Public Service Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

The United Nations has recognized 23rd June as the Public Service Day. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution 57/277 on 20th December 2002 to designate 23rd June as Public Service Day. An Awards ceremony is organized by the UN every year on this day.

Institutions that are related to public services in different countries are rewarded for their special achievements. The UN aims to point out the significance of public services through this event. It inspires the population of the world to choose a career in public services.

Here are some inspirational quotes for you to celebrate Public Service Day. Public service offers you the opportunity to serve the people of your nation and work for making their lives better. Here are some best messages and Greetings for Public Service Day.

Public Service Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_If you are willing to contribute towards the betterment of your society then enroll yourself as a dedicated and honest public servant.

_A career in public services is unique in the sense that it allows you to make a positive impact in the lives of people.

_A public servant gets the chance to improve the lives of marginalized people in society. They are the only hope of the oppressed.

_In public services you come across new challenges each day. This helps in making your character strong.

_Try to be an inspirational character for people by leading a life full of sacrifices as a public servant.

_The development and well-being of a nation depend on the advancement of its public services. An efficient public service system is an asset for any nation.

_A career in public services is all about honor, prestige, integrity, and sacrifice.

_We would like to thank our extremely talented public servants on this wonderful occasion of Public Service Day. Keep up your hard work and continue to strive for the progress of the nation.

_On Public Service Day we show our gratitude to all the public servants residing in different parts of the world. It is due to their hard work that we are able to lead a smooth life.

_Our society has reached this advanced position only due to the relentless efforts of the public servants. All of us hope that they continue to inspire us in this way.

_Public Service Day once again reminds us of the unmatched sacrifices of the public servants in making this society a better place to live in.

_On this Public Service Day let us take the oath that we will not bow down to any kind of pressure that prevents us from serving the common people.

_As a public servant you should never restrict yourself to narrow self-seeking motives. Remember that your work is to serve the larger community irrespective of any bias.

_The salience of Public Service Day lies in the fact that it commemorates the outstanding efforts of public servants in making the society just and equal.

_Whatever be the situation a public servant should always remain loyal to their tasks and the people whom they serve.

_Public Servants should find their happiness in serving other people.

_An ideal public servant is one who can connect with the causes of the common people, understand their problems and work towards finding a lasting solution to them.

_May this Public Service Day bring a smile to the faces of those people who continue to serve the society in spite of facing all kinds of barriers and difficulties.

_This Public Service Day we remember the Bravehearts who laid down their lives while discharging their duties.

_The top priority of a public servant should be to help others irrespective of the situation and circumstances.

_As a public servant you should try to be the change that you want to see in society.

_Public Service is all about giving back to society. It is a selfless service dedicated to the advancement of the masses.

_It requires a lot of courage and determination to sacrifice a major part of your life in serving the interests of the common people. The public servants deserve a lot of respect and appreciation from all of us on this Public Service Day.

_The best way to achieve greatness is to serve others. People will remember you for your extraordinary achievements in the field of public service.

_A public servant should always have the overall interest of the common people in his/her mind.

_Public servants should always follow the path of righteousness while performing their duties.  They should be ready to fight all kinds of evils.

_The biggest value of public servants is their integrity. They should be accountable to the common people for all their actions and deeds.

_Public Service Day appreciates the integral role played by public servants in the development process of any country.

_Public servants should always enjoy the support and cooperation of the common people in all their endeavors and initiatives.

_May this Public Service Day bring joy and prosperity in the lives of public Servants.

_Serving mankind is next to serving the Almighty Lord and public servants should note down this fact.

_Dedication to service and professionalism should be the motto of all public servants.

_An ideal public servant should always be sympathetic to the needs of the common people.

_Public servants should never allow themselves to be dominated by any political entity.

_Good quality public service is one of the pillars of success for any country.

_There should be a feeling of patriotism in each and every public servant. This would encourage them to dedicate their lives for the nation.

_Public service is not just a career option for the youth. It is something more than that, it is a way of life that helps in shaping your personality.

_Public service is considered as a virtue. Every one of us should try to inculcate this virtue in us through hard work.

_This Public Service Day let us rise above the petty concerns of our personal lives and work for common good. Public interest should reign supreme in our minds.

_A meaningful life is one that is committed to the well-being of others.

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