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The World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of February. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) founded The World Cancer day in 2008. This day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness regarding this disease and also to show support to the people who are battling cancer.

Cancer is deadly but more than a third of all cancer cases can be cured and another third can be cured if they are detected early.

So it is of utmost importance that people are made aware of this disease because awareness and proper treatment can save millions of people.

The United Nations and The World Health Organisation have been making tremendous efforts to spread awareness, clear away misconceptions and reduce stigma regarding cancer all across the globe.

World Cancer Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Let us make the most of the fourth of February and use it to come together and make the government hear our voice to do more for the treatment of cancer patients. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Let us not waste away this day as it is the only day where the entire world is united in the concern for the curing of cancer. Happy World Cancer Day!

_The treatment of cancer is not easy but that does not mean it is impossible. Happy World Cancer Day!

_It is really heartwarming to see the entire globe of people to rally under the banner of cancer and pray for the improvement of the cancer patients. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Here’s to wishing all the Bravehearts struggling with cancer all the best. Do not lose hope and  Happy World Cancer Day everyone!

_Cancer is a deadly disease but if the entire world put together their prayers, I believe we will find a way to free the world from cancer. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Thanking the World Health Organization and the United Nations for celebrating this day because it raises the awareness and that makes people get the tests done and take care of their health, thus saving lives. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Happy World Cancer Day to the cancer survivors and thank you for being so brave and proving to the other patients that cancer is beatable.

_We all grew up with the saying that Prevention is much better than cure and applying that we can say that it is much better to take care of our health and carcinogenic substances than waiting for the cure. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Cheers to the United Nations and the World Health Organization for doing the hard work and I wish it all the best in achieving success in conquering cancer. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Do not give up and be strong as it this fight with cancer is going to make you stronger than anybody else and you will soar higher than anybody else. Here’s wishing you all the best and Happy World Cancer Day.

_Cancer is not the ultimatum, you are and you have the power to win the battle. Here’s to never giving up, Happy World Cancer Day!

_Cancer is tough but you are tougher. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Cancer might be scary but you are no joke yourself! Keep strong and wish you a Happy World Cancer Day!

_This day reminds us of the need to take preventive measures against this disease. So let us not ignore it and wish all a Happy World Cancer Day!

_Cancer is accompanied by so many myths in the minds of people in so many places. It is our duty as educated people to clear the concepts and tell them the facts. Happy World Cancer Day!

_The world needs awareness about life-risking diseases like cancer and this day provides us with the opportunity to alert the people. Here’s to utilising the fourth of February for the good of the people. Happy World Cancer Day!

_The power to heal lies mostly within the patient and if the patient wants, he can work out miracles. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Miracles are only possible if one has faith, so do not lose faith. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Cancer is harsh and painful but it cannot take away the love your family and friends have for you and love and support will get you a long way. Happy World Cancer Day!

_We all have superpowers if we look deep within ourselves and do not give up. Happy World Cancer Day!

_To all the people battling cancer, you all have to be strong and never lose faith because only you can work out miracles. Cheers to your strength and we wish you a quick recovery, Happy World Cancer Day!

_It is never too late to live your life if you put your mind to it, you just have to be brave and have faith in yourself. Happy World Cancer Day!

_On this fourth of February, let us take a vow to not let anybody think that cancer is a lost battle because it is not. Happy World Cancer Day to all!

_It is not an escape to surrender to the disease and let us take a vow this fourth of February, to not let anybody give up. Happy World Cancer Day!

_The cure to cancer is not just medicines but also the love and support of your loved ones and your own determination to conquer it. Happy World Cancer Day!

_It is of utmost importance to be surrounded by loved ones and feel their support all the time to battle this disease. Happy World Cancer Day!

_One of the ways to beat cancer is by living every day with positivity and bravery. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Do not hesitate to shut out the people who bring you down with their thoughts because positive thoughts and wishes are crucial to win the battle against cancer. Happy World Cancer Day!

_Spreading awareness is a must to help combat this disease called cancer and everyone must help in this mission. Happy World Cancer Day!

_This fourth of February let us raise awareness against cancer in whatever capacity that we can. Happy World Cancer Day!

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