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Purple Day is a global awareness program about epilepsy. It is observed each year on March 26th. Several countries organize programs and events to spread awareness about epilepsy.

People from different countries wear dresses of purple color on this day. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can affect people of all ages. It causes unpredictable seizures due to the disturbance in nerve cell activity.

The intention of Purple Day is to fight against the social stigmas associated with epilepsy and to stand beside all those who have been affected by this disease.

Cassidy Megan was the founder of this event, who was herself a patient of epilepsy.

Purple Day for Epilepsy Best Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Let us make a resolution on this Purple Day that we will keep up our fight against epilepsy and the misconceptions associated with it.

Let everyone know on this Purple Day that epilepsy is not a contagious disease. Stand beside all those who have been a victim of this neurological disorder.

Remain strong and never give up. Don’t let epilepsy own your life.

Shake off all your apprehensions about epilepsy on this Purple Day.

I will never allow epilepsy to defeat me. One day I will get the better of it.

Each day I am fighting a psychological war against epilepsy and I will continue to do so because I am a fighter who will never surrender.

On this Purple Day let us remember that we are stronger than we think ourselves to be.

I refuse to give up and quit my fight against epilepsy on this Purple Day.

Each Purple Day brings with itself a ray of hope and encouragement for all those who have been affected by epilepsy. It gives us the much-needed strength to rise up and fight again.

Let me tell you that epilepsy can never shake my determination to survive.

On this Purple Day, let us raise the bar for epilepsy awareness.

Instead of treating them as outcasts we should try our best to reach out to all the epilepsy patients residing in different parts of the world on this Purple Day.

On this Purple Day let us all pray for the well-being of the epilepsy patients.

Nothing is permanent in life, remember that one day or the other, the pain of epilepsy will subside.

Support is all that they need and on this purple day we should extend our support and helping hand to all those who have been affected by epilepsy.

It is our choice to suffer or fight and the brave will obviously choose the latter.

It all depends on your attitude and how you approach this disease known as epilepsy. A strong and positive attitude is the best way to get rid of it.

On this Purple Day try to stand beside the epilepsy patients as friends and well-wishers. Let them know that they are not alone in their fight against epilepsy.

Never underestimate your power to resist. Be confident in dealing with all kinds of problems in life.

Having epilepsy doesn’t take away your right to live as a free and dignified citizen. You are still capable of fulfilling all your dreams.

On this Purple Day, we should keep on motivating the epilepsy patients that eventually they will be able to cope up with all the challenges in life.

Our support, love, and care can go a long way in healing the patients of epilepsy.

On this Purple Day, let us all recognize the fact that our discriminatory attitude towards epilepsy patients will only weaken their resolve to fight against the disease.

It is high time that we come out of the social stigmas and treat the epilepsy patients as equal citizens of this country.

There is nothing to be ashamed about epilepsy. The more we speak about it in public the more aware we become about the disease.

Purple Day is here and once again we get an opportunity to spread awareness about one of the most common diseases in the world known as epilepsy.

Epilepsy can never stop my march towards success and glory.

Epilepsy is not possession by Devil. If there is a Devil then there will be a Good.

This Purple Day we should start changing our mindset towards epilepsy. Let’s open up our mentality towards neurological disorder.

Fighting seizures is no big deal for you as you have been fighting for your dreams each day.

This Purple Day let’s break out from all the stigma and mystery surrounding epilepsy. Remember that famous personalities like Julius Caesar and Lewis Carroll also suffered from this ailment.

Today is Purple Day and it’s time to introspect the way in which we treat the epilepsy patients. We should stop treating them as people who have been cursed.

Yes, you are not responsible for epilepsy but you are certainly responsible for your negative attitude towards the disease. Open up and speak about your problems there is nothing to be sorry about it.

Epilepsy is just another common disease that can be cured with medication and a little bit of love, care and sympathy from your loved ones.

Never give up, one day you will surely win the battle against epilepsy.

Our fight is not only against epilepsy but also against the national barriers that exist in human minds regarding the disease.

On this wonderful occasion of Purple Day, we extend our best wishes to all those who are engaged in dispelling all the wrong notions associated with epilepsy.

Epilepsy patients are in need of love and they want to be loved and stay happy just like anyone else. All that they need is your helping hand.

Remember that you are a warrior who is fighting with a disease each day.

Courage is all about trying again until you are able to throw out the disease known as epilepsy from your body.

On this Purple Day let us inspire more people to join our fight against epilepsy. It is important to stay positive and remain hopeful of bringing the much-needed change in the way in which people approach epilepsy.

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