Watch Night Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Watch Night sometimes also known as Freedom’s Eve is a late-night Christian religious service held every year on December 31st i.e. New Year’s Eve.

The eve of Watch Night becomes a perfect opportunity to make confession and prepare for the year ahead by praying and resolving. Singing, praying, preaching, and exhorting are some of the ways to celebrate Watch Night.

For the African-American community, this day holds a greater significance. In the year 1862, all the colored people who were called slaves tragically back in the 1800s were gathered on New Year’s Eve in Churches waiting for the confirmation of the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln.

Below is a list of Greetings and quotes with which you can celebrate this monumental occasion of Watch Night with all your friends and loved ones-

_The Lord awaits for his children on the eve of watch night to provide the blessings of the God for a prosperous year. Have a great Watch Night.

_Confess your past sins to the lord in order to mark a new beginning from tomorrow on this occasion of Watch Night. Have a purest Watch Night.

_Let us celebrate the occasion which marks the end our tragic history and celebrate it with humans rather than different colored people. Wish you a happy Watch Night

_It is the day to resolve your issues and start your New Year with no regrets from the past year. I wish you a profound Watch Night.

_If your past keeps you awake at night then the Lord is also wake with you. I hope you share a few glimpses of your past with the lord on the eve of Watch Night.

_Sing and dance, as we remember the monumental day of justice being served not against but for Humanity. Wish you a joyful Watch Night.

_Let’s all join our hands in serving the Lord with our truth and the blessings of the God be our hopeful guide for upcoming year. Wish you a splendid Watch Night.

_The day to celebrate our most proudest moment is here upon us, so let us all be there at the Watch Night services to mark this occasion with joy and peace.

_Sometimes the winning may take some time but eventually the Good has always won against the Bad. I wish you to celebrate the eve of Watch Night to the fullest.

_It is time to reflect upon all the things that we have done in the past and share it with the God on this joyous occasion of Watch Night.

_On the eve of Watch Night, I hope the Lord blesses you with a change of heart so that you can do the God’s work by spreading joy and smiles.

_May the Lord grant his blessings to those who requires it the most on this celebratory eve Watch Night. I wish you a peaceful day at the Watch Night.

_Let us end this year by with the presence of our God and thank him for a learned year. I hope you have a great Watch Night and a blessed New Year.

_It is not easy to talk and confess some of your daunting memories but the amazing thing is that Lord is all ears for us. Wish you a day of change at the Watch Night.

_What if the bad times are just a way to make you value the best times. I wish you only the best of times on the eve of Watch Night.

_Listen to the sermons orated by the preacher on the eve of Watch Night and start your New Year spiritually with the blessings of Lord.

_For a change let us pray for a better world rather than just wanting only good things for ourselves. Wish you an inspiring time at the Watch Night

_Prying and resolving on the eve of Watch Night has immensely helped the humans to begin a new life. I hope you get to resolve and begin a great New Year.

_On the eve of Watch Night let us remember and celebrate the work of a God done only by a mere human to unite us all.

_May the sermons inspire you and make you think about the impact of religious and moral values in our lives. I wish you an exhilarating time at the Watch Night.

_The Lord want us to look at the good things in life as he will eventually take care about the bad ones. Have a great time at the Watch Night.

_Let us pray for the end of hatred towards people with different religion and ethnicity as the Lord only see us as one. Wish you a noble time at the Watch Night.

_As humans we must learn to love each other so that our tragic history with hatred never gets repeated. Wish you a peaceful Watch Night.

_One must not cannot keep calm as it is a night to keep the good times rolling with prayers singing and a watery celebration of the lovefeast. Have great Watch Night.

_The only thing which has kept us from the world of hatred is the love we share for humanity. May God guide you towards a better tomorrow.

_As we move forward to another it is pivotal that we reflect upon the highlighted incidents which have shaped us as a person. I hope you do that on Watch Night.

_The world is sustaining on generous and giving people. Let us try to be such humans from this eve of Watch Night.

_The Lord doesn’t want to believe in him. What he really wants from us to treat each other with respect and love. Hope you have a great Watch Night.

_Let us celebrate a man who at the time of hatred and violence believed that every human is equal. Wish you and everyone a great time at the Watch Night.

_One does not have to worry about going to the church on a watch night. The God will still adore you and care for you.

_May the tragic history of our ancestors remind us the value of Love in the real world. I wish you a great time on the eve of Watch Night.

_God only wants us to love and adore each human being. Let us make Lincoln proud and celebrate the eve of Watch Night to the fullest.

_There is a great joy in celebrating, feasting and also confessing our sins amongst the many. Hope you get to celebrate Watch night with God’s other children

_The Lord want us to be good each other throughout our lives rather than just for one day. I hope people choose the path of love on the eve of Watch Night.

_Immense joy and celebrations are in order as we bid goodbye to another and welcome the positivity in our own life on the eve of Watch Night.

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