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World Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated on 21st September every year as a mark of solidarity and sympathy to those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It was started in the year 2012. It helps in raising consciousness about Alzheimer disease and also break all the stigmas that are related to it in society.

Inspirational quotes and messages on World Alzheimer’s Day which you can share on your social media on that day.

Greetings for World Alzheimer’s Day

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us pray for the quick recovery of all those who are suffering from this dreadful mental disease.

_World Alzheimer’s Day gives us the opportunity to spread awareness about Alzheimer disease and remove all the stigma and misinformation surrounding it.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us realize the fact that the people who are suffering from Alzheimer need our love and care, not our ignorance and hatred.

_Today is World Alzheimer’s Day, the day on which we should take the pledge of removing all kinds of barriers in the life of those people who are living with the disease and treat them equally in every aspect.

_The misperceptions that exist in the society about the people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease should be done away with on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_Never insult or demean a person for suffering from a mental disease like Alzheimer’s. It is the worst thing you can do in your life.

_World Alzheimer’s Day gives us an opportunity to reach out to those who are living with Alzheimer’s and let them know that they are not alone in their battle against the disease.

_The best medicine to treat Alzheimer’s is the love, affection, and care of those who are very close to your heart.

_Never lose hope, it all depends on your confidence to turn it around in life.

_Alzheimer’s might not kill a patient but our ignorance can. This is the bare truth that we must accept on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_Let us inject some fresh air into the lives of Alzheimer’s patients on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_We must treat Alzheimer’s as a problem of the whole society and not of an individual, only then can we change our mindset towards it.

_It is disappointing to see that even after so much of scientific and technological advancement, we still fail to come out of our conservative attitude towards certain diseases and Alzheimer’s is one of them.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, we must thank all those who take care of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s, they have to face a lot of struggle in their lives to ensure that the patients remain safe.

_Let us unite to strengthen all efforts that are required to spread awareness about a common mental disease known as Alzheimer’s on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_People suffering from Alzheimer’s won’t hurt you in any way, therefore there is no point in staying away from them. They need our company more than anything else.

_The best thing you can do on World Alzheimer’s Day is to conduct an awareness program that will educate the people about Alzheimer’s disease and the need to shed our stereotypical attitude towards it.

_Don’t let Alzheimer’s define your life anymore from the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day.

_You have not chosen Alzheimer’s, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us empower the patients to speak out their problems openly in the public without any kind of reservations.

_A lot needs to be done to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and World Alzheimer’s Day should be treated as a golden opportunity for us in this respect.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us grow our understanding of the disease so that we are able to fight against all the stigma surrounding it.

Wishes for World Alzheimer’s Day

_On this World Alzheimer’s Day, Lets spread the messages of positivity and word of encouragement for all the sufferers that no need to feel any shame. It can happen to anyone. So, be kind and be hope for such patients. Let’s stand together and fight together!

_ World Alzheimer’s Day is not a day to be sad, but it’s a day of opportunity to motivate patients to keep their spirit high.

_Today’s World Alzheimer’s Day! Let’s show some respect and kindness. Positive words of hope can bring miraculous healing in a patient’s health.

_Let’s take a pledge on this World Alzheimer’s Day to support those people who are suffering from immense struggle and pain. Be a helping hand for such families as well as patients.

_ World Alzheimer’s Day is not a day of grief. It is a reminder for us to show our concern, love, and care for patients struggling with pain.

_Instead of keeping the distance from Alzheimer’s patients, treat them with your love, affection, and respect.

_On the day of World Alzheimer’s Day, let’s take a break for a few minutes from your busy schedules and pray for Alzheimer’s patients.

We have not found a permanent cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but prayer is the powerful weapon to beat any horrific sickness. Let’s come together and join hands towards it.

_There are uncountable people in the world who are suffering from mental illness like Alzheimer’s. We should stand with them and show respect for them.

_On the World Alzheimer’s Day, Be the reason for happiness and create awareness.

Messages for World Alzheimer’s Day

_Rarely do we find anyone recovering from Alzheimer’s but we must not lose hope and strive to offer a better future to all those suffering from the disease.

_All those who are living with Alzheimer’s deserve something better in their lives which we as a society fail to give them. So, let us go for a change on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, you must keep one thing in mind that living with Alzheimer’s doesn’t make you inferior to others in any way. You are entitled to all the benefits of public life like anyone else.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us rise up and fight to bring an enhancement in the lives of all those living with the disease.

_Let us challenge the stigmatic approach towards Alzheimer’s disease on World Alzheimer’s Day.

_An assertive and pragmatic approach is required to tackle all the misperceptions about Alzheimer’s disease.

_World Alzheimer’s Day is another chance for us to set everything right and make up for all the injustices that Alzheimer’s patients have suffered over the years.

_Let us instill courage in the minds and hearts of the Alzheimer’s patients so that they can shout it out to the whole world that yes they have Alzheimer’s without being afraid of any kind of insult.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us work hard to transform the lives of all those people who have been affected by the disease so that they can live with self-respect and dignity in any society.

_If you are looking forward to creating a difference in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients then World Alzheimer’s Day is the perfect occasion for it.

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us admit the fact that there is nothing to be ashamed about if you have been affected by a disease that can happen to anyone in this world without their knowledge.

_World Alzheimer’s Day is an opportunity for us to inspire future generations to show respect to those who have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  

_On World Alzheimer’s Day, let us spread the message to everyone that Alzheimer’s is not at all a communicable disease and there is no reason why we should outcast its patients.

_Let us support those families who are going through immense pain and struggle to take proper care of an Alzheimer’s patient.

Quotes on World Alzheimer’s Day

“The Great tragedy of Alzheimer’s Day, and the reason why we dread it, is that it leaves us with no defence, not even against those who love us.”- P.D James.

“Alzheimer’s disease starts when a protein that should be folded up properly misfolds into a kind of demented origami.” -Gregory Petsko

“People do not realize that Alzheimer’s is not old age. It is a progressive and fatal disease and staggering amounts of people develop Alzheimer’s every day.” -Melina Kanakaredes 

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