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National violin day also called fiddle day, is celebrated on 13th December of every year. This day is celebrated so that people can enjoy the soothing music of the violin for a day. The main aim of this day is to celebrate the love of the violin that binds everyone.

National Violin Day greetings:

– It’s a national violin day; if you know how to play the violin, then it’s the best day to show your skills. Got it to flaunt it.

– The best way to celebrate the violin day is either by playing it or listening to it.

– The best way to relax after a long day at work is by listening to the violin and having wine. Happy national violin day.

– Listening to the violin is the best and affordable therapy, with zero side effects and instant results.

– Wishing a great violin day to all my violin lover friends who are professional violin players. This day is dedicated to you.

– Playing the violin is like an art, and only an artist can do that—happy national violin day.

– The world should have more days like violin days to celebrate, which gives peace to people.

– If someone says they don’t like a violin, that means they have not heard a real violin playing.

– Happiness is sitting with your friends, eyes closed, and listening to the violin.

– When you listen to the violin, it feels all your pain and depression are going away.

– Music is the only language that can be understood by all. Happy national violin day

– If used wisely, a violin can become the peace of storytelling.

– Strings of the violin makes music when stretched in the same way; you get your goals when you push yourself and struggle enough.

– Violin is the music that can be added anywhere and will still look beautiful.

– Everything seems poetic when you add violin to it. Happy national violin day.

National Violin Day messages:

– Violin day is the perfect day to have your first violin class if you want to start.

– The violin not just adds taste to the music. It makes people calm.

– The people who play the violin are no less than a therapist.

– There is no perfect age to learn violin; whenever you feel like learning, start it.

The violin’s tunes have the power to guide the path of serenity and enjoy solitude.

– If you know how to play the violin, you will never be alone.

– The real are those who play the violin effortlessly and so smoothly that the listener falls in love with the instrument.

– It doesn’t matter which language you speak; you will understand the tunes of the violin.

– When words fell short of expressing feelings and emotions, then violin steps in.

– The person playing the violin is like wine. It gets better with age; the older the violin player, the better they would be.

– Both life and violin are similar both get better with age.

– It doesn’t matter what your age, everyone loves to listen to the violin.

– Be like the violin, no matter how much life stretches, you be always sweet to other people.

– A violinist, a poet, a glass of wine, and many friends are the best combination to cure any pain.

National Violin Day quotes

Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on. 

–Samuel Butler 

The soul is like a violin string: it makes music only when it is stretched. 

–Neal A. Maxwell 

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