World Hypnotism Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Hypnotism is a state of consciousness where the hypnotized person is relaxed, with more focus and reduced outer awareness, and is more open to suggestions.

World Hypnotism Day is celebrated on January 4th every year since 2006. It is celebrated in the honor of Dr. Jack Gibson, an Irish hypnotherapist who was treating psychosomatic disorders using hypnotherapy.

The World Hypnotism day is celebrated in the awareness of the myths and misconceptions of hypnotism. It is also to make people aware of the truth and benefits of hypnotism.  Through Hypnotism, one can access the subconscious mind.

This has led a fearful perception about hypnotism and is spreading a rumor that one can possess power over the person. Hypnotism is not at all about controlling one’s mind and make the person do something which he wouldn’t normally do.

We shouldn’t have to hypnotize anyone in order to celebrate the Hypnotism Day. But you can always learn hypnotism or get hypnotized by any hypnotherapist to know the effects of it.

On World Hypnotism day, let’s create awareness on Hypnotism truth and its benefits. Let’s clear the misunderstandings of people about the hypnotism through some good quotes and wishes.

World Hypnotism Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-No hypnotic trance required to get the smile of your dreams! World hypnotism day.

– I am getting very sleepy after watching a hypnotizing serial! Happy World Hypnotism Day.

– Today is World Hypnotism Day. Look into my eyes, Relax, I’m going to read your mind..Happy day!

– It’s that time of the year we all look forward to and plan our entire calendar around. Happy World Hypnotism Day!

– Today is World Hypnotism Day! A day to celebrate the most misunderstood profession. One that has helped thousands annually through therapies!

– If you want to know more about Hypnotism, be hypnotized and see. Happy World Hypnotism Day!

– It isn’t very hard. Stay committed to your goals with Hypnotherapy. Happy World Hypnotism Day!

– Hypnotherapy is an approach of psychotherapy that takes a subject into a trance for the healing purpose.

– Change Your Mind, Change Your negative thoughts. Get Hypnotized today. World Hypnotism day.

– Happy World Hypnotism Day. So, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes! Now sleep, sleep, sleep! Goodnight.

– It is better to listen to the debut of online show hosted by a internationally known hypnotist. I’m off to sleep then!

– Today is World Hypnotism Day. I just waved a pen in front of her eyes and told her she was getting very sleepy.

– World hypnotism day.Condition Your Mind to Succeed, not tgo misunderstand.

– Hypnotism therapy can give you pleasant relaxation alongside increased focus & ability to receive & act on suggestions. Not more than that. Happy World Hypnotism Day!

– Discover how Hypnosis can help you in the new year. Happy Hypnotism day.

– It’s a perfect time to learn truths about hypnotism and all of the positive things that it can make.  

– We only have one thing to say on this World Hypnotism Day. As you stare into your eye sockets… give us your drink…

– Celebrate all days long with programs to help reduce stress & lose weight. Happy Hypnotism Day.

– If you were intrigued by World Hypnotism Day the other day and want to learn more, get help from your therapist. Don’t follow myths.

– Happy World Hypnotism Day. What hypnotic things have you seen after getting up today?

– You want to eat. You want to eat. You want to eat…you’re getting very sleepy. World Hypnotism Day.

– Happy World Hypnotism Day! Let today be the day your life changes for the better with the help of hypnotherapy, not with myths.

– Hypnotherapy is not the one you see on TV or the internet, it might be fake. World Hypnotism Day.

– In trance, your subconscious is open to learning new ways of thinking, which helps to eliminate your self-defeating behaviors. World Hypnotism Day.

– Happy world hypnotism day. I didn’t think I could be hypnotized when I met you.

– Hypnotherapy is safe, natural, and wonderful. It’s similar to naturally occurring trances such as daydreaming. World Hypnotism Day.

– Happy World Hypnotism Day. Thanks for bringing hypnosis to the truth flash and to the people.

– I am wondering why I’m doing the trance dance today! It’s World hypnotism day.

– There is a whole world of possibilities open to you in the new year and beyond.  Don’t be fool, discover hypnosis and its benefits.

– Go ahead and celebrate…you are getting sleepy..Happy World Hypnotism Day.

-Go for an illustration of Hypnosis, don’t believe in myths. World Hypnotism Day.

– Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes, you’re under. Just on a hypnotizing mood for World Hypnotism day!

– People refuse to look into my eyes when I say I’m a Hypnotherapist. World Hypnotism day.

– Change your life with hypnosis! Also your negative thoughts about hypnotism World Hypnotism Day.

– Hypnotism is often complex and misunderstood subject.

– Wish I could just wave my pendant and tell people what to do. Happy world hypnotism day.

– Celebrate the amazing modality of hypnosis which helped people quit smoking, lose weight, gain confidence & change their lives.

– A therapy that uses hypnosis to help you focus on something in your life you want to change, surely not a myth! World hypnotism day.

– A day to dispel the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. World Hypnotism day.

-A day to celebrate the technique through which one can access the subconscious mind to help people solve problems. Happy World hypnotism day.

– Celebrate World Hypnotism Day! You will go through the rest of your day feeling fantastic!

– Reprogramme your mind with hypnosis. World Hypnotism Day.

– Hypnosis helps you continue to make changes beyond your resolutions. World Hypnotism day.

– With enough hypnosis practice, you may make your boss give you a raise. Happy hypnotism day.

– Start living the life you intend through Hypnosis. Don’t believe in myths.

– You can use hypnosis to live a better life! World Hypnotism day.

-Today is World Hypnotism Day. So if you pop in the office and I’m dangling a piece of jewelry in front of you…run for your life!

-Hypnosis is an effective tool to help others overcome their fears.

-We’re trying not to stare too closely at the lights in our conference room. The meeting is on.

-We are living in a world of uncertainty and mystery. Hypnosis has started receiving the recognition it deserves.

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