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World Water monitoring day was first celebrated on the 18th of September to raise awareness of the public about the importance of preserving water.

It was started by America’s Clean Water Foundation in 2003 and its aim was to involve everyone in saving water which is a natural resource of the Earth.

Initially, it was decided to celebrate World Water Monitoring Day on the 18th of October which coincided with America’s Clean Water Act. This act was also enacted to preserve and save the water resources of the United States.

Here are some Great messages, Quotes, and Greetings for Water Monitoring Day.

_Save water to save the Earth and its inhabitants.

_It is really silly to believe that the Earth will be habitable without its water resources.

_It is high time we monitor the usage of water so that water is not wasted and is used properly.

_Water is synonymous to life and so if you dry out the water, you will dry out life from the face of the Earth.

_Water is as important as the air and oxygen and it is our duty to save it.

_It  is the duty of every individual to do their best to save water.

_Water sustains life on Earth so we should do our best to save the water resources of the world.

_Please save water to save the planet Earth.

_It is not that water will dry out from the face of the Earth, but the usable form of water will not be available anymore.

_Saving water is all about saving the form of water that is usable to all human beings so it is the time we become aware of the situation.

_Everybody uses water and so it is everybody’s concern when the water resources are at stake.

_Teach your children to not wastewater.

_This day reminds us to save water and utilize it wisely.

_Can you imagine a day without water because I cannot.

_We hope that the day never comes when we have no water to quench our thirst.

_It is our duty to raise awareness about the importance of water preservation.

_This day reminds us of how important it is to preserve water and not waste it.

_Water is one of the most fundamental needs of all living beings and so we must preserve it.

_Every drop of water counts and not a single drop of water should be wasted.

_Each drop of water should be utilized properly.

_A single drop of water that you may waste can cost everyone a lot so save every drop.

_Every drop of water is precious so it is very important to save it.

_There might be a person dying for every single drop of water that you are wasting.

_The Earth has given us its water resources and it is our duty to save it and preserve it.

_If you ever compare love and water, then choose water because you can live without loving or being loved but you cannot live without water 

_A single day without water is unimaginable and we hope nobody ever has to go through it.

_All the world’s riches cannot measure up to the value of water.

_A treasure chest will never satisfy a man who is in dire need of water.

_It is the duty of every person to conserve water because every one of us uses water.

_Save water because life on Earth depends on it.

_Everyone, kids and adults alike can do their bit to save water.

_Please take care to not let the water run while brushing your teeth because a lot of water just gets wasted.

_When you are washing clothes, the used water can be kept away and can be used to water plants.

_Watering of plants can be done with any type of water you feel like and it is always wise to use the used water.

_I have seen many taps on the streets where water just keep running out because the people are too ignorant to get the tap fixed.

_Fix leaky faucets in your house as soon as you can because those leaky faucets are just wasting a lot of water.

_This day reminds us of our duty towards humanity which is not wasting water and urging other people to not waste water too.

_Monitoring of the usage of water is of importance owing to the water crisis that is happening in many places across the world.

_The government needs to be more thorough while supplying water because in some places, people are not getting water at all and in some other places, there is water running out of Taps all day long 

_Even though the government has a role to play in the monitoring of water usage, it is very important that every citizen of the country is well aware of the need to save water too.

_Water is a natural resource that is needed by plants, animals and people alike and if we people are wasting it, we are being cruel and unfair to not only people but also to plants and animals.

_The proper monitoring of water resources so that water is not polluted or wasted is a global concern and this day urges all countries to take better care of their resources.

_If you are saving water, always remember you are saving a life.

_Water is a resource that we will not like to pay heavily for because individual drinks around eight liters of water a day and if the prices of water go really high we will not be able to survive.

_Imagine a flood that is occurring somewhere and parallelly a situation where people are dying because they cannot get water to drink, this unbalance is nature is related so it is advisable to take care of nature by planting more trees and cutting down on pollution and the Earth will be back to its gloriousness again.

_The world water monitoring day is celebrated by hosting various campaigns in schools and offices to raise awareness about cutting down on water pollution.

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