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Purim is the day on which the Jewish community celebrates their victory over a Persian plan of killing and destroying the Jews.

The story of Jewish resistance can be found in the Book of Esther. The plan was plotted by Haman who was a vizier in the Persian empire under King Ahasuerus. The protagonist of the story is Esther, a young woman who married the Persian King to counter his evil designs of killing the Jews.

Every year the Jews observe this day as a holiday in the month of March. The spend the day dancing, singing and eating good food with their loved ones.

Purim Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Let us remember the heroic resistance of the Jews on this day of Purim.

_The Jews have proved it time and again that they are able to overcome any type of challenge to their survival. Let us rejoice our triumph on evil on this day of Purim.

_On this day of Purim, we pray that Almighty God showers his blessings on all the Jews.

_History shows us that the Jews have never come under the domination of any individual or community. On this day of Purim, we commemorate the indomitable fighting spirit of the Jews.

_Despite all the attacks, holocaust and pogroms directed against the Jews, we never surrendered. On this day of Purim let us celebrate our will to live freely without any kind of fear.

_On this day of Purim, we honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers.

_On this day of Purim, we pray that peace and prosperity come in the lives of all the Jews.

_Let everyone make a promise on this day of Purim that we will follow the path of righteousness under any circumstances.

_The Jews have never tolerated any injustice in the past and they will continue to fight against all kinds of oppression.

_On this day of Purim, we must learn to endure the bad so that we live to see the good.

_Every year Purim brings with itself a new ray of hope and encouragement for the Jews.

_No matter how grave the danger is, the Jews have always faced it with a brave heart. With God on our side, none can get the better of us.

_Nothing is impossible to achieve provided you have the will power and determination to do so.

_Purim marks the day when good triumphed over evil. It gives us an important lesson that we should never compromise with evil.

_Purim is the day when you should turn your weaknesses into your strength.

_On this day of Purim, we thank Esther for protecting our country. Esther’s act of courage keeps on inspiring the Jewish community to date.

_Purim is the day on which all of us should seek a positive change in our lives.

_The Jews have always led a life full of honor and prestige. Nothing can ever limit our march towards glory.

_On this day of Purim, let us reach out to the poor and the needy. Our help can transform a few lives.

_The spirit of Purim is the spirit of joy. It sends out a clear message that no one can ever destroy the Jews.

_On this day of Purim, let us take an oath that we will never bow down to any act of aggression against us.

_All of us must remember that whatever be the situation there is always a scope to make a comeback. Happy Purim.

_If you have a dream in your life then work hard to achieve it. Happy Purim.

_It is important to remain humble in life even when you have achieved the greatest success. Happy Purim.

_Never give up, keep on fighting against all the odds until you have reached your destination. Happy Purim.

_This Purim, try to spread the message of love and peace in your society.

_The path to success is not that easy. It is filled with all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. We should remain determined to overcome any obstacle in our march towards success. Happy Purim.

_May our success be more and troubles be less. Happy Purim.

_This Purim, try your best to provide courage and encouragement to others.

_Every difficult situation in your life will contribute to making you a stronger personality. Happy Purim.

_Always strive to give the best in whatever you do in your life. Happy Purim.

_The most important virtue in your life is courage. Without courage, you can never think of achieving anything in your life. Happy Purim.

_Purim denotes the courage to stand up and protect your community against all kinds of dangers.

_On this day of Purim, try your best to confront all the evils that are residing in your mind.

_Learn to attain mastery over fear, it is nothing but a state of mind.

_Courage is all about moving on even when you lack the strength to do so. Happy Purim.

_Try to attach meaning to your life by serving mankind. Happy Purim.

_On this day of Purim, let us wish good luck to all our loved ones.

_None can take away our right to live with dignity and respect. We should fight till the end to protect our sovereign status. Happy Purim.

_Happy Purim. May God shower his choicest blessings on each one of us today.

_Come out of your comfort zone and fight for your community when it requires your services the most. Happy Purim.

_Let us celebrate the day of Purim with wine, food, dance, and songs.

_We must learn how to adapt to changes. A person who is averse to any kind of change in life will never be able to achieve success. Happy Purim.

_Happy Purim, let us all contribute towards building a better future for the Jewish community.

_The history of the Jews have never seen any coincidences and will never do so in the future. Happy Purim.

_Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over fear. Happy Purim.

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