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National Rum Day is celebrated on 16th August every year. Rum is a popular beverage that can be served as a dessert after dinner. It is said to be the favorite choice of pirates.

Rum is a type of alcohol that is prepared through the distillation of the byproducts of sugarcane. Rum was prepared for the first time in the Caribbean when it was found out that the fermentation of molasses can produce alcohol.

The best way of celebrating Rum Day is to taste the different varieties of rum with your friends.

Here are a few inspirational quotes on Rum Day which you can share on your social media profile to the world on that day.

_On this Rum Day, you should try out the variants of rum that you haven’t tasted so far.  It will help in making the day special for you.

_This Rum Day, forget all the worries of your life and spend a lovely time with your friends, family members or relatives.

_On this Rum Day, you should spread the message to everyone you know that excessive consumption of alcohol can be injurious to health.

_This Rum Day, bring out your best collection of rum and have fun by sharing it with your loved ones.

_On this Rum Day, let us recognize one fact that the best ideas come to our mind while we are drinking rum.

_Rum is a type of alcohol that helps us to forget all the problems of life for a short period of time. It really has a calming influence on your mind. Happy Rum Day.

_Wish you a day filled with fun and happiness on this Rum Day.

_This Rum Day, try to spread awareness among the people about the ill effects of drink and drive.

_Let nothing stop you from enjoying Rum Day with your friends this year. Indulge yourself in all the fun-filled activities.

_May this year’s Rum Day be the best one of your life. Have a nice day and try to create beautiful memories.

_On this Rum Day, try to spread happiness in your locality by organizing parties and events.

_Today is August 16, the day on which the first rum company of the world, Mount Gay was established in the Caribbean.

_Don’t be shy, enjoy the Rum Day with your favorite cocktails and rum balls.

_Dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow on this Rum Day or introduce the theme of pirates in your celebrations.

_On this Rum Day, let us recognize the fact that rum has been the source of inspiration for many sailors and their songs.

_This Rum Day try to create awareness among the people about the history of rum and the benefits of having it occasionally.

_Today is National Rum Day, the day on which we pay tribute to the Caribbean rum making company, Mount Gay.

_Forget all the restrictions and enjoy the Rum Day by drinking like a pirate.

_Don’t let anyone ruin your celebrations on this Rum Day, do what your heart tells you to do.

_Rum is like a tonic that helps in simplifying your vision and keep things in true perspective.

_If you are a sailor then Rum Day must be a special occasion for you. Enjoy the day with a bottle of rum and sing out the sailor songs loudly.

_On this Rum Day, you must avoid drinking and driving.  

_This Rum Day, our message to everyone will be to save water and drink rum.

_Wishing everyone good luck on Rum Day, may you get all the happiness in life.

_There is something special in the month of August and that is nothing but Rum Day.

_August 16 is not an ordinary day for all the rum lovers, it is the day for which we wait the whole year.

_Do not hesitate to improvise cocktails on this Rum Day. This will certainly spice up the occasion for you.

_A sip of rum can help in breaking the monotony of the day.

_Don’t forget to share all your feelings in social media on this Rum Day.

_On this Rum Day which one will be your favorite choice, Blue Hawaiian, Cuba Libre or the Hurricane?

_The spirit of Rum Day is one that is steeped in romanticism.

_National Rum Day gives you a perfect excuse to drink all kinds of rum.  

_On this Rum Day, let us know that rum is officially recognized to be one of the perfect ways of enriching your life. Happy National Rum Day.

_Today is Rum Day and you must find out the places that are serving the best drinks made of rum today.

_On this Rum Day, let us spread the consciousness among people that rum helps in improving the health of the heart.

_Grab your share of the popular cocktails on this Rum Day.

_This National Rum Day, I feel glad to hear about the positive aspects of drinking rum. It gives me the reason to encourage more people to drink rum in a controlled manner.

_Forget all your engagements on this Rum Day and join the cocktail parties in your locality. Happy National Rum Day.

_If you are not above eighteen years of age then you should abstain from drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage including rum.

_It’s time to celebrate as today is August 16, the National Rum Day.

_On this Rum Day, drag all your friends who have not tasted rum so far to the nearest rum bar.

_This Rum Day, explore your skills in preparing different types of cocktails.

_Cheers to all the rum lovers on Rum Day. Have a fantastic day ahead.

_A small amount of rum every day might just help you to live longer.

_Nothing can be more romantic than sharing a glass of rum with your better half on National Rum Day.

_Today is Rum Day and all of us are too excited to celebrate the occasion together. It gives us the opportunity to meet our old friends and acquaintances.

_There are so many occasions to celebrate in a year but nothing excites me more than National Rum Day. So, dress up and engage yourself in all the fun-filled activities today.

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