishes and greetings for an army of behind the scenes heroes or as the world knows them as ‘Programmers’-

-Can you still believe it? A day just for you coders. Wishing you a Happy Programmer’s Day.

-Since the greeting card manufacturers are unaware. Here’s me, wishing you a lovely and a Happy Programmer’s Day.

-Solving problems aren’t easy, but solving the ones that can’t be seen by everybody is what makes a programmer. Best wishes to you on this Programmer’s Day.

-Eat, sleep, code, and repeat! I just described a typical day of a programmer. A Happy Programmer’s Day to these legends.

-70% reading and 30% coding is how a programmer spends its day. Wishing nothing but more strength to their eyes, minds and hands on this Programmer’s Day.

-Happy 256th Day of the year or some would say a Happy Programmer’s Day to you.

-While being alive, we eat, we play, we enjoy and most importantly we code. Happy Programmer’s Day to every coder out there.

-Print f (“Happy Programmer’s Day”) to everyone. A programmer would understand that.

-Function (WAKE UP) Start: (GET OUT OF BED) Function: (SKIP BREAKFAST) Start: (WORK). This is what programmers do every day. A happy Programmer’s Day you legends.

-For some programmers, it’s not about the money. Programming is fun for them. Wishing you a lot of fun days ahead on the eve of Programmer’s Day.

-Programmers shouldn’t keep calm today because it’s the day of the coders. A happy Programmer’s Day to every developers and coder out there.

-May the force of Babbage and Grace Hopper be with you. A lovely Programmer’s Day to you.

-Programming is not typing but thinking. Happy Programmer’s Day to these hardworking individuals.

-Sincere Congratulations to all the programmers on their professional holiday. Best wishes on this Programmer’s Day.

-The most important aspect of every programmer is that they are AWESOME! High Regards and best wishes to all the programmers on the eve of Programmer’s Day.

-CSS3, HTML5, JAVA, XML, PHP are some of the languages programmers speak on a daily basis. Happy Professional Holiday i.e. Programmer’s Day to you.

-Legends say some programmers are still coding in heaven. Happy Programmer’s Day to them as well.

-The best part of being a programmer is solving puzzles every other day. Wishing every developer a cheerful Programmer’s Day.

-A job with great flexibility in work hours and location. Some privileges are important for developers. Happy Programmer’s Day to you beautiful coders.

– Believe it or not, Programmers are sharper than most of the people. Happy Day of the Programmers.

-A blend of creativity and critical thinking is what a programmer does every day. Hoping that they would relax on Programmer’s Day.

-An exciting challenge that pays well. A dream for every programmer. Best wishes on the eve of Programmer’s Day to all the developers who love challenging tasks.

-This is the only job where a programmer doesn’t face any stereotypes. Happy Day of the Programmers to all the developers.

-Be thankful to programmers, they are developing new games every day. Have an amazing Programmer’s Day.

-Shout out to all the girl coders out there, you are empowering and encouraging more female engineers. Wishing you a Lovely Programmer’s Day.

-The mysterious thing about a programmer is that you don’t know what they are doing until they are finished. Have a blissful Programmer’s Day.

-Programmers have developed an AI chat box for the people who are suffering from depressing. Happy Programmer’s Day to all the noble programmers out there.

-You know they say ‘The code is where the truth lies’. Let us all acknowledge this fact on the eve of Programmer’s Day.

-Developers from MIT are exploring ways to help doctors make better medical decisions. Wishing these icons a Happy Programmer’s Day.

-There might be 256 reasons to celebrate Programmer’s Day, but one is undoubtedly the fact that you are a programmer.

-A developer generally uses the infamous third way amongst the two ways to write an error-free program. Greeting to all those developers on this special occasion of Programmer’s Day.

-Mending crappy software is a full-time job for these legends. Let’s celebrate these unique human beings on the eve of Programmer’s Day.

-Developers do not always get the chance to work with the fastest and reliable components, yet they succeed eventually. Appreciate the hard of a programmer on this Programmer’s Day.

-A Maximum number of tech icons of this world have started out with being a programmer. Wishing all the future tech icons a Happy Programmer’s Day.

-Programmers are an expert in controlling complexity, rather than to create it. Wishing all the programmers have eternal control over complexity for the rest of their life.

-Everyone underestimated the great programmers in their ability to solve coding problems at first. Happy Programmer’s Day to all the great ones.

-For normal people ‘run’ means what it really denotes but for developers, it signifies the result of their hard work. Wishing every efficient programmer a very happy Programmer’s Day.

-Did you know, developers treat bugs as an undocumented feature? Well, go on and congratulate them on a bug-free day of Programmers.

-A programmer’s approach towards crossing a one-way street would be checking both the sides of the road before taking the first step. A joyous Programmer’s Day to all the careful developers.

-A programmer’s specialty is to add bugs to an empty text file without much design. Hope to see more appreciation towards developers other than just on Programmer’s Day.

-It is one of those professions where a developer learns nothing from mistakes and success. Kudos to these amazing people in an amazing line of work.

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